DHC Vitamins for General vitality and immune support dogs

  • DHC Vitamins for General vitality and immune support dogs
  • Japanese company DHC is a world leader in producing high-tech vitamins and multivitamin complexes
  • Dog’s immunity declines with age and there is an increased risk of diseases associated with weakened immune system in young dogs
  • Contains fucoidan, lactoferrin, mushroom polypore, and oligosaccharides
  • Main ingredients include brewer’s yeast, Phellinus fruit body extract, pig liver extract, and lactoferrin concentrate
  • Application guidelines based on the weight of the dog
  • Not recommended for individuals with allergies to the drug components
  • Sold in packs of 60 pieces


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Product Title: DHC Vitamins for Overall Vitality and Immune Support in Dogs

Experience the wonders of DHC, the leading Japanese company renowned for its cutting-edge vitamins, multivitamin complexes, multimineral caplets, and cosmetics designed to promote beauty and wellness for the entire family.

As dogs age, their immune systems gradually weaken. In recent years, even young dogs have been prone to diseases associated with compromised immune function. That’s why DHC has developed these specialized vitamins to support your furry friend’s overall vitality and immune health.

Key Ingredients:
This product includes potent ingredients such as fucoidan, lactoferrin, mushroom polypore, and oligosaccharides. Each 250mg powder extract contains 35mg of fucoidan, 10mg of sporophyll extract (80% fucoidan), 5mg of isomaltooligosaccharide, 5mg of lactoferrin concentrate, and 50 million bifidus and 100 million fecal bacteria.

How to Use:
The recommended dosage for this product is as follows:
– Dogs up to 5kg: 1 piece
– Dogs weighing 5kg to 10kg: 2 pieces
– Dogs weighing 10kg to 20kg: 3 pieces
– Dogs weighing 20kg or more: 4 pieces

Please note that this product should not be used if your dog has allergies to any of its components. Keep out of reach of children.

Pack Size:
Each pack contains 60 pieces.

This product is proudly manufactured by DHC.

Country of Origin:
Made in Japan.

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