Best Japanese Rice Brands.

Rice is a staple meal in most Japanese families; it is one of the most hands-on meals you can get in a Japanese home or a Japanese restaurant.

What’s more, rice is a significant part of Japanese culture. It is believed to be one of the most indispensable parts of the Japanese people.

Apart from the amazing and delicious local and intercontinental dishes made with rice, they can also be made into other products like alcohol and flour. I’m sure you have heard or eaten sushi.

To make sushi and other rice meals in Japan, you need quality rice from the best brands. These are the best Japanese rice brands.

1.Koshihikari Japanese Rice.

best rice brands in Japan

This is unarguably the best Japanese rice. It is the first brand that comes to the minds of most Japanese locals when they are considering the best Japanese rice to buy.

This brand was created in 1956 at the Fukui prefectural agricultural research facility and is named after the Koshi province in Japan.

The Koshihikari brand is known for its rice production’s flexibility, sweet aroma, and stickiness. It is also very flavorful and a favorite for most chefs and restaurants.

Koshihikari is very easy to cook. It doesn’t require any unique or stressful process to cook it. It can be steamed or cooked with a rice cooker. Koshihikari Japanese rice is very fluffy, sticky, and light, making it the perfect choice for making sushi. You should try it out if you want to make excellent sushi.

2. Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice.

best japanese rice

The second brand on our best Japanese rice brands list is Tamanishiki short-grain rice. Harvested from the Plantations in Montana farms, California, this rice brand produces a mix of Koshihikari rice and Yumegokochi rice.

This short-grain rice has a fantastic texture and flavor. The rice becomes quite sticky when cooked, making it perfect for your sushi and easy to eat with chopsticks. This rice is excellent for any sushi. You can use it for sushi rolls, Charishi, and nigiri sushi.

Tamanishiki super-premium short grain rice brand boasts of the perfect taste, perfect texture, easy to cook, and very nutritious rice. Their rice should be a must-have on your shopping list if you are very particular about your health and diet.

The rice produced is low in cholesterol and gluten-free. It has a very delicious taste, it is easy to cook, and you can order online with no stress.

3. Kokuho medium Grain sushi rice.

This is another sushi rice brand that produces medium-grain rice, first Cultivated by Koda farms in 1963 but is currently grown in California, USA.

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Kokuho rice is free of gluten and even wheat. Kokuha’s rice is of excellent quality.

Interestingly, Kakuho harvests the newest crop, contributing to the less time spent cooking this rice.

You can only spend about 15 minutes; either steaming or boiling can prepare it. The texture of this rice is fluffy and soft. It is perfect for making sushi because it’s sticky. You can use it

to make maki rolls and nigiri. This rice is ideal for beginner sushi makers.

You can use it to make sushi for many people or just yourself.

4. Lundberg Family Farms organic rice.

Lundberg started production in 1937, and since then, they’ve stayed consistent and have remained one of the best Japanese rice brands. It is a sushi rice brand, so this is your best choice if you are a sushi lover.

Although a Japanese brand, the rice is grown in the United States of America. This rice is perfect for your health because it Is free of cholesterol, and it is non-GMO rice, which means it is free of gluten.

It is perfect for anyone allergic to gluten but still wants to eat sushi. It also has high protein and fiber in it. Lundberg family farms organic rice is slightly sweet, sticky, fluffy, and soft. Unlike other short-grain rice, it doesn’t have any funny smell or starchy fumes.

It is a perfect blend of mild and nutty flavors, which you get when you put it into your mouth. If you are making sushi for the first time, try using Lundberg organic rice to get your desired results. If you are vegan, this is the best choice for you.

5. Akitakomachi Japanese rice.

This is one of the best Japanese rice brands, Cultivated in the heart of Akita prefecture. It is of outstanding quality and has a very delicious taste. This rice has a sweet flavor and springy texture. This premium rice is one of the best Japanese rice you can find.

Other features of this rice include its stickiness and not-so-pleasant scent and its ability to retain size and shape when cooked and even after cooking. Akitakomachi rich has a very distinct taste that differentiates it from the others. The grains are also tiny.

This rice was named after Ono Komachi, a representative of the prefecture who was born in Akita. This rice is perfect for sushi, rice balls, or eaten alone as a meal.

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6. Hitomebore Japanese Rice.

japanese rice brands

Hitomebore Japanese rice brand is not as famous as other rice brands in Japan, but it is perfect and produces rice with great taste. What’s more, Its rice texture is glossy, smooth, and a bit sticky.

Hitomebore Japanese rice doesn’t over-boil after cooking, and it doesn’t lose its shape. If you cannot finish the first serving, you can rest assured that it will still retain the original taste and flavor when you reheat it.

As a result of its ability to retain its shape after hooking, it is perfect for making sushi. In addition to that, it can also be used to make a lot of other dishes. Because of its sweet flavor can be eaten alone, but it can also be paired with other dishes like sauces, soup, stir-fries, and gravy.

7. Ubara Extra premium Japanese white rice.

This is one of the best Japanese rice. The size of this rice is bigger than the regular Japanese rice. Its texture is soft, which makes it easy to chew. It is also delicious and is grown on a rich soul with clean water.

Renowned professionals in Japan produce this rice, and it is also used by some of the best chefs in Japan. You would love to use the same rice used by renowned chefs.

One interesting fact about this rice is that it retains its taste even when cold. That is to say, if you eat it when it’s hot, it’s delicious, and even though you eat it when it gets cold, it is still delicious.

If you have been trying to make sushi and aren’t getting it right, you should check out Ubara extra premium Japanese white rice. It is perfect for sushi and other Asian delicacies.

8. Sasanishiki Rice.

Sasanishiki rice is another short-grain rice from Miyagi. It has a very delicious taste. Unlike other Japanese rice brands, it is not sticky. Instead, it is shiny and fluffy with a smooth texture. Sasanishiki is a hybrid of the Hasunishiki and the Sasashigure. Created at the Miyagi prefecture in 1963, this rice has become known in the market.

If you love eating your rice plain without adding any other meal, this is a good option for you because it is very fluffy. But you can also try this rice with soups, sauce, or gravy. It is pretty delicious. Due to the texture of the Sasanishiki rice, it is not great for making sushi.

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9. Tamaki short-grain rice.

Tamaki short-grain rice is California-grown rice packed by a Japanese brand. It is made with Koshihikari rice, one of Japan’s best quality rice. Although this rice is made with the best products, it’s pretty hard to cook.

It’s different from regular rice. To cook this rice, you have to let it soak for a few minutes to help it absorb everything. After soaking the rice, you leave it for some time before you start cooking.

This rice is produced with modern million technologies and traditional gaming. It is premium quality rice and one of the best Japanese rice brands. It can also be used to make sushi. This should be on your shopping list, the next time you go shopping or don’t you think so?

10. Nozomi Super-premium short grain.

japanese short grain rice brand

Nozomi is short-grain rice produced with quality Koshihikiri rice. This rice has a very delicious flavor, so you can eat it alone. However, if you want to give your taste buds a treat, you can pair it with other Japanese dishes.

This rice is made under perfect conditions; it was produced in Sacramento valley in one of the most fertile lands in that area. So be rest assured that you are getting quality because it was made under the best conditions.

It’s very neat, and very little or no time is spent cleaning it before it’s ready for cooking. What’s more interesting is that it is perfect for making sushi because of its very sticky and delicate texture. Nazomi super-premium short-grain rice is one of the best Japanese rice.


Rice is an essential part of Japanese culture. In fact, it is a big driving force of the economy of Japan. One of the best cuisines made in Japan is sushi- a delicious meal that has now moved beyond Japan to other parts of the world.

To make quality sushi, you need quality rice from the best brands, and that’s what this article has provided, so if you are considering making sushi for the first time or you’ve been making, and you haven’t been getting it right then, you need to buy from one of the brands on our list.




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