ROHTO DEOBALL – roll-on deodorant, 15гр

  • ROHTO DEOBALL is a roll-on deodorant
  • It comes in a 15g size
  • It is sold out
  • The deodorant is part of a new Japanese series from the reputable manufacturer ROHTO
  • It has become popular among Japanese women
  • The deodorant beads are made from quality, bright plastic
  • There are three scents available: citrus, rose, and blue (unsure of the scent)


Product title: ROHTO DEOBALL – Roll-On Deodorant, 15g

Product description:
Currently out of stock.
Introducing the ROHTO DEOBALL – a roll-on deodorant weighing 15g. This innovative product is a part of the new Japanese series of deodorants, created by the reputable manufacturer ROHTO, and has quickly gained popularity among women in Japan.

The DEOBALL is designed with high-quality, vibrant plastic beads that not only create an impressive appearance but also provide a delightful tactile experience when held in your hands. Choose from three captivating options – the yellow DeoBall with a refreshing citrus scent, the rose DeoBall with a delicate hint of roses, or the blue DeoBall with a

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