Top 10 Refrigerator Brands In Japan

Are you looking for the best refrigerator brands in Japan? Well, you are in luck. Japan has been known to produce some of the best electronics in the world.

When it comes to refrigerators, brands like Panasonic, Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi are popular brands with large followings.

Regardless, you need a good refrigerator to keep your foods fresh and your drinks cold for the summer. So here are the 10 best Japanese refrigerator brands. One of these brands might just be the right one for you.

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1. Panasonic


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Panasonic Corporation is one of the major electronic companies in Japan that began its journey manufacturing light bulb sockets but later expanded to electronics.

They are one of the well-known brands with large followings. This brand currently produces several home appliances. From air conditioners to home entertainment, to cameras and refrigerators. Panasonic refrigerators are great food preservers.

They are quick at freezing and also prevent soft frozen levels. There are several refrigerator products from this brand. One of which is the Panasonic 50l Eco-Navi NR-FVF505-W. Features of this product include;

  • Six French doors
  • 16.9 gal storage capacity
  • Automatic Ice making chamber
  • Ag bio antibacterial deodorant
  • Energy saving
  • 2.8 gal vegetable chamber

2. Sharp 


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Sharp’s one of the well-known Japanese brands, known for their innovative designs and new products. They produce durable refrigerators for your kitchen.

Sharp Corporation has been in business since 1912 and started producing pencils.

The Sharp SJG2351FS 36 inch French 4-door Counter Depth refrigerator is made with modern technology. This amazing refrigerator has a four-door compartment, with space large enough for vegetables. The key features of this refrigerator brand include;

  • Eco inverter to keep bills low
  • Stainless steel French 4–door refrigerator with sis shelves
  • 22.5 cubic feet capacity
  • 35.8 width, and 69.9 height
  • Automatic ice maker compartment
  • Humidity controlled crisper bins
  • Large space for vegetables
  • High-quality material

This product does not consume so much energy due to the eco-inverter it has. With this, you do not spend too much on utility.

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3. Hitachi


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Hitachi has become a household name in Japan, famous for electronic products. They produce electronics of all types like bathroom necessities, kitchen appliances, and a host of others. Hitachi refrigerators are one of the best Japanese products made with high technology.

In recent times, more advanced freezing features have emerged, following the demand for them. One amazing product is the Hitachi R-W660.

This is no ordinary Hitachi fridge. It possesses amazing features like an auto energy inverter, dual-fan cooling, a big moisture guard vegetable compartment, a water dispenser tank type, a movable twist ice tray, a touch screen controller with tempered glass shelves. Key features include;

  • Four French doors
  • 540 capacity
  • 1838 in height and 855 in width
  • The movable twist ice tray
  • Quick freezing
  • Led light
  • Tempered glass shelf

This product comes in different colors black, brown, glass pure white, etc. one of which would most definitely suit your taste.

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4. Toshiba


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Toshiba as a Japanese company brand has earned recognition and respect all over the world. They manufacture appliances such as desktop computers, laptops, and a host of other appliances which of course includes the Toshiba refrigerator.

The Toshiba brand has successfully manufactured refrigerators capable of meeting your cooling needs.

Like keeping your foods moist and odor-free. One great product is the Toshiba 650L 4-door refrigerator. It has a unique capacity of about 650 liters, four doors, and three cooling systems. This refrigerator gives you a modern feel. You can keep things in order and can easily have access to them.

Also features like the plasma modules protect the refrigerator from the inside and kill bacteria, keeping the fridge odor-free. Key features include;

  • Plasma modules against bacteria
  • Good capacity and ample space
  • Four-door design

The Japanese brand has however been sold to a Chinese company that makes refrigerators using the household name.

5. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is one of the highest top-ranking brands in japan. It is known for producing innovative electronic products and home appliances like air conditioners, communication systems.

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They have various refrigerator and freezer designs with innovative technologies that keep hygiene, preserve foods, and control energy usage. From bottom mount to top mount and multi drawers and then to French door designs.

The Mitsubishi 375C 3 door fridge is your best bet if you require a sizable refrigerator for your small apartment. It has a 375-liter capacity, a flat panel energy-saving inverter, transparent tempered glass shelves. Also, you have the humidity-controlled crisper-bin where you can store your fruits to keep them moist and fresh.

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6. Akai 

Akai is a Japanese electronic brand that produces air conditioners, Led TVs, washing machines, smartphones, and refrigerators. The Akai French door refrigerator is a great product.

It has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish, a 473-liter capacity, pretty suitable for families. The French doors make access to food easy. It has twin vegetable crisper drawers, a freezer compartment with 6 drawers, a led light in both fridge and freezer, adjustable shelves.

It has a 3-star energy rating with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Key features include;

  • frost-free with twin vegetable crisper
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Led lighting
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel
  • French doors

7. Maxzen 

Maxzen brand is another refrigerator brand in japan, known to produce amazing products.

The Maxzen 2-door refrigerator JR138ML01GM is another design with unique features. If you are looking for a noiseless refrigerator for your dorm, this could be your best bet. Maxzen 2-door refrigerator is perfect for communal use. Both fridge compartments give you ample space for your soda and just about anything you stuck your fridge with.

The cooling range can be increased or reduced in 7 different stages. What this means is that you can store your baked food, freeze your chicken.

Another unique feature is this refrigerator adapts to your physique. It also has a heat-resistant top plate. If you’re looking out for convenience, adaptability in a fridge, the Maxzen refrigerator might just be the right one for you.

8. Daikin

Daikin is also a well-known brand in Japan. Producing electronics to make life more comfortable for people.

This brand considers the four seasons in Japan and makes its products unique to the climate. If you are looking for an industrial refrigeration system, this brand is your best bet. They are efficient, reliable for small and large commercial purposes.

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The inverter of this brand is energy efficient, with a compact design. They have been considered the most durable in the market with great heating and cooling temperature for retail environments. Co2 Conveni-pack is one popular Daikin refrigeration system.

It has a compact system for medium-temperature refrigeration, with 50% reduced energy consumption. Key features include low noise, lower water emission, heat recovery, space-saving, and installation flexibility.

9. Hisense 

Hisense HR D15CB refrigerator would add a bit of class to your home. With this fridge, you can store things like ice cream and other foods in full view.

It contains double slides that allow you to store what you want. It has an automated defrost function and allows you to stack food neatly.

With this, you would know how much food you have left before you consider grocery shopping. It gives your home an enhanced 3-D outlook.

A little bit of class to get you going. A unique feature of this refrigerator brand is that it signals you when the door is not properly closed. It has an alarm system.

This product is good for a family home. Hisense should be your go-to fridge if you need a little bit of beauty, elegance, and class. Though Hisense is not a Japanese brand, there is a high demand for it in this region.

10. LG

LG 889L, InstaView Door in Door with Dispenser, HygieneFresh+™, Inverter Linear Compressor, GR-X31FTMHL

LG may not be a household brand in Japan but it has grossed high in demand.

The InstaView Door in Door refrigerator has a cold saver panel that reduces cold air loss and keeps it where it is needed. It has a shiny glass panel that gives you an inside view without opening.

It has a full wine rack, water dispenser, egg tray, ice maker, a utility box for your cheese, and a moist balance crisper for your fruits and vegetables.

It also has an energy-saving inverter, saving about 32% of energy. You can also control your refrigerator through your smartphone.


The refrigerator brands listed above are all energy-saving refrigerators. They are all unique products, manufactured considering the growing cost of energy in Japan and the need for a more efficient and more reliable cooling system that offers a wide range of features for your convenience. You can pick anyone that suits your taste from either of these brands, depending on your budget and what would work best for you.

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