DHC Olive extract Olive extract, 60pcs 30 days

  • DHC Olive extract, 60pcs 30 days
  • Natural extract from olive leaf with powerful antioxidants and nutrients
  • Benefits include regulating blood pressure, thinning blood, improving energy
  • Protects skin from harmful effects of UV rays
  • Polyphenols in olive oil promote healthy cell growth and maintain healthy bone density
  • Positive effect on brain function, reducing symptoms of age-related disorders
  • Contains Vitamin E as an auxiliary component


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The natural extract from olive leaf is packed with powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients that have various benefits for the human body. Olive leaf extract has been found to have cough-relieving properties, as well as the ability to absorb free radicals and regulate blood pressure. It also promotes blood thinning, dilates blood vessels, improves energy levels, and has a positive impact on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Not only does the use of olive leaf extract have positive effects on the body, but it also has benefits for the skin. It acts as a protective shield against harmful UV rays, helping to maintain the skin’s health and preventing damage.

Olive oil, an ingredient derived from olives, contains a wealth of valuable components that are beneficial for all skin types. The polyphenols found in olive oil have been shown to significantly contribute to overall health. They support the growth of healthy cells by reducing the activity of certain enzymes, such as fatty acid synthase, which can inhibit the growth of cells associated with breast cancer. Additionally, they help in maintaining healthy bone density.

Another advantage of olive leaf extract is its positive impact on brain function. Research suggests that oleuropein, a compound present in olive leaf extract, can reduce the symptoms and occurrence of age-related disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

As an added bonus, this olive leaf extract also contains Vitamin E, a valuable component known for its various health benefits.

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