Carnitine.The course is 60 days of DHC

  • Carnitine supplement to support a healthy diet
  • Contains levocarnitine which promotes fat and glucose breakdown
  • Improves metabolism
  • Pack of 300 pieces (60-day supply)
  • Net weight 96 g, gross weight 105 g
  • Eco-friendly lightweight packaging
  • Recommended dosage: 5 tablets per day, divided doses
  • Contains L-carnitine, vitamin B1, and tocotrienols
  • Contraindications: individual intolerance, pregnancy, or taking medications
  • Manufacturer: DHC
  • Country of origin: Japan


Product Title: DHC Carnitine – 60 Day Course

Product Description:
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Introducing DHC Carnitine, a powerful supplement designed to support a healthy diet. As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down, leading to the accumulation of fat from our food. However, with the help of Carnitine, you can boost your metabolism and promote the breakdown of fats and glucose, converting them into energy more efficiently.

Each pack contains 300 tablets, which is enough for a 60-day course. The net weight of the product is 96g, and the gross weight is 105g. We take pride in offering eco-friendly lightweight packaging, ensuring sustainability without compromising product quality.

To experience the benefits of Carnitine, simply consume 5 tablets per day, dividing them into different doses throughout the day (e.g., morning, afternoon, and evening). Each serving of 5 tablets provides you with 750mg of L-carnitine, along with vitamin B1 (12mg) and tocotrienols (4.8mg) for added nutritional support.

The composition of this supplement includes excipients such as cellulose, calcium stearate, and stabilizers, providing you with a well-rounded product that is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Please note that Carnitine is contraindicated for individuals who are intolerant to any components of the drug. If you are pregnant, taking medications, or have any concerns, we advise you to consult your doctor before use.

DHC, a renowned manufacturer, has produced this high-quality supplement in Japan, known for its dedication to excellence in health and wellness products.

Embrace the power of Carnitine and unlock your potential for a healthier, more energized lifestyle.

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