The 10 Best Japanese Stationery Brands

You would think that there will be less enthusiasm for stationeries with the high dependence on mobile devices. However, this is not the case because stationery is still in high demand and Japanese stationery brands are on the list of popular choices. After China, Japan is known for being one of the top countries to … Read more

5 Best Japanese TV Brands

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When talking about the best electronics in the world be it refrigerators, laptops, and even televisions, Japanese brands speaks for themselves. In fact, the Japanese electronics industry is one of the most successful, generating billions each year. Japanese TV brands are not only widely known around the world, but they also have large followings due … Read more

Top 10 Japanese Electric Guitar Brands

Japanese Guitar brands produce some of the best guitars professional guitarists or beginners use. These products are most sought after due to their excellent quality and style. What’s more, the products are reliable and efficient. As a guitar lover, you may even have an electric guitar from some of these top Japanese guitar brands in … Read more

Best Japanese Clothing Brands For Babies.

Be it backpacks, shoes, or clothes; Japan has some of the best brands known for their great style and excellent quality. These product qualities are unmatched, and millions of people around the world love them. The same goes for baby clothes. Japan has some of the best brands for baby clothes. They are not only … Read more

Top 10 Japanese Perfume Brands

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Japanese perfume brands have been well-known for crafting luxury and exciting fragrances for decades. Starting from aromas that give us confidence and attitude to the ones that often spark our minds when we think about them. We all know that Japan is a country with great love for beauty and delicacy, producing scented perfumes that … Read more

Are Japanese Face Masks worth it?

Japanese masks

Japanese face masks are quite popular among beauty and skincare enthusiasts. Since the need for skincare spiraled over the last few years, people have turned to Japanese mask brands. Interestingly, the Japanese beauty industry has focused on efficient manufacturing products. In fact, beauty brands have strict rules on chemical usage when producing their skincare and … Read more

Is Japan a Capitalist Country?

The question of if Japan is a capitalist country is dependent on the type of economic system it practices. For a country like Japan, which appears to be democratic and operates a multi-party/unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, it will be hard to think that it operates a system like capitalism. However, Japan is a capitalist country … Read more

Best Japanese Knives For Your Kitchen

Japanese kitchen knives (bocho) are known for their sharp high-quality blades and distinctive design which is layered in their unique history of traditional Samurai swords. Making them one of the world’s best producers of kitchen knives.  Japanese knives are popular among professional chefs and home cooks. They are handcrafted nicely and designed for kitchen use. … Read more

Best Japanese Eye Drops

Drugstores in Japan can attest to the popularity of Japanese eye drops. These products are the most sought after in Japan, by locals and foreigners alike. This is because they are very much effective and have a range of varieties. Japan is an advanced digital world and people have a lot of screen time. As … Read more

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