DHC Collagen, 1 month


  • DHC Collagen, 1 month supply
  • Marine collagen with added vitamins B1 and B2
  • Take 6 pieces daily with water or other liquid
  • Contains fish collagen peptide, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2
  • 180 tablets for 1 month
  • Stop taking if any unpleasant sensations occur
  • Not recommended for those with allergies or undergoing treatment/pregnant women without consulting a physician
  • Store in a cool place, out of reach of children, and out of direct sunlight


Product Title: DHC Collagen, 1 Month Supply

Product Description: Enhance your beauty routine with DHC Collagen, a powerful supplement that combines marine collagen with the benefits of vitamins B1 and B2.

Application: Take 6 tablets per day, preferably with water or any other liquid. For optimal results, divide the dosage into 2-3 sessions throughout the day, either during or after meals.

Composition: Each daily dosage contains 2050 mg of fish collagen peptides, 14 mg of vitamin B1, and 2 mg of vitamin B2.

Volume: Enjoy a generous supply of 180 tablets, designed to last you a whole month of collagen goodness.

Contraindications: If you experience any unpleasant or unusual sensations after consuming this product, discontinue use immediately. Individuals with allergies to natural ingredients are advised against taking this supplement. Please consult a physician if you are currently undergoing treatment or if you are pregnant before incorporating this into your regimen.

Recommendations: Keep this product in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, and out of the reach of children. After opening, always make sure to securely seal the package each time you use it.

Manufacturer: DHC, a reputable brand known for innovative and high-quality skincare products.

Country of Origin: Proudly made in Japan, where excellence and quality are synonymous.

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