Soluble microneedle with hyaluronic acid HA NAVISION Hyala patch, SHISEIDO

  • Innovative design using 100% hyaluronic acid needles
  • Needles penetrate into the epidermis and dissolve, releasing revitalizing components
  • Similar effect to mesotherapy, making the skin filled and moist, and more elastic
  • Patches to be applied at night and removed in the morning
  • Follow instructions carefully and avoid applying oily cosmetics before use
  • Each patch is individually packed for the right and left sides of the face
  • Apply the patch under the eyes or other desired areas, smoothing gently with fingers
  • Properly applied patches last all night, with a slight burning sensation initially


Currently sold out, the Soluble Microneedle with Hyaluronic Acid HA NAVISION Hyala Patch from SHISEIDO features an innovative design. Its 0.2 mm hyaluronic acid needle penetrates the epidermis and gradually dissolves, releasing revitalizing components. This stimulates the skin in a similar way to mesotherapy, resulting in a more filled and moisturized skin that is also more elastic. It particularly enhances the contour of the eyes and lips. To use, apply the patches before bedtime and remove them in the morning. It is important to follow the provided instructions carefully and refrain from using oily cosmetics before applying the patches to ensure they stick properly. Each patch is conveniently packaged in a sterile box, with separate ones for the right and left sides of your face. To apply, extract the patch, gently peel it from the backing, and stick it under the eyes or in another desired area. It is recommended to place the patch correctly without pressing too hard to avoid a strong burning sensation. When applied correctly, the patches can be kept on all night, and you may experience a slight burning sensation in the first hour and a half after application. The product is available in a package of 3 packs with 2 pieces each or 1 package with 2 pieces. Suitable for normal skin, this product is manufactured by SHISEIDO in Japan. It is also interesting to explore Japanese beauty rituals and the Japanese system of skincare, as well as the two-stage cleansing system.

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