DHC Help with allergies, course 30 days

  • DHC Help with allergies, course 30 days
  • Natural ingredients for effective relief from allergic reactions
  • Plant extracts target allergy symptoms and improve overall health
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Composition includes flaxseed oil, Chinese blackberry, rose petals, mint, lacquered polypore, black ginger, beeswax, lecithin, gelatin, and glycerin
  • Daily dose should not exceed 5 capsules
  • One pack is for 30 days (150 capsules)
  • No side effects reported, but discontinue use if health deteriorates


Currently sold out, the DHC Help with Allergies course for 30 days is a natural drug that effectively tackles allergic reactions, including seasonal allergies. By utilizing various plant extracts such as Chinese BlackBerry, rose petals, mint, black ginger, it alleviates allergy symptoms, improves overall health, and enhances the quality of life. Additionally, this product aids in strengthening the immune system.

Each daily dose of this supplement contains 2,000 mg of flaxseed oil (with 300 mg of alpha-linoleic acid), 250 mg of railing (with 137 mg of alpha-linoleic acid), 200 mg of Chinese BlackBerry (with 5% polyphenols), 120 mg of rose petals, 120 mg of mint (with 1.6 mg of rosmarinic acid and 0.4 mg of luteolin), 120 mg of lacquered polypore, 75 mg of black ginger (with 10% polymethoxyflavones), along with beeswax, lecithin, gelatin, and glycerin. This formulation is easy to digest.

To ensure safety, it is recommended not to exceed a daily dosage of 5 capsules. Each pack contains 150 capsules, sufficient for a supply of 30 days. This product is known to be free from side effects, but if there is any deterioration in health while taking the drug, it is advisable to discontinue its use.

Manufactured by DHC in Japan, this product has gained popularity for its effectiveness in alleviating allergies.

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