7 Anime like dragon ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z is a great anime that tells the story of Goku with the use of the right dose of action and comedy. If you are a great fan of Dragon Ball Z and have been looking for animes with a great storyline, epic scenes, and high-class comedy just like your favorite Dragon Ball Z: keep reading. You are in for a treat.

What type of anime is Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is an anime with a genre blend of action, fantasy, martial art, and sci-fi. This Shonen anime is about Goku, who was sent to destroy the earth but became good afterward. This was because he fell on a rock and was raised by a grandpa named Gohan.

This Japanese manga series is quite an interesting story! The fun and good vibes derived from watching this movie are why anime fans are not only watching this series but are also looking out for other anime series that will give its watchers the same vibes. It is truly an iconic anime series of all time.

Anime movies like Dragon Ball Z

1. Naruto.

Animes like dragon ball Z

This is indeed one old anime with a lot of episodes. It is one feature of naruto that it doesn’t share with Dragon Ball Z. This Japanese anime is a manga series that illustrates the story of Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto is a young ninja that seeks attention and acceptance from his peers together with his dreams to be the leader of his village: Hokage.

The martial art displayed in Naruto is quite similar to the one in Dragon Ball Z. This makes it an indeed globally accepted and exciting series with different analyses of Naruto vs Goku. The naivety, innocence, determination, and all other qualities possessed by the protagonist, Naruto, are what we can see also in Goku.

This titular ninja hero in Naruto possesses the spirit of the mighty nine-tailed fox sealed inside him by the father.

It might not be so easy to see the connection between Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, but if you consider the elements in these two movies, there you will find the connection between them.

Some similarities they share are clear in the action scenes, energy attacks, and epic fights. There is also an orange-dressed protagonist with spike hair who does nothing but eat all day.

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2. Sword art online.

This adventure and science fiction is a series with a story and theme similar to Dragon Ball Z. Sword art online comprises fictional characters with its main character being Kazuto. He has a partner named Asuka Yūki with whom they support and help each other in this series.

Considering the struggle for survival in this anime, sword art online is more action intense than in Dragon Ball Z. One common ground they both share is the building of a team of experts who are skilled in fighting in response to threats faced in the plot of both animes. As a Dragon Ball Z fan, stories from Sword Art Online will look familiar to you because indeed, the storylines are similar.

3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Animes like dragon ball z

This Japanese manga series truly reflects in its name what this anime is. It has a supernatural, fantasy, and adventure genre. This is the reason fans of Dragon Ball Z will find this series pretty interesting and familiar.

Jojo’s bizarre adventure stands out because of its poses and art styles. These styles and poses are centered on popular western fashion and music. The battles and all other artworks of this anime series also tend around supernatural abilities, psychospiritual manifestations, and stands.

Dragon Ball Z contained less of this, hence, making Jojo’s bizarre adventure have a uniqueness of its own. Not much of the martial arts found in Dragon Ball Z are present here, but the characters, art displays, and fight scenes recorded in Jojo’s bizarre adventure make them similar.

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4. Hunter x Hunter 

The Japanese manga series is a story about a boy named Gon Freecss.

He discovered that his father, who had left him while he was still very young, was a globally recognized Hunter. He wasn’t just a hunter, but a licensed professional who is based on making fantasy explorations such as hunting down criminals and law-breaking offenders, making trips to unexplored caves, hunting unidentified rare animal species, and also taking part in treasure hunting.

Gon went on a journey to find his father and also become a professional hunter.

On his way to achieve this, he meets with other hunters along the way and experiences the paranormal. One interesting thing is that Gon Freecss, the protagonist, has hair that looks like he is part Saiyan.

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The episodes are indeed enjoyable especially having to watch Gon grow, meet new friends and also tackle all adversity along the way.

5. Fairy tail.

It is very easy to point out the similarities shared between these two animes, especially in their main characters and theme.

Let’s look at both. Dragon Ball has its main character which is Goku, and some other major characters in search of the seven dragon balls that enable them to call on Shenron. These dragon balls also help them use a wish to get anything they desire.

The fairy tail is all about wizard guilds that earn jewels for carrying out a specific job.

For their themes, the main protagonist is having various clashes with a rival. For fairy tail, it was the case of Natsu and Grey for Dragon Ball Z; it was the case of Goku and Vegeta.

6. My hero academia.

One wouldn’t make a mistake to conclude that there is a connection between my hero academia and Dragon Ball Z. It wouldn’t be out of place to suggest that one anime movie inspired the other.

The similarities both animes share are more clear in the original characters and the roles these characters played in the movie.

It might not be possible to touch on all the characters, but here are a few examples: Vegeta and Bakugo, Picollo and Tokoyami, Gohan and Deku, Videl and Urakaka, Future tronk and Todoroki, Bulma and Hatsume and Roshi and Mineta.

Carefully looking at the comparison between all pairs, you will detect shared similarities either in the way of life, intelligence level, presence of rivals, etc.

My hero academia is indeed on anime that can make you feel the same way you will feel while watching Dragon Ball Z.

7. Outlaw star.

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you will love this series because of some epic scenes they both share. This is a story of the outlaw Gene Starwind who was on a trip in space with the members of his crew., they kept on battling killer cyborgs, aliens, and batting pirates.

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In this anime series, the cast are looking for the Galactic leyline: a powerful nexus that can provide wealth and also make wishes come through. Even while Gene Starwind was portrayed as a not-so-powerful outlaw when compared with the Saiyan, he was still the underdog that fought with his opponents by relying on his sheer grit and wit only.

If there would be any reason for Dragon Ball Z fans to fall in love with this series, it would be because of the outstanding balance between the intense epic scenes and a one-of-a-kind comedy, just like you get from Dragon Ball Z.

Old animes like Dragon Ball Z

There are some other not-recently released anime series that not only share some comparisons with Dragon Ball Z but also give you a retro feel if you are a lover of some old snines that have existed before now.

  • Inuyasha
  • Bleach
  • Magi: the labyrinth of magi
  • Tenchi Muro
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • One-punch man
  • One piece
  • Sailor moon
  • Inuyasha
  • Bleach
  • Magi: the labyrinth of magi
  • Tenchi Muro

Is dragon ball one of the best anime?

Dragon Ball Z is one of the best shonen fighting series for anime lovers.

Its fanbase is enough proof of how this anime hasn’t only recorded success but has also become globally loved and accepted.

During periods when there are no new series of Dragon Ball Z, the fans of this anime go on a rampage online to check for alternatives that will give them the saw vibe while busy waiting for the next series to be out. Indeed, Dragon Ball Z is one of the best anime in the manga series and Japanese animes.


There are indeed no two movies that are the same, but you can get the same feeling of satisfaction you get from a movie while watching another.

With all the movie suggestions above, you would quite agree that they all share something in common with your favorite Dragon Ball Z anime. It might be the storyline, character similarity, similarity in scenes, etc.

Hence, if you are looking forward to getting get yourself busy with animes like Dragon Ball Z: these anime suggestions above are your best bet!

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