What are the Popular and Famous Fast Food Chain Restaurants in Japan?

Family restaurants and other chains are handy and open to anyone, but because there are so many of them, it might be challenging to choose one.

As a result, this time we’ll list the top 15 chain stores with the lowest cost performance.

Famous Chain Restaurants to Visit in Japan

Marugame Seimen

Kamaage Udon: 290 yen
Grated Soy Sauce Udon: 390 yen
Bukkake Udon: 290 yen
Zaru Udon: 290 yen
Kake Udon: 290 yen

A restaurant chain called Marugame Seimen sells affordable real udon noodles. The chewy, satisfying udon dishes Kamaage, Kake, and Zaru are sur Uprisingly inexpensive at 290 yen. You can obtain change for 500 yen if you add toppings like kakiage or tempura.

There is a side menu with onigiri available for 100 yen to 140 yen for those who can’t get enough udon. Additionally, it is a chain shop with the best cost performance where you may place as much tenkasu and green onions as you like.


Lunch: 500 yen
Milan Style Doria: 299 yen
Margherita Pizza: 399 yen
Meat Sauce Bologna Style: 399 yen
Hamburger Steak: 399 yen

The allure of Saizeriya is that the majority of the menu items can be had for less than 500 yen. With a drink bar, lunch is an incredible 500 yen, and a glass of wine is shockingly affordable at 100 yen.

Enjoy your change since the traditional Milanese doria costs 299 yen and the most of the pasta dishes cost 500 yen. This franchise restaurant comes highly recommended for people looking to savor Italian cuisine for a reasonable price.


Lunch Special Set: 480 yen
Refreshing Salad Chicken Regular: 390 yen
Roast Beer Regular: 550 yen
Shrimp Avocado Regular: 470 yen
BLT Regular: 390 yen

If you want to eat hot dogs and sandwiches quickly, delectably, and affordably, Subway is advised.

Sandwiches made with fresh veggies and your choice of toppings are quite popular, and the lunch package is well-liked due to its affordable pricing of 490 yen.

Women like refreshing salad chicken because it is light and low in calories.

King of Gyoza

6 Dumplings: 240 yen
Stir-Fried Chinese Chives: 480 yen
Fried Rice: 450 yen
Soy Sauce Ramen: 480 yen
Almond Tofu: 200 yen

Gyoza no Ohsho is distinguished by its vast menu, meticulously cooked food, and affordable prices.

You may enjoy a variety of Chinese cuisine, from children’s meals to adult meals, even if you bring the whole family because it is less expensive than a family restaurant.

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At 240 yen for a package of six, the gyoza dumplings are incredibly inexpensive, and the other menu items are surprisingly substantial for the cost.


Katsudon: 490 yen
Sauce Katsudon: 490 yen
Loin Cutlet Set Meal: 690 yen
Tonjiru Set Meal: 650 yen
Cutlet Curry: 650 yen

For those seeking affordable katsudon, Katsuya is suggested. The normal cutlet bowl costs 490 yen, making it comparable to fast food, and the famous loin cutlet set meal sells for 690 yen despite having hefty meat.

Another fantastic factor is that the receipt includes a voucher that, when used the following time, will save you 100 yen on the menu. It is regarded as the best-performing katsudon restaurant in terms of cost efficiency.

Hanamaru Udon

Bukkake: 390 yen
Kamaage: 390 yen
Zaru: 390 yen
Mini Curry Rice: 350 yen
Mini Salt Pork Bowl: 350 yen

Hanamaru Udon is distinguished by both its affordable pricing and its vast side menu.

Salt pork rice bowls, fried chicken rice bowls, small rice bowls such beef rice, croquettes, shrimp tempura, kakiage, chicken tempura, and chikuwa isobe fried are just a few of the affordable menu items.

Additionally, it is a well-known udon chain business with exceptional cost performance, and with exclusive coupons available only through the official app, you may receive additional discounts.


Chinese Noodles: 440 yen
Miso Ramen: 440 yen
Tsukemen: 540 yen
Rich Seafood Tsukemen: 1.5 540 yen

The affordable ramen company Kourakuen has locations all around Japan. In instance, the Chinese noodles are available for 440 yen, which is affordable enough to be purchased with one coin and have the same flavor.

Even young children may eat Chinese food together thanks to the children’s menu. Additionally, it is a well-known chain restaurant where spicy cuisine lovers may eat seasonally changing menus and inexpensive Taiwanese vegetable mixed noodles.


Tendon: 540 yen
Tempura Set Meal: 730 yen
Tempura Soba: 720 yen
Tendon Small Soba Set: 790 yen
Tendon Small Udon Set: 790 yen

If you want to eat tempura rice bowls at a fair price, Tenya is a recommended chain restaurant. The typical tempura bowl costs 540 yen, and in addition to being affordable and having the ideal amount and ratio of fish and vegetables, it is also a very popular menu item.

It is also advised for individuals who are hungry because you may have soba and udon together. You can also get Tenya’s Tendon for even less money on October 18 thanks to a 500 yen sale and a 100 yen off coupon.

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Yayoi Eaves

Grilled Ginger Set Meal: 630 yen
Stir-Fried Meat and Vegetables Set Meal: 690 yen
Deep-Fried Set Meal: 720 yen
Tekka Bowl: 750 yen
Natto Set Meal: 370 yen (breakfast only)

For those seeking delectable set dinners at affordable pricing, Yayoi is very recommended. The fact that Yayoi Ken offers free rice refills is one of its attractions.

The set dinner menu, which includes unlimited rice and delectable side dishes, starts at 630 yen and is regarded as the chain restaurant with the strongest cost performance. It is a dependable chain business that is light on your pocket and makes you feel satisfied.


Fried Egg with Bacon Breakfast Set Meal: 390 yen
Japanese-Style Beef Bowl: 380 yen
Unaju: 850 yen
Golden Sesame Soba Noodles: 450 yen
Umami Karaage Nanban Set Meal: 730 yen

A broad range of food options are available at Nakau, including breakfast options, rice bowls, soba and udon, set dinners, and children’s menus. Having the ideal cuisine available to them from dawn to night is beneficial for the patrons.

You may order the majority of the donburi menu items with soba or udon noodles because they are all available in tiny quantities. It is well-known as a chain shop with good cost performance since the prices are very fair.


Chinese Soba: 390 yen
Tanmen with Lots of Vegetables: 520 yen
Kirin Ichiban Shibori Medium Mug: 330 yen
Highball: 280 yen

Hidakaya portrays itself as a high-performing Chinese chain shop, but it also sells inexpensive alcoholic drinks and frequently doubles as a tiny izakaya.

They also provide a broad range of side dishes, and 6 gyoza dumplings cost only 230 yen, which is really reasonable.

The set meals are also advised for people who are ravenous and want to eat a lot. The costs are fair, so if you eat and drink, you may obtain change for only 1,000 yen.


Original Chicken 1 piece: 250 yen
Original Chicken 4 piece pack: 1290 yen
Chicken Fillet Sandwich Set: 690 yen
Crosan Sandwich: 350 yen

With 11 unique herbs and spices that provide a delectable flavor that cannot be duplicated, Kentucky, a well-known fast food restaurant, serves exquisite chicken at a fair price.

It costs 250 yen each item, and if you order a set for Christmas and a birthday, you may save a lot of money.

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The croissant sandwich with a drink for breakfast is well-liked since it costs only 350 yen.

Ringer Hut

Snack Champon: 450 yen
Nagasaki Champon: 590 yen
Nagasaki Sara Udon: 620 yen
Gyoza 5 pieces: 250 yen
Fried Rice: 340 yen

At the well-known chain shop Ringer Hut, you may quickly and affordably eat real champon.

Champon for a snack is 450 yen, Nagasaki champon costs 590 yen, and fried rice costs just 340 yen.

It is a chain shop with the best cost performance that is particularly well-liked by women since it offers great value and a large selection of veggies.


Hamburger: 100 yen
Teriyaki McBurger: 330 yen
Big Mac: 390 yen
Morning Mac: 100 yen
Night Mac: 300 yen

Burgers at McDonald’s, a well-known chain outlet with the best cost performance where you can get them for 100 yen, are noted for being a fast food staple. More recently, the evening Mac has begun, and the value package starts at 730 yen.

The morning Mac starts at 200 yen and comes with a drink. Additionally, if the value set seems pricey to you, you may eat well for a reasonable cost by buying the items separately.


Beef-Meshi: 320 yen
Plenty of Green Onions Spicy Green Onion Tamago Beef-Meshi: 430 yen
Beef Curry: 700 yen
Selectable Small Bowl of Egg Over Rice: 290 yen
Bukkake Meat Grated Udon: 430 yen

Because you may get a variety of rice bowls from the menu for just one cent, Matsuya is appealing. For those who prefer a little indulgence while still being happy with the flavor and volume, the set dinner is advised.

It is a fantastic deal because it includes miso soup if you get it from the store. Additionally, it is advised that the beef rice menu include a broad range of options, including kimchi, cheddar, and grated radish.

Which is the Best Chain Restaurant in Japan

We introduced the top 15 best cheap chain stores for cost performance. There are several viable alternatives in chain restaurants, such as hamburgers, soba/udon, gyudon, and set meals. Why don’t you pick a chain restaurant at a fantastic price and enjoy a meal that matches your mood?

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