The Best Japanese Laptop Brands.

When it comes to technology, Japan ranks high globally, leveling up as one of the world’s best laptop producers and brands.

These laptop brands have been known for prioritizing features and functionality. Though their designs may be minimalist and simple, their aesthetics are unmatched and will suit your needs.

Most individuals when purchasing a laptop have had to deal with choosing the right brand with specifications that suit their needs. More so now in a digital generation where there are tons of laptop-producing companies, it has become a daunting task.

Some people have even become victims of unscrupulous brands. Are you having trouble getting your desired laptop in Japan? Worry no more because we have got you covered. To make things easy, we highlighted the best Japanese laptop brands you can buy from.


Vaio is the first brand on our list of best Japanese laptop brands. Popular across Japan, Vaio has produced some of the best laptops Japanese folks use.

In 1996, Sony incorporated the brand but as of 2014, Vaio became a stand-alone. The company is headquartered in Nagano, Japan, and operates in several regions of Europe, Asia, the USA, and South America.

Vaio has the sole right to oversee the designing, production, sales, and support of all their laptops. The organization boasts of an expert team that sits to curate top-notch and unique designs with superior Japanese technology.

Their laptops are stylishly designed to have a sharp side silhouette design unique to the company. When it comes to performance, they stand side by side with the big wigs. The brand’s technology is so enticing that you can’t wait to work with it for your next project.

Other outstanding features are the lightweight bodies and quiet keyboards. Another thing I believe attracts more tech junkies to their brand is the ability to charge some of the laptops using a mobile battery.

After all the features of the latest technology are embedded in the laptops, these gadgets still undergo manual checks and after-sales support.

2. Fujitsu

best japanese laptop brands

Fujitsu began operations in 1935 but didn’t delve into the production of personal computers until 1981. The company leverages innovation to produce customer-friendly solutions that make them unique.

The company has a deep research laboratory where innovators come up with technological solutions. Before a new model is released, the team of software and hardware engineers sits to scrutinize all aspects of their work.

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In fact, there is a research and development team that ensures that the next model is better than the previous ones. One way companies like this one remain in business is by being consistent and widening the room for improvement.

All the laptops churned out by this company are built for both home and office use.

3. Panasonic

The Panasonic brand has been known to manufacture some of the best technological products in Japan such as light bulbs, refrigerators, and air conditioners. This brand is the third on our list of best Japanese laptops.

They are quite famous in Japan with a large following. Panasonic laptops are not only reliable, but they are also easy to use and good for tough working conditions. If you are looking to use a rugged computer for your shifts, then you can as well try their products.

Panasonic Toughbook has been known to function well even in harsh conditions. It can survive heavy falls and direct hits from water jets. Panasonic has 4 series of their laptop segment. They include;

LV series – large screen detachable laptops

SV series – these Panasonic laptops have smaller screens compared to the LV series

QV series – high balance 2 in 1 laptop

RZ series – these are compact laptops.

4. NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation was founded under the parent company, Nippon Electric company in 1899 in Tokyo, Japan. They started by creating a transistorized computer in 1958 meaning that they have come a long way.

So far, they have proven that they’re not in the market just for the fun of it and it is evident in their numerous offices across the globe. The company, even though you may not hear about them that much, makes advanced laptops.

They leverage the latest technologies to develop the best products their customers would eventually love. NEC manufactures business laptops under the moniker, VersaPro and has other models that are quite popular in Japan and beyond.

5. Toshiba

Although Toshiba stopped producing laptops in August 2020, this Japanese brand has left a mark in the sands of time. They are well-known both within and outside Japan. They are notable for producing some of the best products that we have come to love.

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Most of their laptops are still in use because newer models were manufactured before the company quit its operations. Toshiba laptops are durable and affordable but the company couldn’t survive the market because the competition wasn’t in their favor.

Other brands fared better so it was difficult to oust them. However, if you are still interested in getting a product from this brand, you can check out the Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274.

6. Kohjinsha.

If you live outside Japan, the chances are that you have never seen or heard about the Kohjinsha laptop brand before. Well, you’ve done nothing wrong because the company is fairly new compared to some others mentioned here.

The company is not well known outside Japan but has gained ground within the country. Hopefully, the rest of the world gets to see more of them. They are famous for making ultra-mobile PCs.

Kohjinsha, founded in 2004 is among this list of best Japanese laptop brands since it manufactures reliable and tech-savvy laptops. They are notable for producing portable lightweight laptops and notebooks. But there’s a catch.

To get any of their products, you have to visit Japan. Kohjinsha is quite notable for its SA series. Specifically the SA1F00 UMPC series. It hit the laptop market for its unique 11 inches screens.

One Kohjinsha model to look out for is the SH6WP10A. It is an ultralight touchscreen laptop that is portable. You can also check out their dual-screen laptop with great design. It has gained quite a lot of attention for its distinct innovative design.

7. Dyna Book Corporation

Another laptop brand deserving of mention here is the Dyna Book Corporation owned by Sharp Corporation. They offer a wide variety of laptop models like the Tecra family, Protégé family, and Dynabook E series.

The Tecra family is mainly used by business owners who want to increase productivity. These reliable machines are built with multiple features that boost productivity.

Given that hackers are on the prowl, it is built with advanced security features to protect personal and business information. The Tecra series have elegant designs that give them a professional edge.

  • The Protégé family
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The laptops under this category are ultrathin. They come in standard and customized versions depending on a customer’s preference.

  • Dynabook E series

This range of laptops is built to withstand terrible conditions like vibrations and lightning strikes. Like the others listed above, they are slim and would give you a run for your money.

8. GM Japan

japanese laptop brands

If you are looking to get a portable and weightless laptop, the GM Japan laptop brand should be your go-to.  Asides from producing automobiles, this brand has produced some known laptops used in Japan.

GM Japan bases its philosophy on maintainability, convenience, functionality, and design. Their products are often lightweight and of great quality. A GM Japan laptop is quite affordable and the tech is of superior quality.

Apart from being fancy and cool to move around with, it would serve its purpose. Though GM Japan has not been in business for long, they have made their way into the hearts of Japanese folks. GM Japan was established in 2010 and is fast rising in the laptop market.

9. Sony

Sony logo Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Sony Corporation is another Japanese laptop brand that has been known for its prowess in technology, producing household appliances as well as other known products. As a popular brand in Japan, they have been in the business of manufacturing laptops and are on this list of best Japanese laptop brands.

Sony was among the decent laptop-producing brands in Japan, producing some of the most stable laptops around the world. Sadly, they discontinued production of their laptops in 2014.

Regardless, if you already own a Sony laptop, you need not worry. Sony gives support to their laptops sold. The brand was established in 1996 and was in cooperation with the Vaio brand to produce Vaio laptops until the brand became a stand-alone.


These are some of the best Japanese laptop brands. They are quite notable and have made their way to the global market. Now, you can check your bucket list on your laptop specification.

Some of these products are great for gaming and others for business purposes. We hope you enjoy using your Japanese laptops from the best Japanese laptop brands.


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