Bactericidal foam cleanser. COW Skinlife SOAP


  • Bactericidal foam cleanser
  • Respected and time-tested in Japan
  • Effective in fighting against acne and reducing inflammation
  • Contains natural antibacterial ingredients derived from thyme, licorice, lemon extract, and glycolic acid
  • Easy to use and economical
  • Suitable for problem skin and normal skin types
  • Made by Cow Soap in Japan
  • Volume: 130g


Product Description: Bactericidal foam cleanser. COW Skinlife SOAP

Introducing our highly respected and time-tested antibacterial facial wash, the Bactericidal Foam Cleanser from COW Skinlife SOAP. This product has been used for years in Japan and remains unparalleled in its ability to care for the skin.

Formulated with a combination of powerful ingredients, this foam cleanser is ideal for those with young or problem skin types. It effectively fights against acne, disinfects pores, and reduces inflammation. Unlike other acne foams that contain triclosan, which can be harmful to the skin, our foam is enriched with natural antibacterial components derived from thyme, licorice, lemon extract, and glycolic acid. This ensures that it not only treats acne but also maintains the skin’s protective properties without causing dryness.

The Bactericidal Foam Cleanser is incredibly easy to use and economical. Just a small amount is enough to produce a large quantity of rich, fine-grained foam. It has a refreshing lemon-mint scent that enhances the overall skincare experience.

Each bottle contains 130g of product, providing you with long-lasting use. To apply, simply squeeze a small amount, lather it with a mesh to create a luxurious foam, gently massage it on your face, and rinse with warm water for best results.

Suitable for both problem skin and normal skin, this foam cleanser is a must-have in your skincare routine. The COW Skinlife SOAP, a renowned manufacturer in Japan, is the proud creator of this product. Produced in Japan, this foam cleanser reflects the elegance and effectiveness of Japanese beauty rituals.

Take a step towards a healthier complexion with our Bactericidal Foam Cleanser and experience the wonders of Japanese skincare.

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