About Us

Hi. My name is Jon Peterson and welcome to my blog on Japan.

I’ve been living in this country for over 11 years now. I use my time off from work by visiting places in the country. I go out with my wife and as we explore, she reads books while I take photos of the places we visit.

I love taking pictures while travelling and exploring various places. I decided to create this weblog so I can have a place to share my experiences while staying here. This travel blog is a side project where I get to publish stories of things that interest me in this country which is mostly travelling, food and photography.

My aim is to make this a resourceful portal of information as I share tourist attractions, adventures, food shops, culture, and everything about Japan. I hope you join me in my adventures as I capture the country through my thoughts and lens.

Feel free to contact me for comments, suggestions, or advertising opportunities.

Email: Admin@www.japanvenge.com

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