10 Most Popular Games In Japan

Japan is a developed country and several games are played for entertainment, and to get rid of lethargy. In this well-planned and analytical article, you get to know about the most popular games in Japan and why people love them so much. Games are very interesting to play. It is vibrant and satisfying when you … Read more

22 Best Japanese Anime Of All Time 2022 | Best Anime To Watch

I absolutely love Japanese anime and here I’ve made a list of best Japanese anime of all time so you can enjoy it too! I’ve listed down some of the best anime created ever. My personal favorite obviously is Death Note- the best anime of all time! Anime culture is quickly picking up in the … Read more

Why is Japan called the Land of the Rising Sun?

Many folks who know about Japan’s history wonder why Japan is called Japan. Mostly, Japan is an advanced country situated around mountains. It is, in fact, a collage of islands that are beautified with Onsen (hot springs). But have you ever considered why Japan is called Japan? Japan as an island nation was not always … Read more

Top 10 Japanese Electric Guitar Brands

Japanese Guitar brands produce some of the best guitars professional guitarists or beginners use. These products are most sought after due to their excellent quality and style. What’s more, the products are reliable and efficient. As a guitar lover, you may even have an electric guitar from some of these top Japanese guitar brands in … Read more

Top 10 Incredible facts About Japan

There are so many incredible things about Japan. From the amazing cuisines to the Onsen baths and mountains that are great for tourism. Japan is one of the most exciting countries to visit in the world, and you would fall in love with the bright light of Tokyo town. What’s more, the Japanese are one … Read more

What is The Meaning of Fujoshi?

Fujoshi is a Japanese term popular with anime fan lovers. Fujoshi refers to women who enjoy imagining unintended romantic relationships between two male characters in anime, manga, and video games. There are lots of women who have fallen into the category of fujoshi. This article will look at what fujoshi means, its history, and how … Read more

The Best Jobs in Japan Without a Degree

Have you considered getting a Job in Japan, but you are not sure how because you don’t have a degree? Well, you can get a Job in Japan without a degree. It is 100% possible. As of October 2019, 1,658,804 foreigners had a job in Japan. However, these jobs are specific to certain sectors. If … Read more

Top Beautiful Japanese Words and Their Meaning

As much as Japan has a beautiful culture and very attractive tourist sites, their language is quite interesting to learn. And if you learn at least a little, you would find it quite easy to blend in with Japanese locals. One fun fact about the Japanese language is that they have names for certain feelings … Read more

Japanese Yokai – Myths and Folklore

If you are quite taken with Japanese manga and anime, you may have come across the name Yokai. It is often used to refer to Japanese monsters, ghosts, spirits, and goblins that entertain and scare us with their many mischievous and mysterious tricks. Japan is known for its love for supernatural creatures. It is evident … Read more

Most Popular Japanese Sake Brands

In Japan, there is no denying that sake is a popular alcoholic drink. In fact, it is Japan’s national beverage. But more than that, it is famous worldwide for its richness and complex taste. Japanese sake is a rice wine, made from fermenting polished rice into an alcoholic beverage. As a first-timer in the world … Read more

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