KANEBO KATE White Shaping Palette Eyes & Face Palette, 6.2g

  • KANEBO KATE White Shaping Palette is a sold out product
  • It is a five-color palette for eyes and face
  • Contains transparent and white light WhiLight to brighten and sculpt the face
  • Can be used to distinguish cheekbones, shape the nose, and enhance the eyes
  • Comes with a convenient sponge-applicator
  • Available in two tones: WT-1 White and WT-2 Purple White
  • Volume: 6.2g
  • Manufactured by KANEBO, part of the KATE line
  • Made in Japan


Product Description:
This highly sought-after item, the KANEBO KATE White Shaping Palette Eyes & Face Palette, 6.2g, is currently sold out. Designed and launched by KANEBO KATE in February 2019, this palette offers a combination of eye shadow and face shades. The WhiLight technology incorporated in this palette adds a transparent and white glow to specific areas, enhancing the overall appearance and radiance of the face. The KATE White Shaping Palette consists of five shades that effectively highlight cheekbones, contour the nose, and define eye features. This palette also includes a convenient sponge-applicator for easy application. Choose between two tones – WT-1: White and WT-2: Purple White. Packaged in a 6.2g compact, this product is manufactured by KANEBO, a renowned brand from Japan. Explore our wide range of decorative cosmetics from KANEBO for more options.

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