FANCL Ukon Revolution EX Daily Liver Support and detox 10 Applications

  • FANCL Ukon Revolution EX is a turmeric-based formulation
  • Contains white reduced curcuminoids for better absorption
  • Helps with digestion, appetite improvement, and reduction of gastric acidity
  • Promotes rapid metabolism and elimination of toxins
  • Contains cystine for enhanced freshness
  • Convenient capsule form for easy use during festivities
  • Ingredients include curcuminoids, cystine, and cellulose
  • Take 1 tablet daily, comes in a pack of 10 tablets
  • Manufactured by FANCL in Japan


Product Title: FANCL Ukon Revolution EX Daily Liver Support and Detox – 10 Applications

Product Description:
The FANCL Ukon Revolution EX is a powerful liver support and detox supplement that comes in a convenient pack of 10 applications. This turmeric-based formulation contains white reduced curcuminoids that are easily absorbed by the body, providing immediate effects.

Curcumin, the active component in turmeric, offers numerous benefits for the body. It aids in digestion, improves appetite, reduces gastric acidity, and promotes a healthy intestinal microflora. Additionally, it accelerates metabolism and aids in the elimination of toxins, which is particularly beneficial during holidays or occasions involving alcohol consumption.

To enhance the feeling of freshness, this product also includes cystine among its ingredients. The capsules are designed for easy consumption, allowing you to take them even during a festive event.

Each daily dose of one tablet contains 40 mg of reduced curcuminoids and 240 mg of cystine. This powerful combination ensures the effectiveness of the supplement.

With a recommended dosage of one tablet per day, each pack contains 10 tablets, providing a sufficient supply for your liver support and detox needs.

Produced by FANCL, a reputable manufacturer from Japan, this product is guaranteed to be of high quality. Each item is marked with an expiration date of no later than November 2023, ensuring its freshness and effectiveness.

Experience the benefits of FANCL Ukon Revolution EX and support your liver’s health and detoxification process.

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