The top 10 Best Hotels in Tokyo.

In this well-compiled and analytical write-up, you get to know about the best hotels in Tokyo, how to identify the best, and why you should try them. After reading, you get to know where to find the best ones in Tokyo and consider how best to pick hotels in the city. As you proceed in … Read more

10 Best Japanese furniture brands.

Have you thought that some pieces of furniture and seats in your residence are getting a little outdated or inconvenient? Japanese pieces of furniture might be the reasonable subsequent option for you! Designed with powerful sentiments of usability and layout, Japan-made furnishings is well-known throughout the world. If you do not mind an improvement or … Read more

10 best castles in Japan to Visit

Tours to new places is a type of fun that cannot be overestimated. You can travel there, by either taking a trip there or by reading about them. Tourist centres are not just places of relaxation, especially places like castles, gardens, etc. You also get to learn about history, educate yourself about artefacts and take … Read more

Why is Japan called the Land of the Rising Sun?

Many folks who know about Japan’s history wonder why Japan is called Japan. Mostly, Japan is an advanced country situated around mountains. It is, in fact, a collage of islands that are beautified with Onsen (hot springs). But have you ever considered why Japan is called Japan? Japan as an island nation was not always … Read more

Why Japan Is Prone To Earthquake.

Earthquakes are natural disasters that occur, where the shaking of the ground is caused by some volcanic activity around geological faults. For centuries, Japan has had several earthquake experiences. In fact, the country has been prone to earthquakes to the point that they have adapted to and prepared for it. The question is why is … Read more

Best Onsen Towns in Japan.

Onsen towns in Japan are part of the core and distinct features of Japanese culture. You may be wondering what it is. Well, Onsen is a natural hot spring. Historically, it is said that taking hot spring baths has been known to purify the body both physically and spiritually. There is no denying that Japan … Read more

Top 10 Coffee brands in Japan.

From light, medium, to dark coffee, different coffee brands in Japan make great coffee blends that Japanese locals can’t seem to get enough of. Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of the Japanese. Be it canned coffee or iced coffee, the coffee fresh & Gomme syrup, or morning service; that combo of coffee with … Read more

What are the Types of Working Visa in Japan

Types of Working Visa in Japan, How many types of work visa are there in Japan?, What type of work visa in Japan?, what is working visa in japan, how to get working visa in japan, how many types of visa in japan, work visa japan cost, how to get work permit in japan, list of visa types in japan,

Navigating the complex world of working visas can be an arduous task, especially when you’re considering moving to Japan to work there. But fear not, fellow adventurers! This article is here to quell your anxieties and explore the multitude of Types of Working Visas in Japan. It’s no wonder that a lot of foreigners dream … Read more

What Drinks at Convenience Stores in Japan to Buy this 2023

Best Drinks at Convenience Stores in Japan, What is the most popular drink in Japan?, What is the number 1 drink in Japan?, What do Japanese drink most?, What are the top 3 sodas in Japan?, best convenience store drinks in japan, best japanese convenience store drink to try, japanese convenience store drinks,

Convenience stores offer a wide variety of items, but here are the recommended drinks that you can buy at any convenience store you can find in Japan. Convenience stores sell a variety of popular drinks, including carbonated beverages and coffee. New PET bottled juices are released almost every week, making it a pleasure for those … Read more

Torikizoku Popular menu in Japan

Torikizoku is a yakitori chain restaurant that is popular in the city center and is attracting attention for its good value for money. Torikizoku’s menu is popular for yakitori, but there are plenty of side menus, so you can enjoy various menus. There is also an all-you-can-eat menu, so it is recommended for drinking parties … Read more

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