Kobayashi Ammeltz Ladyna Pain Relief, 46 ml

  • Kobayashi Ammeltz Ladyna Pain Relief, 46 ml
  • Topical pain reliever
  • Contains glycol salicylate and menthol
  • Helps with pain in lower back, joints, elbows, wrists, bruises, muscle pain, and sprains
  • Curved neck bottle for easy application
  • Do not use around eyes, mouth, mucous membranes, and wounds
  • Light citrus aroma
  • Apply several times a day to affected area


Product Title: Kobayashi Ammeltz Ladyna Pain Relief, 46 ml

Product Description:
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Introducing Kobayashi Ammeltz Ladyna Pain Relief, a highly effective topical solution designed to alleviate pain and discomfort. With the powerful combination of glycol salicylate and menthol, this pain reliever offers soothing relief right at the site of application.

This exceptional product is specifically developed to address various types of pain, including lower back pain, joint pain, elbow and wrist pain, bruising, muscle soreness, and sprains. Its innovative curved neck bottle makes it incredibly convenient to apply even to hard-to-reach areas.

Please note, avoid applying the product around the eyes and mouth, on wounds, and on mucous membranes. Additionally, enjoy the pleasant light citrus aroma as an added bonus.

Key Ingredients:
Glycol salicylate – 2500 mg: Helps suppress inflammation and relieve pain
L-menthol – 3000 mg: Provides a refreshing sensation and aids in pain relief
Chlorpheniramine maleate – 100 mg: Suppresses inflammation
Tocopherol acetate – 100 mg
Excipients: Propylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, ethanol

Instructions for Use:
Apply the product multiple times a day to the affected area for optimal results.

Product Details:
Volume: 46 ml
Manufacturer: Kobayashi
Country of Origin: Japan

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