Torikizoku Popular menu in Japan

Torikizoku is a yakitori chain restaurant that is popular in the city center and is attracting attention for its good value for money. Torikizoku’s menu is popular for yakitori, but there are plenty of side menus, so you can enjoy various menus. There is also an all-you-can-eat menu, so it is recommended for drinking parties … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Shizuoka

In Shizuoka Prefecture, which is located in the Tokai region, there are many indoor date spots where you can enjoy even on rainy days. We have compiled a ranking of spots and sightseeing spots in Shizuoka Prefecture where you can play even in such rain, and restaurants where you can relax. In addition to the … Read more

Fukuoka Best Places to Eat

There are many dating spots in Fukuoka where you can enjoy rain or shine. Those who are interested in things like standard indoor sightseeing spots and date spots where you can stop by while driving are sure to pay attention. If you’re looking for the Best Places to Eat in Fukuoka, scroll down to this … Read more

Best Drinks at Convenience Stores in Japan

Best Drinks at Convenience Stores in Japan, What is the most popular drink in Japan?, What is the number 1 drink in Japan?, What do Japanese drink most?, What are the top 3 sodas in Japan?, best convenience store drinks in japan, best japanese convenience store drink to try, japanese convenience store drinks,

Convenience stores offer a wide variety of items, but here are the recommended drinks that you can buy at any convenience store you can find in Japan. Convenience stores sell a variety of popular drinks, including carbonated beverages and coffee. New PET bottled juices are released almost every week, making it a pleasure for those … Read more

Popular Mall and Factory Outlets in Japan that you cannot missed

A so-called outlet is an innovative type of distribution company that first appeared in the United States in the 1980s. It consists of a number of outlet stores that primarily offer luxury brand items and products from so-called manufacturers at competitive costs. This time, we’ll highlight the well-known shopping centers and factory outlets in Japan. … Read more

Ghost Towns in Japan – Are there?

People are leaving rural communities, and the number of ghost towns is rising, as the dropping birthrate has been an issue in recent years in Japan. So in this article, I’ve listed top 20 well-known Japanese ghost towns. Top 20 Ghost Town in Japan Difficult-to-return zone A region where the government has severely limited access … Read more

Best Castles in Japan to Visit

When discussing Japan’s history, climate, and environment, the popular and breathtakingly beautiful castles will never be missed out. In this article, I’ve listed the top 15 castles to visit in Japan in terms of their popularity (from top 1 to top 15). Let’s get started and be sure to never miss out on visiting some … Read more

What are the Major Department Stores in Japan

What are the Major Department Stores in Japan, What are the 4 major department stores in Japan?, How many department stores are in Japan?, What is the most common store in Japan?, what is the biggest department store in japan, major department stores in japan, department stores japan, major retailers in japan, departments stores in japan 2022, Popular Department Stores in Japan, Japanese department stores,

There are many department stores in Japan that offer a wide assortment of clothing and accessories for both men and women.  If you are wondering which department store is a must-visit to buy some of your clothing needs, scroll down to this post as I will introduce the Major Department Stores in Japan! Popular Department … Read more

Best Internet Cafe in Japan 2022

best internet cafe in japan, japan internet cafe prices, how much does an internet cafe cost in japan, best internet cafes in tokyo japan, best internet cafe to study tokyo, best tokyo internet cafes, internet cafe near tokyo station, best themed internet cafe in tokyo, top 10 internet cafe in Japan, Which is the best internet cafe in Japan, Popular Internet Cafe in Japan, Internet Cafe in Japan 2022,

In recent years, net cafes have been attracting attention as a place for remote work. You may be wondering as to which internet cafes are popular in Japan. While there are a lot of common internet cafes available, there are some which stand out that many people love as they offer other service highlights that … Read more

Best Theme Parks in Japan

Best Theme Parks in Japan, 10 Best Theme Parks to Visit in Japan, Which Theme parks are worth visiting in Japan?, What is Japan's biggest theme park?, Does Japan have any theme parks?, Which is better Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan?, Is Tokyo Disney worth it?, How far is Disney from Tokyo?, How much does Tokyo Disney cost?, japan amusement park, theme parks in Japan, so excited japan amusement park, famous theme parks in japan, japan biggest theme park, how many theme parks are there in japan, best tokyo theme parks,

There are theme parks and leisure lands all over Japan that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. If you’re looking for the Best Theme Parks in Japan to visit, scroll down to this post this time, I will introduce popular theme parks in Japan to give you an idea as to where you … Read more

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