Have you heard of surugaya yet? Surugaya, also known as Suruga-ya, is one of Japan’s leading online retail stores. They sell every Japanese cultural product you can think of. What’s more interesting is that you can get your Japanese CDs, Blu Rays, anime, books, manga figures, and other small items.

If you’re a collector and you’re wondering what Surugaya is about and how to access this Japanese online store for your Otaku wishlist, this article will tell you all you need to know.

About Surugaya.


Located in Wakayama, south of Osaka, Surugaya has a fine history dating back to the 15th century. In fact, they have been in the business of selling Japanese items for decades. Surugaya, as we earlier stated, is an online and retail store in Japan that sells products from Japanese pop culture.

It is a chain of stores that have existed for centuries, and they sell just about anything Japanese. In fact, they have a comprehensive e-commerce website for Japanese cultural products, from books, CDs, DVDs, comics to anime and manga figures.

Though they focus mainly on Japanese anime, video games, and music, they sell other small items. Interestingly, Surugaya sells both new and used items from across Japan. So if you’re an anime lover or in the fandom, you can get your favorite anime and manga figures from this store.

Apart from getting Japanese figures and CDs, it is easy to buy anything you want from this store since it is the best place to shop for rare items and new releases.

What does Surugaya offer? 

There’s a lot you can get from Surugaya. They sell products like Japanese movies, including anime and other Japanese movies. They also sell music, video games, electric appliances, accessories, books, personal computers, and doujin.

 Why you should Buy from Surugaya.

Surugaya has been in the business of selling Japanese cultural products for a while. They sell quality products, rare items, and even limited editions. So why should you shop from surugaya? Shopping from surugaya has many advantages, one of which is getting quality, affordable products.

Apart from that, the products you buy will be warranted, be it old or new, so you need not worry about not getting value for your money. Surugaya has a variety of items which means you will most likely get what you’re looking for. From anime to music, CDs, books, accessories, and PCs. You also have the opportunity to own rare items.

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Another reason why Surugaya is a good shopping choice is because of its packaging. They pack your orders carefully and securely to avoid unnecessary risks for customers. However, due to the numerous orders that this online store gets every day, shipping your orders might take between 7-10 days.

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How to buy from Surugaya.

Surugaya is not such a hard place to buy from whether you’re in Japan or not. However, it is a tad difficult for international buyers since most do not understand the language. What’s more, the store does not ship their products outside Japan, and the payment method involves two types of fees – shipping fee and handling fee.

You also need a Japanese bank account to pay for your purchases. Regardless, there are not so difficult ways to get your products delivered to you without having to go to Japan or bother about having to register a Japanese bank account.

There’s a way to buy from Surugaya with ease. It involves using Japanese online proxy shopping services like Remambo, WhiteRabbitExpress, janbox, and neokyo. With these shopping services, you need not worry about translation. Here’s how to shop at Surugaya using any of these platforms

Steps to order and buy from Surugaya:

  • Visit Surugaya website –

The first step to take if you want to purchase either a used or new product from Surugaya is to visit their site –

The first website is written in Japanese. So if you do not understand Japanese, you can opt for google translate to search for the items you need. One of the major challenges for international buyers is the language barrier.

  • Search for the items you want.

After you have successfully visited the websites, you can move on to searching out the items on your Otaku wishlist or your list of things to buy. It is best to search for the products you need in Japan instead of English.

So what you can do is use google translate to help translate the product name or keyword in Japanese before you paste it on the search bar. You can also search for your desired products by logo image by category at the bottom.

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When you do that, the top most searched items will be displayed for you, and you’d have options to pick from. For sites like janbox, you can search your product directly since it integrated the Surugaya website on it. All you have to do is click the surugaya icon.

  • Copy and paste product links on any of the Japanese online proxy shopping services listed.

When you have successfully searched your desired items, you can take the next step to copy and paste the product links on any of the Japanese online proxy shopping services such as Janbox, Remambo, Neokyo, and White Rabbit Express.

They are trusted shopping sites. Ensure you read up on the product you’re getting to avoid being dissatisfied with your purchases. Things like;

  1. The product description includes color, size, quantity, quality.
  2. Check the status of the items you intend to purchase. Are they new or used? For used items, you should also read up on the current state of the product.
  3. Check product price. This includes whether or not tax is included in the products.
  4. Are the products available? You should confirm if the items you want are in or out of stock at surugaya.
  5. Also, check the domestic shipping fee before moving to pay for your items.

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  • Pay for your order.

After you have successfully read the details or description of your desired products and are satisfied with the outcome, add it to your cart and select all the items you want to buy. After that, click on the cart icon to know the total price for your selected items and pay for them.

Then click on the next button to buy. Once you do that, you’ll see the payment options. Check out the payment options available on any shopping services you have chosen to enable you to pay for your items.

You can either pay with a PayPal account or your credit card. Some online proxy shopping services have a wallet that you can fund to pay for your items.

  • Consolidate and choose your shipping method.

Once you have made payments, you will receive an email notification from the proxy shopping platform you patronized. You will be notified when your package has been delivered to them. You can opt for additional services like repacking, taking pictures, and package consolidation.

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Most of these services repackage your items, so it is safer. They also do this to reduce international shipping costs for your items. Choosing a shipping method enables these services to meet your needs. What international shipping method do you prefer? Ensure you select your desired option.

  • International Online shipping cost.

Here’s the last thing you need to do for your buying process to be over. Once you have paid the international shipping fee, you can now track your order as you wait for your items to be delivered to you. Track your item on the proxy shopping service from which you purchased your Surugaya items to know how far your items have moved.

  • Wait for your items to arrive.

You can also check out the number of days shipping will take since it differs between services. Shipping takes between one to three days after Surugaya confirms your order.

How Domestic shipping fee and handling fee price works at Surugaya.

Surugaya has two types of fees when you buy from them. These fees are known as domestic shipping and handling fees.

1) Surugaya domestic shipping fee involves payment for delivering your package. It is a bit complicated and depends on the value of your order. For items between 1000 – 1500 JPyen, the domestic shipping fee is about 385 JP yen. While items below 1000 JPyen is about 440 JPyen. If your total order value is over 1500 JP yen, you get free delivery from Surugaya. The lesser the order value, the higher the domestic delivery fee.

2) The handling fee is not as complicated as the domestic shipping fee. If your orders are below 5000 JP yen, you might have to pay 216jp yen. Surugaya accepts PayPal, bank transfers, credit cards, and cash.


Surugaya is the one-stop store you need if you’re working with a budget. They offer both new and fairly used products, so you need not worry about how to afford the things you want. Just visit  to begin your shopping spree.


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