Moisturizing lotion Suisai Moist Force Lotion Premiolity,150 ml, Kanebo

  • Suisai Moist Force Lotion Premiolity by Kanebo
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin
  • Restores water balance and improves elasticity
  • Leaves the skin smooth, soft, and with an even complexion
  • Part of the Suisai Premiolity line by Kanebo
  • Aims to increase skin elasticity


Product Description: This highly sought-after product, the Moisturizing Lotion Suisai Moist Force Lotion Premiolity by Kanebo, is unfortunately sold out. This incredible lotion is designed to deeply moisturize your skin, replenishing its water balance and improving elasticity with each use. Experience the transformation as your skin becomes noticeably smoother, softer, and achieves a more even complexion. Suisai Premiolity, created by Kanebo, is a true indulgence for your skin. This line specifically targets the enhancement of skin elasticity, ultimately leaving your skin looking and feeling revitalized.

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