Top 10 Hobbies In Japan

When it comes to fun and leisure, Japan is popular for its many hobbies and its love for amusement. For them, having hobbies is part of their culture. Their popular hobbies range from watching movies at home, listening to music, hiking, and then karaoke. Japan is technically one of the most interesting countries in the world.

There is no denying that there are so many hobbies in existence and most of them are specific to individuals, depending on their location and time. However, we are limiting this post to the most popular hobbies in Japan. After taking some time out in Japan, researching popular hobbies, we came up with the top 10 hobbies in Japan.

1) Watching movies at home

The domestic movie scene in Japan is over 100 years old. It is among the top five largest industries in the world. The country and its citizens pride themselves in the history of their massive local film industry.

Though movie theatres are another great option for leisure here, a vast majority prefer watching movies at home. Even Statista came up with a study that 52% of Japanese locals fancy watching movies at home to reading books.

Watching movies at home is a go-to option for them. If you are new to Japan, you may likely be indoctrinated into this very popular hobby. It is quite an interesting way to pass time. You could even do so with your Japanese friends.

2) Karaoke 

Japan and its people have a thing for music. It is also part of their culture. This is why karaoke is a popular sport here. Need I remind you that Karaoke was invented in Japan. The word was coined from two Japanese words “kara” meaning empty and “oke” which means orchestra.

People in Japan love singing along while watching a screen for the lyrics. The Karaoke industry is worth an estimated value of $10 billion in revenue. You should know that out of 350, 000 bars in Japan, about 280, 000 have karaoke. This includes nightclubs.

What’s more, the all-japan karaoke association also estimates that 46.5 million people in japan visit a karaoke booth each year. Karaoke is a fun way to spend your evening. Locals think so that’s why it is one of their popular hobbies. They would prefer going to a karaoke bar to playing video games.

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3) Listening to music

One thing you should know about Japan is that they love their music and can spend a lot of time listening to it. It is one of the top hobbies Japanese people have and it is often rated second to watching movies.

And since they have a very robust music industry, it attracts global stars and performers. Most of them love their style of local music. You should know that after the US, Japan has the second-largest global music market.

Their love for music which is part of their culture has contributed to sales of their local music. With all this said, listening to music is a popular hobby in Japan.

4) Playing video games

Playstation, the most popular gaming console is proudly produced by Japan. The classic Sega and Nintendo arcade and videogames were also produced in Japan. What’s more, they were once an epicenter for gaming culture.

Playing video games is a good way to blow off steam. Games like Super Mario, Mario Party, and legend of mana are regular games you would hear in the mouths of Japanese locals. you should know that Japan is rated the third largest video game market. China and the US are topping the charts. If you were thinking you loved playing video games, know that over 35.8% of Japanese locals love playing video games either Playstation or games on their personal computers.

5) Watching sports games

The game of sports is quite a popular one in countries across the world and Japan is not left out on this chart. They love watching sports. Be it soccer or baseball. They just love it. Watching sports is another popular hobby in Japan and has been rated as the 10th out of the many hobbies popular in Japan according to Statista.

One interesting thing about Japan is their love for their culture and tradition. In every aspect of their lives including gaming. They love to watch their traditional game called “sumo” and a host of others like karate, judo, martial arts. But they have also embraced baseball as a favorite sports game. It is in fact the most-watched sport in the country.

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Soccer is another sports game that is also a favorite in Japan. Most especially their local leagues like the League. In 2018, it was estimated that more than 6.3 million people were in attendance at the League games.

As much as Japanese people love their indigenous games, they also love watching sports from other countries. Like golf, auto racing, rugby.

6) Reading books

Reading books is pretty much a popular hobby for people around the world, including people in japan. Japanese reading culture dates back to the 5th century. This was after the influence of the Chinese logographs. Reading has now become part of their culture.

At least, 38.7% of locals love reading and consider it as a hobby. It is one hobby that is rated even before the likes of traveling and karaoke and next rated after watching movies.

7) Shopping

Shopping in Japan is like an exciting obsession. But would you blame them? Staying indoors to watch movies, listen to music is enough to while away time. So when they get the opportunity to go outside, they very well want to make the best of it. In Japan, there are over 3.124 shopping malls, 52, 417convinience stores, and over 240 department stores.

Going out on a shopping spree is not the only shopping hobby they have. They also love shopping online. After the US and China, Japan has the next largest e-commerce market. Technically the third largest. Shopping is most definitely a popular hobby in Japan.

8) Traveling within japan 

In Japan, tourism is one of the many unique things they are known for. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, they ranked 4th out of 141 countries in travel and tourism competitiveness in 2017. While in 2018, they had over 30 million international tourists.

Japan is the home of 21 world heritage sites including the world’s famous Himeji Castle. Making them an attraction to tourists. Touring Japan is not just for international travelers alone, locals also love traveling within Japan to explore its beauty.

It is one of the many hobbies they have. Domestic tourism is a fashion in Japan. In 2017, Tokyo, the capital of Japan recorded 523 million domestic tourists. You really should visit Japan, you will love it there.

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9) Going to concerts 

Japan has a strong attraction for going to concerts. Concerts in japan are held live. From live shows to live music. If you have never been to Japan and you are planning to attend a concert when you do, you should know that concerts are handled differently in Japan.

Unlike your usual buying tickets, Japan’s method is a little tactical. It could involve winning a lottery to get yourself a ticket.

What makes these concerts interesting is that international artists also perform at these concerts. Japanese people pretty much have fun going to concerts. It is a popular hobby for a great number of them.

10) Nature walks and hikes

Sometimes taking a break from the noise of the urban city is what a percentage of Japanese folks like to do. Though the big cities have magnificent activities that keep them busy and bright, a little journey in the woods is probably best for Japanese locals.

They fancy taking nature walks and going on hikes. Most residents in Japan take pleasure in visiting dozens of parks with a serene atmosphere and nature. For instance, in Tokyo, there are several parks with varieties of wildlife and plants.

Giving the environment a natural feel. If you wish to go hiking in Japan, you would readily find hiking trails not too far from the cities. Nature walks and hikes are a hobby for a great percentage of Japanese locals.


The rich traditions and culture are some of the many attractions in Japan that make it a fun place to visit. Japanese people not only love to have fun, but they also love to do it in the most enticing and alluring way.

Hobbies in Japan are deeply imbued in their culture. They love to unwind and have a good time and what way to do that than with the hobbies they have. Other popular hobbies not listed here include gardening, visiting art galleries, baking, and making dresses. With all this information, you can proudly say you know a little about Japan.

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