Types of Bread in Japan

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Bread is an indispensable part of the Japanese diet, and there are many types of it all over the world.  It ranks high among countless pieces of bread, such as croissants that have a fun crispy texture, bagels that are chewy and easy to combine with various ingredients, and melon bread and curry bread that … Read more

Types of Cake in Japan

Types of Cake in Japan, What cake is popular in Japan?, What are the 15 types of cakes?, What are Japanese cakes called?, What is the best Japanese cake?, What is a traditional Japanese dessert?, What is Japanese cheesecake called?, What is Japan's most famous dessert?, What is the most popular cake in Japan?, types of cake to try in japan, popular cakes in japan, cakes in japan, popular japanese cake, cakes japanese,

Cakes are essential sweets for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. Many people buy it as a snack or a small reward for themselves.  Although cakes are quite common in any country, Japan has its very own version to introduce which some have a very significant meaning for most Japanese!  I scoured the town to … Read more

Most Popular Japanese beer brands.

best japanese beer brands

You’re visiting Japan and need a hint on the most popular beers in Japan? Well, you are in the right place. One good thing about Japan is how well they brew their alcohol, most especially beer. Around the world, Japanese beers are known for their quality and good taste. In fact, they are so good … Read more

Biggest Fireworks in Japan

In Japan, fireworks festivals are a summer tradition that are held all around the country. Have you ever pondered which fireworks festivals with competitions are the most well-liked? This time, I’ll list the most well-known fireworks celebrations in Japan in order of popularity (from top 1 to top 15) Top 15 Biggest Fireworks in Japan … Read more

Famous Festivals in Japan

Numerous well-known festivals that have been celebrated all over Japan since ancient times have been passed down through the generations. Therefore, this time I’ve listed the top 12 well-known festivals in Japan in order of popularity (from top 1 to top 12). Top 12 Famous Festivals in Japan Aomori Nebuta Festival (Aomori Prefecture) Date: August … Read more

Best Night Views in Japan

Best Night Views in Japan, Top 10 must-visit night views in Japan, tokyo night view, japan night street, japan at night, most popular night views in japan, best night views japan, japan top 10 night views, best night views attraction in Japan, best night sightseeing in japan, Where to see the best night views in Japan?,

When you go to Japan, visiting tourist spots and eating authentic Japanese foods are surely a must.    As a foreigner who’s living in this wonderful country for more than a decade now, I would highly suggest you also visit the famous night view spots where you can almost see the whole beautiful city of Japan … Read more

13 Best Kanji Tattoos 2022

Looking to get Kanji tattoos inked? Well, check out here some of the most popular Kanji tattoo designs that look extremely attractive and are also meaningful. Read further to know more about it.  Tattoos look extremely attractive and eye-catching. People who have tattoos often claim that it either adds essence or reflects their personality. There … Read more

Best Soba Japan

Best Soba Japan, Best Soba Chain Stores in Japan, Top 10 Soba Stores to visit in Japan, best soba tokyo, best soba japan, best abura soba in japan, japan best soba noodle, best soba places in japan, best soba in tokyo, types of japanese soba, best japanese soba noodles, Where to eat Soba noodles in Japan?, Best authentic soba in Japan,

There are many standing soba restaurants on the premises of the station and near the station. All of them are chain stores that can be said to be a symbol of Japan’s proud fast food restaurants.  You shouldn’t miss trying some authentic Japanese foods when you’re in Japan! In this post, I’ll introduce you to … Read more

7 Yurei Japanese Ghost Tales That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

If ghost stories are something you enjoy, you’ll love these Yurei Japanese ghost tales that will definitely send shivers down your spine! Have you ever felt the air around you change and fill up with a mystical and eerie tone? I sure love those moments when every footstep and every fluttering of leaves fills you … Read more

11 Best Japanese Authors 2022

If you’re looking for new books to add to your collection here are some of the best Japanese authors whose work you have to check out! Japan is the birthplace of the world’s first novel. Japan has also given birth to three authors who have gone on to receive the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature. … Read more

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