What are the Major Department Stores in Japan

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There are many department stores in Japan that offer a wide assortment of clothing and accessories for both men and women.  If you are wondering which department store is a must-visit to buy some of your clothing needs, scroll down to this post as I will introduce the Major Department Stores in Japan! Popular Department … Read more

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022

Best Japanese Suit Brands, What is the most popular Japanese brand?, What suit brand is popular in Japan?, How much do suits cost in Japan?, What suits do Japanese wear?, Are suits in Japan cheap?, apanese tailored suits, popular japanese suit brands, japanese designer suit brands, best suit tailors in japan, japanese suit brands online, japanese mens suit fashion 2022,

Men’s clothing is indispensable for men, but have you ever wondered which men’s clothing company sells the most and is popular?  This time, we will introduce the top 9 Best Japanese Suit Brands that can cater to any of your suit needs! Popular Japanese Suit Brands for Men Recommended: Most Popular Japanese Fashion Trends 9th … Read more

Women’s Japan Shoe Size Chart

japan women shoe size

Women’s Japan shoe size chart. Japan uses centimeters rather than inches, which makes things a little more difficult to convert, but here we have provided our own table to help you find your ideal fit. If you already know how long and wide each foot is, then you can use the chart below to determine … Read more

Best Japanese Shampoos For A Good-looking Hair in 2022

best Japanese shampoo

Japanese shampoo is known for dealing with all kinds of hair problems. They’re loaded with natural ingredients capable of repairing and rebuilding your overall hair health. The ingredients contained make your hair soft, smooth, and silky. Interestingly, there’s a Japanese shampoo for every hair texture or type. So if you’re having a bad hair day … Read more

Yukata vs Kimono: 10 differences You Should Know.

Yukata vs kimono

Both Yukata and Kimono are renowned traditional Japanese garments that have become a global fashion statement because of their beauty and style. Both are unisex, full-length T-shaped robes that have long sleeves and are secured with a decorative belt. These similarities may cause the average joe to mistake one for the other, but there are … Read more

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