What is The Meaning of Fujoshi?

Fujoshi is a Japanese term popular with anime fan lovers. Fujoshi refers to women who enjoy imagining unintended romantic relationships between two male characters in anime, manga, and video games. There are lots of women who have fallen into the category of fujoshi. This article will look at what fujoshi means, its history, and how … Read more

The Best Jobs in Japan Without a Degree

Have you considered getting a Job in Japan, but you are not sure how because you don’t have a degree? Well, you can get a Job in Japan without a degree. It is 100% possible. As of October 2019, 1,658,804 foreigners had a job in Japan. However, these jobs are specific to certain sectors. If … Read more

Top Beautiful Japanese Words and Their Meaning

As much as Japan has a beautiful culture and very attractive tourist sites, their language is quite interesting to learn. And if you learn at least a little, you would find it quite easy to blend in with Japanese locals. One fun fact about the Japanese language is that they have names for certain feelings … Read more

Japanese Yokai – Myths and Folklore

If you are quite taken with Japanese manga and anime, you may have come across the name Yokai. It is often used to refer to Japanese monsters, ghosts, spirits, and goblins that entertain and scare us with their many mischievous and mysterious tricks. Japan is known for its love for supernatural creatures. It is evident … Read more

Most Popular Japanese Sake Brands

In Japan, there is no denying that sake is a popular alcoholic drink. In fact, it is Japan’s national beverage. But more than that, it is famous worldwide for its richness and complex taste. Japanese sake is a rice wine, made from fermenting polished rice into an alcoholic beverage. As a first-timer in the world … Read more

Best Japanese Zombie movies on Netflix

Zombie movies are often gory action that falls under the class of horror films. But also, have a bit of comedy, romance, thriller, and even science fiction. For years, they have graced our screens, giving us a scary but exciting time. Japan’s movie industry has also been part of this amazing journey and has produced … Read more

Best youtubers in Japan You Should Follow.

best youtubers in japan

Youtube will definitely not sound strange to you. It is a video-sharing platform where many users like you get videos for free, with sufficient data. In recent years, thousands of vloggers and YouTubers have become popular all over the world, through YouTube. These YouTubers, most of whom are celebrities, have turned the platform into a … Read more

The Most Popular Sports in Japan: The top 8 sports

Japan has been known for its genuine love for sports and there are several popular sports that the Japanese love to spend their time watching. In fact, watching sports games is one of the most popular hobbies in the country. Frankly, sport is an intrinsic part of Japanese culture and heritage, it is evident in … Read more

Best Japanese Movies Of All Time.

Apart from excelling in their local industry, the Japanese movie industry has done a great job in producing classic Japanese movies of all time, that have achieved global recognition and success. From animes, action films, to J. horrors which are unofficial kings in the horror movie business worldwide. The storylines in these movies not only … Read more

The Best Japanese Drama: Top Romantic Jdramas to see

When it comes to romance stories, Japanese romantic dramas are top-notch. They evoke feelings of passion, love, conflicting emotions with a generous dose of fun. To tell you the truth, J-dramas are your best bet if you are looking for romance dramas with great content and intense cum remarkable storyline. There are a host of … Read more

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