ROHTO HADA LABO SENSITIVE SKIN ES EMULSION Softening emulsion for sensitive skin 140мл

  • Softening emulsion for sensitive skin
  • Contains nano-hyaluronic acid for deep moisturizing and nourishment
  • Does not contain alcohol, petroleum products, or chemical preservatives
  • Includes panthenol, zinc hyaluronate, and trehalose for skin hydration
  • Volume: 140ml
  • Manufacturer: HADA LABO, ROHTO
  • Line: SENSITIV SKIN ES for sensitive skin
  • Country of origin: Japan


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Product description: ROHTO HADA LABO SENSITIVE SKIN ES EMULSION Softening emulsion for sensitive skin 140ml

The ROHTO HADA LABO SENSITIVE SKIN ES EMULSION is a softening emulsion specially designed for sensitive skin. It offers a great alternative to thick and sticky creams, thanks to its unique formula containing nano-hyaluronic acid. This ingredient quickly and deeply penetrates the skin, providing intense hydration and nourishment.

Free from alcohol, petroleum products, and chemical preservatives, this emulsion is suitable for those with hypoallergenic skin. It contains beneficial ingredients like panthenol, zinc hyaluronate, and trehalose, which work together to moisturize the skin effectively.

With a generous volume of 140ml, this emulsion is produced by HADA LABO, a trusted brand known for its quality skincare products. The SENSITIVE SKIN ES line is specifically formulated for sensitive skin types, ensuring gentle and effective results.

Originating from Japan, this emulsion is part of a whole range of SENSITIVE SKIN ES products from HADA LABO. Discover the full range of products designed to cater to the needs of sensitive skin.

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