KAO Biore Make Up Remover, 230 ml

  • KAO Biore Make Up Remover, 230 ml is sold out
  • Oil-based makeup remover for dry skin
  • Gently cleanses the skin and removes waterproof makeup
  • Moisturizing ingredients make the skin velvety and radiant
  • Water-based formula without greasy film
  • Delicate floral scent
  • Application: apply a small amount to face and rinse thoroughly
  • Made by KAO Biore from Japan


Product Title: KAO Biore Make Up Remover, 230 ml

Product Description:

Unfortunately, this product is currently sold out.

Introducing the KAO Biore Make Up Remover in a convenient 230 ml size. Specifically designed for dry skin, this oil-based makeup remover provides a gentle yet thorough cleanse. It effectively removes even waterproof makeup without leaving the skin feeling tight.

Enriched with moisturizing ingredients, this makeup remover helps to keep your skin hydrated with a 40% ideal content. Unlike other oil-based removers, it does not leave a greasy film, leaving your skin feeling velvety and giving it a gentle radiance.

Infused with a delicate floral scent, every use of this remover is a luxurious and refreshing experience.

The ingredients include water, glycerin, BG, PEG-12 laurate, mineral oil, polyglyceryl-2 isostearate, isononylisononanoate, decylglucoside, sorbet-30 tetraoleate, PPG-9 diglyceryl, ethanol, and flavor.

To use, simply take a small amount of the product (approximately 2-3 pump strokes) and apply it to your face. Rinse thoroughly to reveal clean and refreshed skin.

With a volume of 230 ml, this product is manufactured by KAO Biore in Japan.

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