Kobayashi SARA · LI · E Daily sanitary pads with rose scent, 72 pieces

  • Thin feminine hygiene pads with a rose scent
  • Curly embossed surface for added comfort
  • Retains shape and provides a feeling of freshness all day
  • Absorbs and neutralizes moisture, keeping it inside the pad
  • Upper breathable layer made of natural flax fibers
  • Soft surface for a delicate touch
  • Thin back section for an invisible fit
  • Convenient individual packaging for easy storage on-the-go


Product Description: Kobayashi SARA · LI · E Daily Sanitary Pads with Rose Scent, 72 Pieces

Experience ultimate freshness and comfort with Kobayashi SARA · LI · E Daily Sanitary Pads. These thin pads feature a beautiful curly embossed surface and a delightful French rose scent.

Designed to maintain their shape, these pads provide long-lasting freshness and keep you feeling clean all day. They effectively absorb and neutralize moisture, ensuring it stays locked inside the pad. The breathable upper layer, made of natural flax fibers, prevents inflammation and skin irritation.

The soft surface of the pads offers a gentle touch, while the thin back section ensures an invisible fit. Each pad comes in convenient individual packaging, allowing you to discreetly carry them in your pocket, purse, or cosmetic bag.

With a generous pack of 72 pads, you’ll have an ample supply to keep you feeling fresh and confident. Manufactured by Kobayashi, a trusted brand from Japan, known for their quality hygiene products.

Country of Origin: Japan

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