Lion Smile Contact Cool Fresh Eye drops for contact lens 12ml

  • Lion Smile Contact Cool Fresh Eye drops
  • Strong cooling effect with menthol and camphor
  • Ideal for owners of soft and hard contact lenses
  • Relieves eye strain and provides long-term hydration
  • Improves metabolism and oxygenation of the eye cells
  • Can be used with all types of contact lenses
  • Not recommended for treating redness or with poor composition
  • Recommended for discomfort, fatigue, dry eyes, and vision obscurity due to mucus accumulation


Product Description:

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Introducing Lion Smile Contact Cool Fresh Eye drops, specially designed for contact lens users. These Japanese eye drops provide a strong cooling effect, thanks to the menthol and camphor ingredients.

These eye drops are perfect for those who experience intense eye strain, particularly while working on the computer. The high level of freshness effectively and long-lastingly relieves tension in the eyes. Additionally, working on the computer often leads to dry eye syndrome, but fear not! Lion Smile Contact Cool Fresh Eye drops contain Povidone, sodium chloride, and chondroitin sulfate, which provide a protective cover to prevent dryness and keep the eyes constantly hydrated. Taurine helps nourish the eyes, while L-Aspartic acid supplies oxygen to the eye tissues.

Key Features:
– Efficiently removes eye fatigue and tension.
– Provides long-term hydration with the presence of povidone, chondroitin, and sodium chloride.
– Improves metabolism and oxygenation of eye cells.

These eye drops are suitable for all types of contact lenses, including soft lenses. They can be applied directly into the eyes without removing the lenses. By using these drops, you can eliminate discomfort and dryness associated with wearing soft contact lenses, reducing friction and improving clarity. However, please note that they do not remove redness and have a limited composition to avoid negative effects on lenses. Therefore, we recommend using these drops in addition to daily vitamin drops, especially in the morning and/or evening without lenses.

Lion Smile Contact Cool Fresh Eye drops are recommended for:
– Discomfort while wearing any type of contact lenses.
– Eye fatigue, cramps, and strain.
– Dry eyes.
– Blurry vision caused by excessive mucus accumulation.

Composition (per 100 ml):
– L-Aspartic acid – Aspartate 0.1% – improves tissue respiration.
– Chondroitin sodium sulfate 0.25% – protects the cornea, moisturizes, and prevents dry eye.
– Taurine 0.2% – promotes metabolism.
– Sodium chloride 0.2% – has a decongestant effect.
– Povidone 0.25% – forms a protective cover against dry eye.

Other Ingredients:
Trometamol, boric acid, sodium tetraborate, sodium edetate, propylene glycol, L-menthol, DL-camphor.

– Do not use if undergoing eye treatment with other drugs.
– Do not use if allergic to the ingredients in the drops.
– Avoid if experiencing allergic reactions caused by other medicines.
– Not suitable for those with chronic severe eye pain.
– Avoid in cases of glaucoma diagnosis.

Discontinue use if the following symptoms appear:
– Rash and redness on the skin.
– Severe eye irritation, swelling, or itching.

Precautions and Storage:
– Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight with the lid closed.
– Protect from high temperatures and physical deformations.
– Do not transfer to another container.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Use under adult supervision for children.
– Avoid touching the dropper with eyelashes or fingers to prevent contamination.
– Do not use while wearing soft contact lenses.
– For individual use only.
– Do not use after the expiration date.
– Over time, white crystals can form in the container. In this case, you can continue to use the drops by straining them through cheesecloth.

Recommended application: Use 1-3 drops in each eye, 5-6 times a day.

Volume: 12 ml.

Freshness index: 5.

Manufacturer: Lion.

Country of Origin: Japan.

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