What is the correct way to read Manga

how to read manga

As with Japanese writing, manga stories are typically read from right to left and from top to bottom. The tale is divided up into koma frames. So, in order to read a manga page, begin with the koma in the top right corner and end with it at the bottom left. It might sound obvious, … Read more

Top 10 Romance Anime on Netflix

Did you know that you can watch a ton of anime on Netflix? And I know that some of you love to watch romantic anime and are extremely interested in it. So this time, we’re going to highlight 10 romantic anime that are available on Netflix. Not only that, but we’ll also talk about both … Read more

List of Japan Vtuber

list of Japan Vtuber, The 10 Best Vtubers In Japan To Follow, How many Japanese VTuber are there?, Who is the number 1 Japan VTuber?, Who is the most popular Japanese hololive VTuber?, What VTuber groups are there?, most popular japanese vtuber, japanese male vtuber, list of Japan vtubers hololive,

VTuber, the next-generation YouTuber, where the illustrator hides his true face and creates an anime version of themselves and brings it to the world of the screen.  If you’re interested to know the Vtuber behind every amazing anime you see, scroll down to this post as we have curated a list of Top 10 Japan … Read more

Manga Recommendations for 2022 | Completed Manga To Pick Up This Year!

Love Manga? Me too! Here are my best manga recommendations 2022 – doesn’t matter if you’re a manga beginner or someone who binge-reads manga series (like me!) – you will definitely love these manga recommendations 2022! Manga, while may look similar to anime, is different. Manga is Japanese comic books with characters that often become … Read more

9 Best Anime with Strong Female Characters 2022

Are you looking to watch the best anime with strong female characters? Here’s a list of recommendations! I am a feminist who strongly believes that strong women should be celebrated and looked up to. The present world we are living in has finally started to acknowledge and appreciate the presence of women in all walks … Read more

10 Best Japanese Anime Series on Netflix 2022

Looking for the best Japanese anime series on Netflix? Check out this list of top anime series recommendations that you should definitely watch for a good time. Read further to know more! Japanese animation has taken the world by storm with its boundary-pushing visuals, excellent storylines, and gripping tales.  No matter where in the world … Read more

What is Shotacon?

meaning of shotacon

There are a lot of films and publications where shotacon has been portrayed. Even in anime fandom, the word shotacon is very popular. So in this post, you’ll find all you need to know about shotacon. What does Shotacon mean? Shotacon is a Japanese slang used to refer to someone who is attracted to shotas … Read more

7 Anime like dragon ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z is a great anime that tells the story of Goku with the use of the right dose of action and comedy. If you are a great fan of Dragon Ball Z and have been looking for animes with a great storyline, epic scenes, and high-class comedy just like your favorite Dragon Ball … Read more

What happened to Launch in Dragon Ball

There’s always this curiosity when your favorite character does the disappearing act with no trace. For many Dragon ball fans, this seems to be their fate with Launch. Though Launch is not the central character, she was one of the main characters in the early dragon ball series. But as the series went on, she … Read more

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