Best Japanese Snacks from Supermarket

Japanese snacks are quite popular because of their cute packaging and wide range of nutty, sweet, spicy, and salty flavors.

So if you are visiting Japan for the first time and want to know the best Japanese snacks to get as souvenirs or need something different and would like to order some Japanese snacks online, then this is for you.

Japan has loads of snacks, and you could be lost in a sea of options. However, this list will guide you in making the best choice.

Here are the 10 Best Japanese snacks to try.

1. Pocky.

Pocky is a favorite for most Japanese snack lovers, it is undoubtedly Japan’s most popular snack, and it is a big part of the childhood of most Japanese children and adults. This snack is so special that a day is even named after it, “the Pocky day,” which comes up on the 11th of November.

It is a long, slender, and crunchy cookie stick coated with chocolate; it is very delicious. Pocky also has different flavors, which includes cookies and cream, strawberry, banana, mango, coconut and matcha, pumpkin, and tomato,

Although the chocolate flavor is usually the favorite flavor for Pocky fans, Pocky comes in a small box made with minimalist designs. For the best Japanese snack experience outside Japan, I would recommend this.

2. Japanese Kit Kats.

best japanese snacks

Kit Kats are made by the Nestle brand, and although the Nestle is not specifically a Japanese brand, the Japanese Kit Kat is unique and different from the Kit Kat found in other countries.

While some countries have only a few flavors of Kit Kat, it’s interesting to know that Nestle has produced over 300 Kit Kat flavor combinations for the Japanese market. There are kit kat flavors that are only available during certain festivals or specific seasons, and people look forward to these festivals and seasons to taste different flavors.

Amongst the many flavors available, the matcha flavor is more famous amongst Japanese Kit Kat lovers. You haven’t really eaten a Japanese Kit Kat if you haven’t tasted the matcha flavor.

Interestingly, Kit Kat is used to wish students good luck before their exams in Japan. Kit Kat in Japanese sounds like the phrase “Kitto- Katsu,” which translates to “Good luck.”

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3. Tokyo Banana.

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Another best Japanese snack is the Tokyo Banana, produced in the Tokyo region since 1991. Like most of the snacks on this list, the Tokyo banana has a lot of flavors. It is fluffy, has the shape of a banana, and is filled with delicious custard cream.

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The Tokyo Banana snack is beautifully wrapped and has limited designs. This will enable you to choose the perfect one that suits the personality of the person you are getting it for.

It’s also important to note that Tokyo Banana has a short expiry period of about one week. That means when you buy, it is supposed to be consumed within a week or less.

Tokyo Bananas are a delight for your taste buds. Apart from the fact that they are very fluffy, they are also very tasty. In fact, it is the perfect souvenir for your friends and family.

4. Kinoko No Yama.

Another amazing Japanese snack is the Kinoko No Yama, produced by Meiji, a Japanese company famous for making delicious chocolate. Kinoko No Yama means “mountain of mushrooms,” and the snack has the shape of mushrooms.

It is popular across Japan and is one of the best Japanese snacks in the country. Kinoko No Yama has a smooth cookie stem with chocolate toppings. It is a favorite among children in Japan as it comes in different flavors like chocolate, cream, and strawberry.

What’s more, the packaging is very beautiful and attractive. I must warn you Kinoko No Yama is quite an addictive snack. You might not be able to stop at one pack alone. Interestingly, Kinoko No Yama has a rival known as Takenoko No Sato, a bamboo-shaped snack.

5. Caramel Corn Chips.

It will not be out of place that popcorn will cross your mind when you see the name ‘caramel corn chips .’However, this amazing Japanese snack is in no way popcorn. In fact, the Japanese Caramel Corn chips are caramel-flavored corn puffs with pieces of nuts scattered at the bottom of the pack.

Produced by tomato, these corn chips are u- shaped, lightweight, crunchy, and fluffy. The packaging of this snack is pretty unique – a bright red and yellow pack with eyes that looks like those of a cat. Caramel Corn Chips are some of the best Japanese snacks to try. It should be on your list of must-haves.

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6. Alfort Mini Chocolate.

Alfort Mini Chocolate might not be as popular as the other snacks on this list for people outside Japan, but it is very popular among the Japanese. In fact, it is a delight for every snack lover.

The Alfort Mini chocolate is a brand of biscuits that is small in size. One side is coated in a layer of chocolate and stamped with the image of a big ship, the logo of the Alfort brand. It is quite cheap and comes in a small flat box.

The packaging is blue and gold, making it a perfect fit for sharing with your friends. Alfort mini chocolate is similar to Pocky. It is light and crunchy and coated in milk chocolate. However, the taste is similar to that of chocolate scotch fingers; it’s a hit for everyone, both young and old.

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7. Pretz.

Pretz is simply the savory version of Pocky. These savory stick snacks are similar to Pocky, except for the additional flavored sugar coating to replace the sugar coating seen on Pocky.

Pretz is a must-eat for every snack lover. It is seasoned with savory flavors like salad, cheese, pizza, corn, potato, and Larb. These flavors are made on a limited basis; that is, you won’t find all the flavors available throughout the year.

Their savory flavor makes them very delicious when taken with drinks. You can either try them with sake or Japanese beers.

8. Hi-Chew.

This is the first candy snack on this list, and it is a must-try for everybody with a sweet tooth. It is a smooth taffy-like candy with the consistency of chewing gum. It is found in many countries and bears different names, but the Japanese version is different and in a league of its own.

Hi-Chew comes in different flavors such as strawberry, grape, mango, kiwi, and green apple. It comes in long packs of individually wrapped chewy sweets, and each pack can fit perfectly in either your lunch pack, handbag, backpack, or pocket.

The sweetness isn’t overdone, so the sugar content will not hurt your teeth, making it not only suitable for children but adults too. It has a very smooth and bouncy texture that will make you fall hard.

9. Kabukiage Rice crackers.

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Who says a snack has to be chocolate coated or sugary. Rice crackers are a healthy way of snacking; these rice crackers are Japanese snacks quite popular in most parts of the world, especially in countries like Korea, Taiwan, China, and even Europe.

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They are lighter and healthier substitutes for chocolates, potato chips, sweets, and biscuits. Kabuki Rice crackers are believed to be the most popular and arguably the best in the market. They come in clear packets with tricolor packaging, which references the colors of a curtain at a Kabuki performance hall.

They are also quite indulgent and are a healthier choice when compared to other Japanese snacks. You could try them out. They taste even better with green tea or an alcoholic beverage like sake.

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10. Wagashi.

If you’re looking to have a full Japanese experience, then the Wagashi is what you should go for. It is a traditional Japanese snack that has been a huge part of the Japanese food culture for over 300 years.

Wagashi is usually filled with a sweet bean paste, and it is meticulously hand-crafted from rice flour. It takes different shapes, and it is usually small in size; its shape can take the form of fruits, leaves, and seasonal flowers.

The beauty of Wagashi is in the details and how it is made delicately. With how beautiful it looks, you might prefer admiring it rather than eating it. If you decide to eat it, it is best served with green tea.

There are other types of Wagashi you can see in Japan, Manju, Daifuku, and Dango. They are both very soft, but you need to chew them very well.


Just like mochi and sushi rolls, snacks are very popular in Japan. And because of Japan’s gift-giving culture, these snacks are packaged so that they can be given as souvenirs.

There are lots of Japanese snacks in the market, and we hope this list of the best Japanese snacks will help you make a choice whenever you decide to try them in Japan or from your favorite online stores. There is always a snack that would suit your cravings and preference.

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