Which Shampoo is Best For Asian Hair

We all want to achieve smooth, glowing hair. And as much as possible, we want to achieve a natural look without spending much. But believe me. Sometimes, it only takes one product to do this and you don’t have to visit the parlor from time to time to style your hair!

If you want soft and volumized hair, you need to pick the right shampoo for your hair because not all shampoo brands offer the same perks and benefits. The shampoo you’ll choose must clarify your hair down to your scalp but also gives gentle care to prevent any potential damage.

When it comes to Asian hair, it’s usually straight, highly pigmented, and naturally dark in its color. While most Asian people have soft and sleek hair, there are also some people who have coarse hair. So determining your hair type is one of the most crucial parts before choosing the right shampoo for you.

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How to determine great shampoos for your Asian hair

Yep, you don’t figure things out just by reading the labels. You have to make some trial and errors before you come up with the best brand effective for your hair. So in this case, we’ll give you some metrics you should look at when testing different shampoos.

Here are the top three parameters to see which among your prospective shampoo brands works perfectly for you.


You’ll know if a shampoo brand is gentle to your hair if it doesn’t contain sulfate, silicone and other chemicals that can damage your hair. When it comes to gentleness, it’s safe to say you’re also trying to figure out which one is healthy for your hair and which one isn’t.

Volumizing power

One of the issues of Asian hair is that it easily gets dull and limp. And we all know we want to achieve volumized hair without exposing it to too much styling. We want to achieve it in the most natural way possible. Shampoo can help. But only if you look into its volumizing power first.

Cleansing abilities

The main purpose of a shampoo is to cleanse your hair from within. So aside from its volumizing power and gentleness, make sure it effectively removes product buildup in your hair to avoid scalp irritation and inflammation overtime.

Top 10 best shampoo for Asian hair

There are tons of competing shampoo brands available in the market. And it can make it even harder for you to distinguish which among them best suits your hair. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

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The truth is, you really can’t find a shampoo labeled great for Asian hair itself. You still have to check your hair type and moisture level to make sure you pick the right one.

To give you some ideas, here are some of the best shampoo brands you can go for. Everything on this list is highly recommended for Asian hair.

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Premium Shampoo

best shampoo for asian hair

The first shampoo on our list is a Japanese brand. Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Premium Shampoo is a great brand across almost all hair types because it’s easy to lather and flows smoothly down to your hair strands.

If you’re looking for a shampoo brand that will surely maximize your money’s worth, this might be the perfect one for you.

You don’t even need to pump the dispenser too much to achieve a great lather because a small amount can really do so much already! It might be a little expensive for a shampoo, but it’s really effective in removing product buildup and cleaning your hair down to its roots.

New Ichikami Smooth And Sleek Shampoo And Conditioner Set

best shampoo for asian hair 2022

Do you have a sensitive scalp? Then you’ve probably had a hard time finding a great shampoo brand that will cater your scalp’s needs. But the search is over. New Ichikami Smooth And Sleek Shampoo And Conditioner Set is really helpful in relieving scalp issues like inflammation.

This is a mild shampoo that is perfect for everyday use. It also helps reduce hair fall while giving your hair a light scent that lasts long. It contains Japanese botanicals and is free from harmful chemicals like sulfate and silicone so you can ensure your hair and scalp remain healthy all the time.

Atomy Herbal Shampoo

top shampoo for asian hair

Are you looking for a shampoo brand that promotes hair growth? Then Atomy Herbal Shampoo is the perfect brand for you! This is highly recommended especially for those who suffer from hair fall because it helps accelerate the growth of new hair.

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This is also one of the budget friendly brands if you don’t want to go beyond your usual budget. It contains aloe vera and avocado extract that help nourish your hair and support future hair growth. This is also great for removing product buildup in your scalp and repairing damaged hair caused by styling.

Pura D’or Professional Grade Anti Thinning Shampoo

shampoo for asian hair

Thinning hair is one of the most common issues Asian people are facing. So here’s another brand you can try if you want to grow your hair faster. Pura D’or Professional Grade Anti Thinning Shampoo reduces hair fall and makes your hair shinier than ever.

It contains biotin and exotic herbs and extracts to ensure your hair only gets organic and healthy ingredients. It’s also suitable across all hair types! When used regularly, you can see drastic changes in less than a month. It also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals so you can ensure your hair won’t get damaged overtime.

Botanic Hearth Peppermint Oil and Shampoo

shampoo for asian hair 2022

Do you have an itchy and dry scalp? It’s irritating! So let me help you solve this issue with a great product recommendation. Botanic Hearth Peppermint Oil and Shampoo is a perfect brand to help you soothe your itchy scalp and reduce irritation.

With its peppermint oil, your scalp gets stimulated which helps encourage faster hair growth. So technically, it’s also good for those who suffer from frequent hair fall.

It also contains other organic ingredients like argan oil, ginger oil, keratin protein and coconut oil. With all of these, you can ensure your scalp and hair get moisturized and nourished from within.

Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo

what is the best shampoo for asian hair

Here’s another shampoo brand that’s perfect for those who have thin and dry hair. Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo works perfectly in moisturizing your hair down to your scalp and promoting faster hair growth. Some users also claim that it helps reduce frizz after several uses.

However, it doesn’t give your hair volume. And if you have an oily scalp, it might cause your hair to become greasy. So it’s important to make sure your hair is really dry if you want to achieve greater results.

This shampoo brand is great for softening your hair. It’s also safe for color-treated hair so no need to worry! It contains Tsubaki flowers that give off a pleasant fragrance for your hair.

How often should you shampoo your hair?

This is one of the most common questions people of different nationalities ask. How often should you really shampoo your hair?

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The truth is, you don’t need to be afraid to shampoo your hair everyday, especially if you’re frequently exposed to outdoor pollutants and damaging factors.

Shampoo helps cleanse your scalp and hair from within to remove unnecessary elements it accumulated throughout the day.

The frequency of usage actually depends on how often you go out. But if you frequently stay indoors, no need to shampoo your hair everyday. You can just do it at least twice or thrice a week.

Also, to make sure your hair remains healthy, pick shampoo brands that don’t contain harmful chemicals like sulfate and silicone. You don’t want to damage your hair while you’re trying to cleanse it

Choosing the right shampoo for your Asian hair

Aside from the given parameters above, another factor you should look at is probably your budget. There are some brands that are less expensive, while there are some top notch brands that are costly. But the price isn’t an indicator that a product is effective or not.

The most important thing is that you read the labels carefully and probably check some reviews online to make sure a brand actually works for your hair type.

Read some unbiased reviews and testimonials from other users and see if their benefits fit your needs. It’s a powerful way to make sure you pick only the best one for your hair.

So, do you have some options in mind yet? We hope we made it easier for you to select those great ones for your hair type!

Don’t hesitate to use this article as a guide to help you choose the right shampoo for your Asian hair. And remember, it’s okay to try several brands at first!

You really pick the best one after trying numerous shampoos to see what works and what doesn’t.

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