The Best Japanese Bicycle Brands

Japan has been known to have some of the best bicycle brands that are popular for their great quality and build, with each brand having its distinctive features. Some of these great brands include Fuji bikes, Kuwahara bikes, Dahon, Panasonic, and a host of others.

Bicycles known as “jitensha” in Japan, are a common and popular mode of transportation, not just in Japan alone, but across the globe. They are not only part of our childhood fun memories, but they are also part of our transport culture. We use them for short-distance commuting like grabbing a coffee with friends, or for taking mini trips.

So, after checking out several products in stores, considering their durability, quality of parts, price, and other features like brakes, gears, suspension, and tires, we picked up some of the best Japanese bicycle brands just for you.

1. Bridgestone cycles

If you’re looking for a good, dependable, and comfortable bicycle for mountain climbing then this Japanese bicycle brand is a great choice for you. Bridgestone brand does not follow the trends in bicycle production at all. Instead, they do their things differently.

I figured that this brand focuses more on producing comfortable products for its customers. Their mountain bikes are manufactured with shorter chainstays and with steep frame angles. That is why when you see the Bridgestone cult bike, it has this nimble frame making it a better and agile fit for mountain climbing.

Since the Bridgestone brand became a household name in 1949, they make bicycles under Anchor, Kabuki as well as under their brand name.

One popular Bridgestone product is the Bridgestone X9B Elite. It is an XC rating model with a 650B wheelset. The length ranges from 560 to 585 while the height is 155 to 184 depending on the size of the frame. Its key features include;

  • High cruise speed
  • Great acceleration from pedaling
  • Light and low center gravity
  • 650B 27.5) wheelset for control speed
  • Durable, nimble, and stable

2. Fuji Bikes 

If you have ever been to Japan, the name Fuji would not come off as strange to you. Most persons in Japan refer to bicycles as Fuji, making the household name become quite popular in Japan.

Not only has it lasted for up to 120 years, but it has also been able to sustain its credibility, producing new and refined products each year. It is most definitely one of the top three best Japanese bicycle brands on the planet.

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Fuji brand offers quality bicycles in different sizes, colors, and types. If you are looking to get something durable, something popular then Fuji bikes is your go-to option. One of their amazing products is the Altamira 2.1 Road Bike White.

It offers features from a high-modulus carbon-made frame and integrated head tube. What’s more, you get a one-year guarantee from any of their products you purchase. Key features include;

  • Quality C5 carbon frame and integrated headtubes
  • Easy to use
  • Light with excellent design
  • 11-speed range
  • 2-year guarantee for frame and one-year guarantee for parts and components


3. Dahon

Looking for an eco-friendly bicycle with great design and quality perfect for city life? Then this brand is a great option for you. It is one of the best Japanese bicycle brands that is concerned with producing innovative products with folding ability.

Though it was founded in 1982, this brand became a licensed Japanese brand in 2018. They are famous not just in Japan alone but all over the world and are popular for selling compact bikes which technically is their distinctive feature.

What makes this product unique is its ability to fit into small spaces. You do not need to worry about packing space. You can fold it to the desired available space anywhere. Over the years, there have been numerous revised products from this brand.

One of their notable products is the Dream D6 folding bike. It is portable and great for small spaces. It is produced with stainless steel material which makes it light. What’s more exciting is this product can fit into small spaces and can bear heavy weight easily. Key features include;

  • Folding ability capable of fitting small spaces
  • 6-speed gears
  • Durable and light
  • Carries heavyweight
  • Particularly portable

4. Tokyo bicycle

The Tokyo bicycle brand was introduced in 2002, which is less than two decades ago. This brand has gained a wide range of acceptance with a great reputation among the Japanese people as a trustworthy brand.

The product designs though minimalist is in sync with modern trends. A Tokyo bike exudes a certain vibe that carries with it Japanese techniques. It is straight-lined and has sharp angles. All Tokyo bike frames are made from Cr Mo alloy which makes their products easy to use.

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With a Tokyo bike, you can have a good ride in comfort, exploring the view of nature. It is a perfect fit for city commuting. It is lightweight and has a linear design that helps it accelerate quickly.

With Tokyo bicycles, you can have an amazing cruise on both hills and coast. One reason why it is popular among the Japanese locals. Once you get a Tokyo bicycle for your city commute, you would love it.

An example of a Tokyo product is the Bisou. It has a 7-speed variation and a range of gears easy to handle. With this bicycle, you can ride on a hill and be sure of your safety. Key features include;

  • Great for adventures like riding on hills
  • Different gears with manageable speed
  • Classic design and quality steel
  • 7-speed variation
  • Gears can be handled using hands

5. Araya bikes 

Araya Bikes could just be the kind of bicycle you need if you are looking to use one for a road trip with your family. It has quality frames and handles that will keep you safe and also keep your bicycle in a solid position.

This brand is a well-known Japanese bicycle brand that was founded in 1903. At this time, they were producing swallow bicycles. One thing this brand is notable for is the high-quality bicycles it produces.

You should know that they were one of the first brands to produce folding bikes as well as small wheel bikes. Ever heard of the Muddy Fox? It was launched in 1982. It is quite a popular bicycle in Japan.

This brand is also known to produce bicycle rims and other bicycle spare parts. Araya bikes are all-purpose. You can go mountain climbing with them, you can tour, go on road walks or race with them.

When you ask Japanese locals what they love about this brand, they would always tell you “the wheels” are the best part. Araya Bikes have great wheel quality. One such product is the TUR 530mm R.

It is durable, lasts longer, and the brake levers are safe for riding. And oh the wheels are strong.

6. Panasonic cycles technology C. Ltd.

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Panasonic brand is one of the popular household names in Japan. It is not only known for producing amazing bicycles, but it also produces household appliances including refrigerators. This brand produces some of the best products used all over the world.

They have high followings and high demand for their products. So Panasonic cycles are no different. They have produced bicycles for world-class riders and a popular model for the “Tour de France”.

They have the best women-friendly bicycles on the planet. So if you need something feminine and comfortable, Panasonic cycles are your best choice. They are built to provide absolute comfort and are available in varying colors.

What’s more, you also have affixed, a beautifully decorated basket. Which is perfect for housing your essential items during your ride. The Timo S electric assist is a great Panasonic brand suitable for long rides. It helps you maintain your balance. Key features include;

  • Quality frame and tubes
  • Secure handle part
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a basket

7. Kuwahara bikes

Kuwahara is another Japanese bicycle brand that has received huge acceptance over the years. From being a local wholesale producer to exporting bicycles to countries like the US and Canada.

You should know that Kuwahara brands are one of the most sought-after bicycle brands in the world. You can use it for your daily commute, racing, and long rides. These brand bicycles are comfortable and reliable.

The Kuwahara survivor 24 4th lot is a reprinted model of the Kuwahara 24 inch BMX produced in 1980. It is available in three colors and quite affordable.

Take home – After visiting several bicycle industries in Japan, I realized that Fuji is the number one best Japanese bicycle brand and is quite popular among Japanese bicycle owners.


The bicycle brands in japan are pretty superb. In fact, they are some of the best bicycle brands in the world.  They manufacture user-specific products like mountain climbing bikes, fitness bikes, road bikes, and even tour bikes. In Japan, everybody loves a good bike and when it comes to owning one, the Japanese people very much take pride in it.


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