LION PAIR Complex against acne and skin inflammation in adults


  • LION PAIR is a complex based on the Chinese herbal medicine “Keishibukuryogan
  • Contains 5 types of medicinal herbs: cinnamon, Chinese poria, tree peony, peach pit, peony root
  • Improves skin condition, relieves inflammation, eliminates traces of acne and age-related darkening of the skin
  • Improves blood circulation, effective against blood stagnation, menstrual pain, and irregularities
  • Tablets are tasteless and odorless, easy to swallow
  • Results appear after approximately 2 weeks of use
  • Take 4 tablets at a time, twice daily, with water
  • Available in 1 month (240 pieces) or 14 days (112 pieces) volume options


Introducing LION PAIR Complex, the ultimate solution to combat acne and skin inflammation in adults. Formulated with the powerful Chinese herbal medicine “Keishibukuryogan” and five types of medicinal herbs, this complex guarantees effective results.

Keishibukuryogan has long been recognized for its ability to address acne and age-related pigmentation. By incorporating extracts of cinnamon, Chinese poria, tree peony, peach pit, and peony root, LION PAIR Complex works to improve your skin’s overall condition. It alleviates inflammation, eradicates acne scars, and combats darkening of the skin caused by hormonal imbalances within the body. Additionally, this remedy enhances blood circulation and successfully tackles blood stagnation, menstrual pain, and irregularities.

Our tablets are designed to be easily swallowed, ensuring a hassle-free experience for those who dislike taste and odor. With noticeable results appearing within two weeks of use, you can expect to see a reduction in acne and a decrease in oiliness. Your skin will appear brighter and inflammation will be diminished. We recommend a treatment duration of one to two months.

To experience the benefits, simply take four tablets twice daily, with water, before or between meals. Each serving contains 1533mg of Keishibukuryogan extract, consisting of cinnamon powder, peony powder, peach kernel powder, poria powder, and peony root. The tablets are enriched with silicon anhydride, talc, magnesium stearate, and cellulose.

Choose from two convenient sizes: a one-month supply of 240 tablets or a 14-day supply of 112 tablets. We assure you that our product poses no contraindications, except for individuals with an intolerance to B vitamins. Please note that LION PAIR Complex should not be consumed by children under 15 years of age.

Manufactured by LION and part of our Pair Acne line, this product hails from Japan, a country renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in skincare.

Witness the transformative power of LION PAIR Complex and say goodbye to acne and skin inflammation.

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