Torikizoku Popular menu in Japan

Torikizoku is a yakitori chain restaurant that is popular in the city center and is attracting attention for its good value for money. Torikizoku’s menu is popular for yakitori, but there are plenty of side menus, so you can enjoy various menus. There is also an all-you-can-eat menu, so it is recommended for drinking parties … Read more

Matsuya Popular menu in Japan

Matsuya is one of the popular restaurant chains that serve beef bowls and curries and is gaining popularity for its easy and delicious meals. Matsuya has a lot of delicious and topical menus such as gyudon that you can take home. We will introduce popular standard menus, limited-time menus, side menus, and recommended menus to … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Shizuoka

In Shizuoka Prefecture, which is located in the Tokai region, there are many indoor date spots where you can enjoy even on rainy days. We have compiled a ranking of spots and sightseeing spots in Shizuoka Prefecture where you can play even in such rain, and restaurants where you can relax. In addition to the … Read more

Fukuoka Best Places to Eat

There are many dating spots in Fukuoka where you can enjoy rain or shine. Those who are interested in things like standard indoor sightseeing spots and date spots where you can stop by while driving are sure to pay attention. If you’re looking for the Best Places to Eat in Fukuoka, scroll down to this … Read more

Best Cafes in Yokohama

In Yokohama’s Minato Mirai and Motomachi, there are many indoor spots where you can enjoy a date even on such a rainy day. Among them, the most popular and recommended spots are summarized in this post. Let’s put together a fun Yokohama date plan by holding down the points to enjoy a rainy day date … Read more

Sukiya Popular Menu in Japan 2022

Sukiya popular menu in Japan, What is sukiya famous for?, What does sukiya sell?, What does sukiya mean in Japanese?, Is sukiya halal in Japan?, best sukiya menu in japan, sukiya in japan, sukiya japan menu, Top 15 Sukiya Menu in Japan, Sukiya Menu in Japan to try,

Sukiya boasts the largest number of gyudon chains in Japan, but which menu is the most popular? Aside from the standard beef bowl menu, we have researched recommended and popular menus for set meals, breakfast, take-out menus, side menus, and toppings, and compiled them in a ranking format. The popular recommended menu ranking of Sukiya … Read more

Mos Burger Popular Menu in Japan

Mos Burger popular menu in Japan, Mos Burger Recommended Menu, Mos Burger popular menu in Japan 2022, Top 15 Mos Burger in Japan, Best Mos Burger Menu to try in Japan, mos burger japanese, mos burger japan menu, mos burgers japan,

There are many hamburger specialty restaurants in Japan. Mos Burger is on par with the famous McDonald’s. Here, we will introduce Mos Burger’s recommended popular menus and side menus in ranking format. Even though it is a hamburger specialty store, each brand’s taste and commitment differ. Let’s look at the delicious side menus and set … Read more

KFC Japan Menu and What to Order

KFC Japan menu and what to order, What is the best order at KFC?, What does KFC serve in Japan?, What is the most popular food at KFC?, Why is KFC special in Japan?, japan kfc menu, kfc japan price, kfc japan order online, kfc japan menu price,

The thick and juicy Kentucky Fried Chicken is a recommended menu for a small reward for yourself. Here’s a list of Kentucky’s best picks. We will also introduce Kentucky’s recommended parts and how to order them. Also, pay attention to the bargain sets, Tori no Hi, and lunchtime Kentucky menus. Let’s enjoy Kentucky’s recommended popularity … Read more

Best Drinks at Convenience Stores in Japan

Best Drinks at Convenience Stores in Japan, What is the most popular drink in Japan?, What is the number 1 drink in Japan?, What do Japanese drink most?, What are the top 3 sodas in Japan?, best convenience store drinks in japan, best japanese convenience store drink to try, japanese convenience store drinks,

Convenience stores offer a wide variety of items, but here are the recommended drinks that you can buy at any convenience store you can find in Japan. Convenience stores sell a variety of popular drinks, including carbonated beverages and coffee. New PET bottled juices are released almost every week, making it a pleasure for those … Read more

Popular Potato Chips in Japan

Popular Potato Chips in Japan, What is the most popular chip in Japan?, What kind of chips do they have in Japan?, What is the number 1 potato chips snack in Japan?, What are potato chips called in Japan?, Do they have Pringles in Japan?, Is Calbee Japanese brand?, Where do Calbee chips come from?, Is Calbee halal?, How is Calbee chips made?, potato chips japan, popular chips in japan, potato chips japanese, japanese potato chips,

Potato chips are a popular snack that you can’t help but reach for even if you’re worried about calories.  A wide variety of arranged recipes that match the dishes are also available online and continue to grab the stomachs of a wide range of generations.  There are many popular products such as “Potato Chips Light … Read more

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