Healing lip balm ChuLip Rohto

  • Healing lip balm
  • Soft ball design
  • Superior quality to American brand EOS
  • Contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients
  • Comes in six different flavors
  • Made by Rohto
  • Originates from Japan


Product Description:
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Introducing the Healing Lip Balm ChuLip Rohto, a game-changer in lip care created by the renowned brand Rohto. Not only known for their exceptional eye health products, Rohto has now crafted a top-notch lip balm that provides excellent protection.

This lip balm features a delightful soft ball design that is both unique and practical, making it a perfect addition to your handbag essentials. The design resembles the famous American balm EOS, but when it comes to moisturizing and nourishing your lips, the Japanese balm outshines its American counterpart in terms of quality. Experience it for yourself and fall in love!

Enriched with a carefully selected blend of ingredients including olive oil, squalane, Australian walnut oil, and more, this lip balm provides ultimate hydration and nutrition for your lips. The presence of beeswax, vaseline, and other nourishing components ensures that your lips stay soft and supple all day long.

To cater to diverse preferences, ChuLip Rohto offers six delightful flavors. Arabian, with a pink fragrance of clove and musk, Floral Shower, offering a fruity scent with berries, vanilla, watermelon, kiwi, peach, and musk. Additionally, Nordic Fancy Nostalgia refreshes with a blend of mango, apple, lemon, tangerine, and lime. NY, Brilliant My Way delights with a fruity taste of green apple, kibra, and tea rose. Tokyo Mode Night entices with a charming aroma of honey, lemon, bergamot, lavender, and musk. Lastly, Waikiki, Hello Paradise enchants with an invigorating blend of aquamarine, sweet mint, lavender, basil, vanilla, and herbs.

Manufactured by Rohto in Japan, this lip balm is a testament to the exceptional quality and dedication of Japanese skincare products. Don’t miss out on experiencing the healing benefits of ChuLip Rohto.

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