DHC Citrulline with arginine, 90 PCs for 30 days


  • DHC Citrulline is a dietary supplement that helps improve blood circulation and vascular health
  • Contains citrulline and arginine, which help to cleanse the body of toxins and accelerate blood flow
  • Ideal for athletes and people who engage in heavy physical exertion
  • Promotes the absorption of nitric oxide to muscle fibers, increasing endurance and stamina
  • Normalizes blood circulation in all organs, including the brain, leading to improved emotional well-being and decreased fatigue
  • Improves the condition of the skin, hair, and nails due to enhanced blood circulation and normalization of water balance
  • Enhances the reproductive system and can improve potency and fertility in both men and women
  • Suitable for individuals who experience cold limbs due to poor blood supply and circulation


Product Description: DHC Citrulline with Arginine, 90 Tablets for 30 Days

Are you constantly struggling with cold limbs or periodic swelling, even when wearing comfortable shoes? These symptoms may be caused by poor blood circulation, but don’t worry, because the dietary supplement DHC Citrulline is here to help.

Citrulline is a specific amino acid that helps balance nitrogen components in the body and acts as a source of arginine. Together, these substances promote the elimination of toxic compounds like ammonia, leading to improvements in your overall well-being. Arginine and citrulline also help cleanse the body of protein-based toxins, enhance blood flow, and optimize muscle endurance and nutrition. Not only that, but DHC Citrulline also supports the nervous system, and contributes to healthier nails, hair, and skin. It even boosts your immune system!

This supplement is especially beneficial for people who experience significant physical exertion or are athletes. It facilitates the optimal absorption of nitric oxide into muscle fibers, enhancing their stamina, improving blood circulation, and providing essential nutrition. DHC Citrulline also helps normalize blood flow in the organs, including the brain. By reducing fatigue and increasing endurance, it improves your overall emotional state and makes you less susceptible to stressful situations. Even after a short rest, you’ll notice a quicker recovery of strength.

As DHC Citrulline contains the amino acid citrulline and arginine, it also has positive effects on the skin. By improving blood circulation, it reduces the impact of environmental factors and slows down the aging process. It also regulates water balance in cells, preventing dryness and flaking. After a year of regular use, you’ll experience more manageable hair with added shine, and problems like hair loss, split ends, and thinness will become a thing of the past.

Enhanced blood circulation through internal organs has a positive impact on the reproductive system. Men can expect an improvement in potency and sexual desire, while women may experience normalization of ovarian function and increased fertility.

If you suffer from constant coldness, this supplement is also suitable for you. Insufficient blood supply and blood flow to small capillaries are often the cause of this symptom. If you want to improve the condition of your blood vessels and normalize blood circulation, the DHC Citrulline dietary supplement from Japan is your solution.

Ingredients: Citrulline 825mg, Arginine 150mg.

Directions for use: Take 3 tablets per day after a meal with warm water.

Package Size: 90 tablets for 30 days

Manufacturer: DHC

Country of Origin: Japan

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