DHC Fermented Black Sesamin Premium for 30 days

  • DHC Fermented Black Sesamin Premium for 30 days
  • Contains sesamin, a natural polyphenol with powerful antioxidant properties
  • Helps prevent diseases, including cancer
  • Reduces blood cholesterol levels and increases fat oxidation
  • Improves liver and kidney function, reduces blood pressure
  • Contains 12 types of ingredients that support human health and give endurance
  • Contains ingredients that are easy to digest
  • Recommended daily dosage of 6 units, 180pcs for 30 days supply


Product Description: DHC Fermented Black Sesamin Premium for 30 days

Experience the power of DHC Fermented Black Sesamin Premium for a youthful you. This premium supplement contains sesamin, a natural polyphenol derived from black sesame, known for its antioxidant properties that help prevent various diseases, including cancer. It also aids in reducing blood cholesterol levels and promotes the oxidation of fats for better metabolism. Say goodbye to high blood pressure and hello to improved liver and kidney function.

DHC Fermented Black Sesamin Premium is packed with a rich composition of 12 ingredients that support your overall health and provide endurance. The formula is carefully crafted using easily digestible ingredients, such as the main active component, mixed dipeptide imidazole, and coenzyme Q10 for energy production.

Designed to address age-related issues and combat chronic fatigue, this complex is perfect for individuals aged 40 to 50 or anyone experiencing temporary decline in their general well-being. By taking this supplement, you can replenish your body with essential nutrients that become scarce as we age.

Ingredients (recommended daily dosage of 6 capsules): Fermented Black Sesamin Powder – 36 mg, Fermented Black Sesamol Powder – 0.03 mg, Chicken Extract – 234 mg (including 50 mg of imidazole dipeptide), Citrulline – 150 mg, Concentrated Poppy Extract Powder – 125 mg (including 3 mg of benzyl glucosinolate), Taurine Extract – 100 mg, Geranylgeraniol – 30 mg, Coenzyme Q10 – 30 mg, Turmeric Extract – 30 mg, Black Pepper Extract – 10 mg, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) – 54 mg, Zinc – 3 mg, Selenium – 12 µg. Other ingredients include intermediate fatty acids, rapeseed oil, esters of fatty acids and glycerol, modified nny starch, gelatin, glycerin, dye (caramel), and a small amount of milk.

For optimal results, take 6 capsules daily for 30 days as part of the standard course. Simply wash them down with warm water for easy consumption.

Product Volume: 180 capsules for 30 days

Manufacturer: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan

Unlock the secret to prolonged youth with DHC Fermented Black Sesamin Premium.

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