Best Japanese Shampoos For A Good-looking Hair in 2022

Japanese shampoo is known for dealing with all kinds of hair problems. They’re loaded with natural ingredients capable of repairing and rebuilding your overall hair health. The ingredients contained make your hair soft, smooth, and silky.

Interestingly, there’s a Japanese shampoo for every hair texture or type. So if you’re having a bad hair day and you’re wondering which shampoo is best to keep your hair trouble-free, the Japanese shampoo got you covered.

Here are the best Japanese shampoos to look out for.

1. Shiseido Tsubaki Extra moist shampoo.

best japanese shampoo

This is pretty much the overall best of Japanese shampoos for dry hair. Produced by the Shiseido brand- one of the most popular hair care brands, Shiseido Tsubaki extra moist shampoo is produced with Tsubaki flower extracts that are rich in linoleic and oleic acid.

Other ingredients include botanical essence, lemon fruit water, royal jelly, soy protein, and Japanese camellia oil essence. The content in this 500ml bottle is formulated to bring about balanced nourishment and rejuvenation to your dry hair, help with your hair loss problem and moisturize your hair.

Apply a portion on your wet hair and massage until it moisturizes when using this product. After that, you can rinse thoroughly to remove the shampoo traces. You’d notice gentler and softer hair. Have a routine and use your hair shampoo regularly to get an effective result. You can also try the Shiseido Tsubaki premium moist shampoo for extra moistness.

2. My Kirei By Kao nourishing shampoo.

MyKirei nourishing shampoo is another pretty good Japanese shampoo known for its great packaging. Apart from that, this hair product is suitable for any hair type. The primary ingredients used in formulating this shampoo include Tsubaki extract and rice water.

This formula is safe for people who prefer environmentally healthy products. This Japanese shampoo keeps the hair soft and hydrated. Interestingly, the two ingredients used in this shampoo have been used by the Japanese in hair care regimes for centuries.

Kirei shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It is also a good fit for curly hair. However, it is pretty expensive. But if you can afford it, by all means, you should.

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3. Kumano horse oil shampoo.

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The Kumano horse oil shampoo is another shampoo suitable for all hair types. But more importantly, it works for both dry and normal hair. It contains ingredients such as horse oil extracts that keep the hair silky and nourished.

It is a great fit for those struggling with dandruff and itchiness.

What’s more, it protects the scalp from bacterial infections, nourishes the hair, promotes hair growth and blood circulation.

Unlike other shampoo products on this list, the Kumano horse oil shampoo is quite affordable. It is a recommendable choice if you’re experiencing itchiness, dandruff, or bacteria.

4. & honey deep moist shampoo.

Japanese shampoo

If you’re looking for a shampoo that’ll leave your hair curly and refreshed, then & honey deep moist shampoo has got you covered. They’re known for their relaxing feel as they exceed the moisture level of any hair care brand.

Though this hair shampoo is rare, it works for every hair type, including curly hair. It has a deliciously thick formula made with the three types of Japanese hydrating honey known as Japanese raw honey, acacia, and manuka.

What’s more, it was made with protein-rich royal jelly and fatty-acid packed argan oil. & honey Deep moist shampoo provides an ultimate moisture replenishment for any hair type but especially dry and crispy hair texture.

Interestingly, it is free from mineral oils, dyes, parabens, and sulfates, making it a recommended choice for those who need an all-natural hair care product.

5. Shesiedo adenogen scalp care shampoo.

This shampoo is specially formulated for oily, greasy hair to nurture the scalp and give volume and boost to any hair. This substance contains adenosine MP and a citrus green fragrance that improves overall hair health.

So you need not worry about your hair. This shampoo energizes the hair and prepares your scalp for optimal hair growth. This shampoo is pretty affordable and good for all hair types.

6. Ichikami smooth and sleek moist shampoo.

Ichikami smooth and sleek moist shampoo are great for several hair types, including dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair.

What it does is moisten your hair while keeping it smooth and sleek. Some of the ingredients used in formulating this flavorful shampoo include rice ferment filtrate, tea-lauroyl sarcosinate, and Belamcanda Chinensis plant root extract.

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7. Tamanohada 004 Gardenia natural hair shampoo.

This hair product is popular for its natural goodness. It is formulated with plant-based ingredients that moisturize your tresses, rejuvenate, and cleanses your scalp.

Apart from that, it contains an avocado extract that helps condition your hair giving it a smooth and soft feel.

This shampoo is good for both men and women. It is silicone-free and has a refreshing fragrance derived from a mix of ylang-ylang essential oils and lemon. When used, it leaves your hair shiny and clean. It is the perfect fit for someone with a dry hair type who is also experiencing dandruff.

8. NaturalLab Tokyo perfect repair shampoo.

As a leading brand in Japanese beauty innovations, Naturallab is not left out in the production of hair shampoos. They’re known for using plant-based ingredients to formulate their hair care products. It repairs dry, damaged hair and strengthens weak virgin hair.

NaturalLab Tokyo perfect repair shampoo contains smart keratin that helps to boost and protect hair. Other ingredients include argan and prickly pears oils that restores your hair’s overall health while protecting it from environmental damage.

About Japanese Shampoo.

All over the world, Japanese shampoos are renowned for their organic ingredients and effective nature.

In fact, they are fast becoming a popular go-to option for many beauty enthusiasts. Not only are they texture specific, but they are also known to handle other hair issues like dandruff, hair loss, or damaged hair.

What’s more, they cleanse, protect and boost your hair growth. There’s a Japanese hair product formulated specifically for every hair type.

What to consider when shopping for your Japanese shampoo.

To get the perfect shampoo fit for your hair, you need to look out for certain basic things when buying your hair care product. They include hair type, scalp type, color protection, and ingredients.

Hair type: The first thing you need to consider while choosing your Japanese shampoo is to look out for the product that suits your hair type. Since most Japanese hair care products are texture specific, choosing the right fit for your hair would not be difficult.

There are different products for various hair types like oily hair, dry hair, and others. So be sure you know your hair type and texture.

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Scalp type: this is another pretty important aspect to consider when purchasing a hair product. Do you have a sensitive scalp? How does your scalp react to certain ingredients? Most people have very sensitive scalps that react negatively to some products.

Once you’re aware of your scalp type, it will guide you to picking the right product for you. Ensure you check the labels and information on the products to know which is most suitable for your scalp.

Color protection: if you have your hair dyed to a different color, kindly look out for products that protect your new hair color. One recurring experience people with dyed hair have when using normal hair shampoo is that it strips off-color on their hair. So ensure you look out for shampoo products with color protection to avoid that.

Ingredients: Another key thing to consider when shopping for your hair shampoo is to look out for ingredients that have great hair benefits and give your hair a proper cleanse once used. Ensure you look out for products with organic, natural, and herbal ingredients. Avoid products with toxic ingredients that dry and damaged hair. Also, you should consider your current hair problem when picking from your chosen brand.

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Where to find Japanese shampoo.

If you’re in Japan, you can get Japanese shampoo at the local convenience stores or supermarkets. But if you are not, you place your order online. There are popular Japanese online stores that sell Japanese hair care products. For medicated products, you can get them at a pharmacy.


Japanese shampoos are among the most popularly used hair care shampoos globally. In fact, some of the best hair care routines and techniques used by beauticians are Japanese hair products. These products not only have a great fragrance, but they will also keep your hair smooth, silk, soft and moist. Hence we curated some of the best Japanese shampoos. You can check out the one suitable for your hair type. We hope this post was helpful.


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