SNOW BEAUTY 2021 Whitening Skincare Powder Exclusive design whitening powder

  • SNOW BEAUTY 2021 Whitening Skincare Powder
  • Exclusive design with delicate frosty patterns
  • Limited edition of the famous Shiseido Whitening Powder
  • Whitens and gives skin transparency
  • Contains new whitening ingredient 4MSK to suppress melanin production
  • Can be used for morning makeup, daytime touch-ups, and nighttime skincare
  • Creates a light, airy, and glossy finish
  • Includes 25g powder, 2 puffs, and exclusive storage bag


Product Title: SNOW BEAUTY 2021 Whitening Skincare Powder with Exclusive Design

Product Description:

Introducing the SNOW BEAUTY 2021 Whitening Skincare Powder, now featuring an exclusive design. This limited edition release from Shiseido presents delicate frosty patterns in beautiful pastel shades of pink and blue. Not only does this powder provide remarkable whitening effects, but it also adds a touch of luxurious elegance to your cosmetic bag!

The Snow Beauty Whitening Skincare Powder P is specially formulated to give your skin a porcelain-like whiteness and unmatched transparency. Powered by the innovative 4MSK whitening ingredient, this powder effectively inhibits melanin production, preventing the formation of unsightly spots and freckles. Additionally, the inclusion of rosehip extract ensures optimal hydration for your skin.

Notably versatile, this unique product can be used throughout the day. Apply it in the morning to complete your makeup routine, use it during the day to refresh your look, and make it an essential part of your evening skincare routine. The lightweight and airy texture of this powder creates a transparent and glossy finish on your skin. In the daytime, it helps control oiliness and keep your makeup luminous, while at night, it acts as a reliable protective layer, sealing in your evening skincare regimen.

Indulge in the delicate floral scent that accompanies this remarkable powder.

The set includes:
– 1 x Snow Beauty Whitening Skin Whitening Powder, 25 g
– 2 x Puffs (Pink Ribbon for morning application, Blue Ribbon for evening application)
– Exclusive storage bag

– In the morning, after completing your skincare routine, apply the powder with the smooth pink ribbon puff. Use it throughout the day to touch up your makeup.
– In the evening, after your entire evening skincare routine, use the puff with the blue ribbon.

Volume: 25 g
Manufacturer: Shiseido
Country of Origin: Japan

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