Rohto whitening mask with vitamin C 20 PCs

  • Rohto whitening mask with vitamin C
  • 20pcs in a pack
  • Fabric face mask with vitamins C and E
  • Intensive whitening, brightening, and moisturizing effect
  • Recommend using after lotion and remedies for age spots
  • Manufacturer: Rohto
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Interesting information on Japanese beauty rituals and cleansing system


Product Description: Rohto Whitening Mask with Vitamin C (20-Pack)

Experience the beauty secret of Japanese women with Rohto Whitening Mask. Sold out
Japanese women are renowned for their flawless and radiant skin, and the demand for whitening cosmetics is soaring in Japan. Developed by top cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, this high-quality whitening mask guarantees results.

Infused with the power of vitamins C and E, this fabric face mask provides an advanced solution for intensive whitening, brightening, and moisturizing effects. Each pack contains 20 masks for long-lasting benefits.

For optimal results, we recommend using this mask after applying lotion and other remedies for age spot removal. Manufactured by Rohto, a trusted name in skincare, this product is made in Japan, ensuring exceptional quality.

Discover the fascinating world of Japanese beauty rituals and learn about their impeccable skincare routine. Dive into the Japanese system of facial care and immerse yourself in the two-stage cleansing process.

Unleash your skin’s true radiance with Rohto Whitening Mask and embrace the beauty secrets perfected by Japanese women.

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