What is the correct way to read Manga

how to read manga

As with Japanese writing, manga stories are typically read from right to left and from top to bottom. The tale is divided up into koma frames. So, in order to read a manga page, begin with the koma in the top right corner and end with it at the bottom left. It might sound obvious, … Read more

What is Randoseru Backpack

Randoseru Backpack

Oh, hello there! Are you familiar with the randoseru backpack? If you’re not from Japan, you may not have had the pleasure of encountering this iconic and dizzyingly adorable school backpack. But fear not, my dear reader! Today, I am here to introduce you to the randoseru backpack in all its glory. The randoseru is … Read more

Do Japanese DVD/Blu-Ray’s have English subtitles on them

As someone who loves anime, I have often wondered if Japanese DVD/Blu-Ray’s have English subtitles on them. It is a common question among anime fans who want to watch their favorite shows in their original language. After doing some research and consulting with other fans, I have found that the answer is not straightforward. Most … Read more

Japan’s National Tree: What You Need to Know

As a nature enthusiast, I have always been curious about the national trees of different countries. Recently, I stumbled upon the national tree of Japan and was fascinated by its history and significance. The national tree of Japan is called the Sakura, which is also known as the cherry blossom tree. The Sakura is a … Read more

Jiji: Not Just Your Grandpa – A Guide to the Japanese Term

As someone who has been studying Japanese for a few years, I’ve come across many interesting and unique expressions that don’t quite translate into English. One of these is the term “jiji,” which can be a bit confusing for non-native speakers. So, what does “jiji” mean in Japanese? Well, the short answer is that it … Read more

Best Umeshu Brands to Buy in Japan

Best Umeshu Brands to Buy in Japan, best umeshu in japan, umeshu brand, Best Umeshu Brands in Japan, best umeshu brands in Japan to try, umeshu japan, best umeshu, japanese plum wine brands, umeshu plum wine, What is the popular Japanese umeshu wine flavored with?,

Of the many unique products produced by household brands in Japan, Umeshu – a traditional Japanese plum liqueur is one of them. If you visit Japan for the first time, you need to know some of the best Umeshu brands to buy. Umeshu is a Japanese delicacy made from the ume-fruit. They are rich and … Read more

The Best Japanese Laptop Brands

Which Japanese laptop brand is best?, Which laptop brand is very best in Japan?, What laptop brands are best in Japan?, best japanese laptop brands, best laptop japan 2023, best japanese laptop, laptop brands japan, Top 7 Japanese Laptop Brands,

When it comes to technology, Japan ranks high globally, leveling up as one of the world’s best laptop producers and brands. These laptop brands have been known for prioritizing features and functionality. Though their designs may be minimalist and simple, their aesthetics are unmatched and will suit your needs. Most individuals when purchasing a laptop … Read more

6 Best Japanese Toilet Brands

What are the top Japanese toilet brands?, What's the best Japanese toilet?, What is the Japanese brand for toilet?, How much is a Japanese toilet?, toilet japanese brand, best japanese toilet brand, japan toilet brand, 6 best japanese toilet brands, best toilet japanese, best japanese toilet seats, japanese toilet, best smart toilet in Japan,

There are loads of amazing Japanese-style toilets you would encounter in Japan. They have features that make them appealing to not just Japanese people but foreigners who visit Japan. Japanese Toilet Brands is just one of the reasons why moving to Japan is worth it. Aside from using advanced technology, it’s surely a hassle-free toilet … Read more

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