Blueberries. Clear vision 30 days of DHC

  • DHC Blueberry Clear Vision
  • Powerful complex of 4 elements for eye health
  • Relieves eye fatigue, cloudiness, and redness
  • Restores vision after long periods of computer work
  • Improves focus of the eyes
  • Eliminates negative effects of fatigue on vision
  • Made by DHC, a market leader in health complexes
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Blueberries. Clear vision for 30 days with DHC.


Introducing the DHC Blueberry Clear Vision, a potent blend of four elements designed to improve and restore your vision. This product is proudly made in Japan by DHC, a trusted market leader in health supplements.

Indications for Use:
– Relieves eye fatigue, cloudiness, and redness.
– Enhances vision focus, especially after prolonged work on a computer or reading documents.
– Counteracts the negative effects of fatigue, preventing blurred vision and improving overall clarity.

Experience the results: a clearer, sharper vision that lasts for 30 days with Blueberries and DHC Clear Vision.

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