SHISEIDO Hada Senka White Beauty Serum Отбеливающая сыворотка для лица, 35гр


  • SHISEIDO Hada Senka White Beauty Serum is a new product from SHISEIDO’s Whitening line
  • It helps eliminate freckles and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • The active ingredient is m-tranexamic acid, which blocks melanin production and fights existing melanin
  • It also contains rice embryo oil, honey, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed silk for nourishment and hydration
  • The serum moisturizes the skin, prevents melanin formation, and evens out the skin tone
  • It also contains two types of hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration and wrinkle-fighting
  • The serum has healing and anti-inflammatory properties due to the extract of Artemisia capillaris
  • It is applied on cleansed skin, after lotion, in the morning and evening
  • The product has a volume of 35g
  • It is manufactured by SHISEIDO in Japan


Product Description: SHISEIDO Hada Senka White Beauty Serum Whitening Face Serum, 35g

The SHISEIDO Hada Senka White Beauty Healing Whitening Line is the latest innovation from SHISEIDO in 2018. It helps to reduce freckles, prevent and diminish hyperpigmentation. The key ingredient, m-tranexamic acid, is a breakthrough in skin whitening, freckle and pigmentation removal. When applied to the deeper layers of the skin, m-tranexamic acid blocks melanin production, prevents its accumulation, and combats existing melanin that is triggered by UV rays. It also participates in collagen synthesis and reduces the redness of superficial blood vessels. In addition to m-tranexamic acid, all products in the Hada Senka White Beauty line contain rice embryo oil (stimulates cell renewal), honey (nourishes, repairs, rejuvenates the skin), hyaluronic acid (moisturizes, maintains water balance), and hydrolyzed silk (moisturizes, improves the texture of the skin).

The SHISEIDO Hada Senka White Beauty Serum is a healing whitening face serum that moisturizes the skin, suppresses melanin production, prevents pigmentation spots and freckles, evens out skin tone, and keeps the skin healthy.

In addition to the main ingredients, Hada Senka White Beauty Serum contains two types of hyaluronic acid for maximum skin hydration and wrinkle fighting.

It also contains artemisia extract, which has pronounced healing, bactericidal, and anti-inflammatory effects. It instantly calms the skin and normalizes its protective functions.

Ingredients: Rice embryo oil, honey, sericin, hydrolyzed silk, glycerin (moisturizing), sodium acetylated hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing), artemisia extract.

Directions for use: Apply on cleansed facial skin after applying lotion, in the morning and evening.

Volume: 35g

Manufacturer: SHISEIDO

Line: Senka White Beauty

Country of origin: Japan

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