The top 10 Best Hotels in Tokyo.

In this well-compiled and analytical write-up, you get to know about the best hotels in Tokyo, how to identify the best, and why you should try them. After reading, you get to know where to find the best ones in Tokyo and consider how best to pick hotels in the city. As you proceed in the countdown, you get to know which one suits your budget, luxury, comfort, and so many other factors. Also, you get to know about the advantages of picking any of the hotels.

10. Shinjuku Granbell Hotel.

On number ten is the Shinjuku Granbell Hotel. It is located in Seibu-Shinjuku Tokyo. The hotel is one of the best in the city and it has all the necessary good features that make a hotel top-notch. It is a 4-star hotel with standard restaurants, where guests can feel relaxed and have a good meal. The hotel is known to be very accessible and close to major areas in Seibu-Shinjuku.

It is connected to a shopping center and is located near a Samurai museum. The hotel is hygiene and strict adherence to COVID 19 protocol is observed to keep all workers and visitors safe. As a guest, you have access to free WiFi to surf the internet as you like.

It is affordable, convenient, neat, and walkable. The hotel is known to have very good security and has parking spaces available for every visitor in the hotel. You should consider the hotel for quick access to the city, it has good security and affordable price. These are good reasons to try out the hotel. The discount price is $52

9. Sunshine City Prince Hotel.

best hotels in tokyo.

The hotel is located in Toshima city, Tokyo. It is a 4-star hotel with 8.4 ratings. It is one of the best hotels in Tokyo because of its good layout, customer service, and many other things that qualify a hotel. If you check into the hotel, you get access to free internet. You wouldn’t need to worry about how you will use the internet. There is access to free WiFi which can be used for anything. The hotel has 4 standard restaurants.

As a guest, you wouldn’t lack anything in terms of meals or refreshments. With the service of these restaurants, all your wants and needs are attended to and satisfied. The hotel is connected to a shopping center, near Sunshine city shopping mall. Hence, when you lodge in this hotel, you can easily access the commerce center.

You can easily buy anything you need from the shopping mall and return to your room without stress. In a codicil, you enjoy good shopping, convenience, walkable distances, and transport options. It cost $58 per night.

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8. Sheraton Miyako Hotel.

best hotels in Tokyo

The hotel is a 4 star top-notch and is located in Minato. The hotel has 2 standard restaurants and bars, capable of providing all your needs and wants in terms of food, drinks and so on. When considering the best hotels in Tokyo, Sheraton cannot be left out because of its benefits. The hotel is known to be Pacific and pleasant. All guests have their privacy and they enjoy their stay in any of the rooms. The hotel has good and reliable security. The hotel costs $165 per night.

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Thus, all visitors are safe. Your stay in the hotel is also convenient because of its facilities. Most of the time spent in the hotel is enjoyable and it favors you as a visitor. The hotel has a pool where you can chill out and swim. Although, not everyone likes to swim or knows how to. At least, this is a good addition to favor those who like pools. There is also a very neat and hygienic dining venue where all guests can dine and have fun. The hotel also offers spa services.

7. Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Hotel.

The Pullman Tamachi Hotel is one of the best in the city. This is because the hotel offers very interesting services that benefit all customers. The hotel gets a 9.2 rating and it is a 4.5-star hotel. Without further talks, you already know the standards of a 4.5-star hotel and the tremendous advantages over other smaller hotels. It is a luxury hotel located in Tamachi, with 2 standard lounges and restaurants.

The hotel adheres to COVID 19 restrictions in all ramifications and ensures the safety of its customers. This alone should make it a top choice. The hotel is price guaranteed. They do not collect too much for their services.

You will be getting good service at a price that is worth it. You wouldn’t be getting low value at a high price. Instead, you’ll be enjoying the good value and a better price. The hotel is convenient, safe, and quiet. It has about 143 guestrooms, fitness facilities, self-parking, and breakfast for guests. It costs $160.

6. Hotel New Otani, Garden Tower.

The hotel is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. It is a luxury hotel with about 20 restaurants and 4 bars/lounges. It is very easy to locate around the city. As a guest, you have access to free internet. You wouldn’t be paying a dime to use the internet. Once you check-in, you get access to free WiFi that you can use unlimitedly. Another thing you’ll be getting for free is free parking. You wouldn’t be paying anyone to watch your vehicle.

You park in the parking lot for free and security is guaranteed. In other words, the hotel is safe, convenient, and walkable. You wouldn’t need to worry about getting some things, you can easily walk down there to get it or put a call through to the active customer service. You may need other facilities like a Gym or Spa. You don’t need to worry, Garden Tower hotel has it covered. This is why it is one of the best hotels in Tokyo. You also enjoy 2 outdoor tennis courts and enough rooms of about 836. The price for the whole package includes taxes and fees is $219 from $280.

5. Marunouchi Hotel.

best hotels in tokyo

When talking of good hotels, this hotel makes the list because of its good ratings. It has 9.2 ratings and is a 4-star hotel. It has around 3 restaurants and bars. Therefore, if you want a hotel with enough bars and restaurants, this hotel is a good one. However, not everyone uses a hotel for just lodging. Sometimes, you can throw a party in a hotel, there are halls and many facilities to throw a party. After the party, you can then lodge in the hotel. The price is $247.

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This is basically to make life easier and enjoyable. As a guest, you enjoy free WiFi. You use the internet for free without spending a dime while you’re still in a hotel.

You can use the free internet for anything you want. Furthermore, you get access to transportation in case it is needed. The hotel is walkable. It is a non-smoking hotel. So, you wouldn’t be affected by others. The hotel has a gym and enough parking space for customers.

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4. Ascott Marunouchi Hotel.

On number four is Ascott Marunouchi Hotel. It is located in Otemachi, with a 9.4 rating. It is one of the best hotels in Tokyo that you can try. It is a 4.5-star hotel and it has most of the facilities and services expected of a standard hotel.

Ascott hotel has standard rooms and restaurants to satisfy every customer. The hotel has an indoor pool for most of its customers. The ambiance of the hotel is usually cool, beautiful, clean, and hygienic. The hotel adheres to COVID 19 restrictions and protocols in order to keep the customers safe in all ways.  The price is quite nice – $267 from $334

One of the most interesting things about the hotel is that it is very easy to locate. It is a Gym, where customers who are interested in gyming can make use of it during that period. The hotel is very good for resorts and is very convenient. With these good services, it should be your top choice.

3. The Prince Park Tower Hotel.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo - Official website

The hotel receives a 9.2 rating. It is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Minato. The hotel has 603 guestrooms, 7 restaurants, and 3 bars/lounges.

The hotel is very big and it has a beautiful aesthetic that makes it worth its standard. Albeit, not all beautiful hotels entail good service.

Prince Park Tower Hotel has it all. It is beautiful, it has good service, reliable workers and so on. In the list of best hotels in Tokyo, it makes number three because of its good outlook and standard. The hotel is quite a quiet one and any guest enjoys privacy. The security is very tight and all guests enjoy guaranteed protection.

There is strict adherence to COVID 19 restrictions. This is because it is the major way of keeping all customers safe. There are enough parking spaces available for any guest. In addition, the hotel administers airport transfers and offers Spa services. Above all, it has a standard swimming pool. There is a discount per lodge from $259 initially to $233.

2. Imperial Hotel.

The hotel received a 9.4 rating. It is one of the best in the city. It is a 5-star luxury hotel with indoor pools. It has up to 697 guestrooms and about 12 restaurants and 3 bars.

The hotel is connected to the convention center and very close to Tokyo imperial palace. Thus, the hotel can be easily accessible in many areas.

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For instance, if you are in the convention center and may need the services of a hotel, you can easily check into the Imperial hotel. Also, the hotel is known to be very comfortable and offers top-notch services in many facets. The customer service is super fast and reliable. They easily attend to customers. The whole package for the night is $270, plus taxes and fees.

In other words, all guests have access to free WiFi. All the internet services are provided by the hotel and you’ll be using them for free. You also enjoy free parking. You wouldn’t be paying anything to park your car(s) in the hotel. The hotel has a fitness center, pool, and good Spa services. It also offers airport transfer services.

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1. Palace Hotel, Tokyo.

The number one out of the best hotels in Tokyo is the Palace hotel. As the name implies, it is as beautiful and luxurious as a standard palace. It seems more like any of the guests is a King or Queen. The hotel receives 9.8 ratings. It is a 5-star hotel located at Marunouchi, Tokyo. It is a luxury hotel with 290 guestrooms and 6 restaurants.

It is near Wadakura fountain park. The hotel can be accessed easily and from the hotel, you can visit the Wadakura fountain park and other parts of the city. The hotel is highly secure and the safety of every guest is guaranteed. Despite being a big hotel, it’s quite affordable and can be used for resorts and holidays. The whole package for the night is $476 including taxes and fees.

If you decide to spend your holidays in the hotel, then it will be an experience you will never forget. In terms of beauty, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It offers cordial services to every customer. It has lovely facilities like indoor pools, a bathtub, a full-service Spa, and a standard gym.


Most of the best hotels in Tokyo on this list are highly reliable. They usually have good customer service that favors every guest. There are many reasons why you should choose from any of these hotels. First, they offer good prices for their services. You wouldn’t need to spend too much on a hotel before you are able to acquire one. Second, most of the hotels have good facilities like gyms, Spa, pools and so on that makes every moment in the hotel a moment of comfort. You wouldn’t be a guest and still worry about getting your workout or Spa done.


In compendium, these hotels are top-notch. They are easy to locate, fast in services, provision of everything and so on. All these benefits you enjoy make it clear that it is a good hotel and you should try to patronize them whenever you need one in Tokyo.


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