The Best Japanese Shoe Brands.

With Japanese fashion comes the reputation for high quality, uniqueness, and durability. As much as Japan is keen on culture, fashion is another of their strong points and they house some of the best shoe brands in the world.

That being said, Japan has a rich tradition of making shoes. Be it men’s shoes, women’s shoes, sneakers, or the Japanese Fugu shoes, Japanese shoe brands produce some of the best shoes you’ve ever seen yet.

Are you visiting Japan and looking for the best shoe brands you can get a classy shoe from, for yourself or your loved one? This post got you covered. So ride with me on this journey, as I dish out the 10 best Japanese shoe brands you can buy from.

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1. Hiro Yanagimachi.

Best japanese shoe brands
Derby Apron Front, Gillie Style

Hiro yanagimachi shoe brand is a popular Japanese shoe brand known for producing more than 50 types of shoes and boots. Founded in 1999 by Shuji Yoshimura, a metal artist, this brand has become a household name in Japan.

One thing this brand is known for is their bespoke handmade shoes made from the finest materials in Japan. Each pair of Hiro yanagimachi is nicely designed and takes about three weeks or more to be produced.

What’s more, a final inspection has to be carried out before any product is shipped off. They produce footwear, as well as boots. With all having original unique designs and classic standards. They are quite expensive, but a pair of these babies will last for up to 5 years.

One of Hiro Yanagimachi’s shoes is the Lace-up Derby. This shoe is easy to put on and take off. It has a casual character and comes in different models.

2. Eiji Murata.

Looking for something quite popular around Japan? Then Eiji Murata is just about the perfect shoe brand. This shoe brand was introduced in 2004 where the owner Eiji Murata, started with making men’s shoes and later advanced to making women’s shoes as well.

Producing some of the best shoes, the Eiji Murata shoe brand is known for quality and craftsmanship. Their products are dedicated to giving you the right dose of uniqueness for every product you buy. Their footwear is handcrafted with the best available materials in Japan.

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Their footwear range from loafers, slip-on, shoes of any color and style that would suit your taste. Their shoes go from casual shoes to dressy formal wear perfect for weddings and balls. Shoes from Eija Murata are quite expensive but would last you for a long time. Eiji Murata shoes might just be the perfect gift for your loved one.

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3. Onitsuka Tiger.

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Onitsuka Tiger is one of the most popular Japanese sneaker brands. It is a well-known Japanese sports shoe brand that began in 1949 and was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka. Shoes this brand produces are for different kinds of sports like martial arts, race, football, volleyball and tennis.

This brand initially started as a producer of sports shoes but evolved to producing fashionable sports-inspired shoes. Every Onitsuka Tiger footwear is a blend of trendy modern fashion and traditional touch. This perfect blend makes the shoes creative and unique.

When you rock your Onitsuka Tiger shoe, you would feel its soft texture. With your feet in this shoe, nothing can go wrong.

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4. Rendo Shoes

When it comes to Rendo shoes, unusual is what describes this brand best. Rendo shoes are produced with materials different from other brands. Being over 6 years old in Japan, this brand is known for the quality of its products. Which has helped them to bag several awards over the years.

Rendo shoes are owned by Teppei Yoshimi who started the company in 2013 after quitting his job. The shoes Rendo produces are made with dyed leather, rubber soles, and mesh uppers to give you maximum comfort.

Rendo shoes are classic, sophisticated, and balanced. They are finely crafted and possess a smooth oiled leather upper. With Rendo shoes, you can go anywhere.

One unique thing about the shoes from this brand is the ease of wearing them. Rendo Chukka Boots is one comfy pair. With this shoe, you would hardly notice any discomfort. It has a detailed pattern line and stitches flow. The heels are smaller than already made shoes.

5. Union Royal Yohei Fukuda

This brand offers some of the finest men’s bespoke shoes and boots as well as ready-to-wear. They import high-quality leather from other countries like Italy. The shoes made from this brand are handcrafted and hand welted from the finest materials available in Japan.

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This handcrafting and hand welting is done by experienced craftsmen who provide these handmade products for you. Union Royal Yohei Fukuda is durable, comfy, and long-lasting. Their product designs range from teddy bears, ready to wear, to leather designs.

Owned by Yohei Fukada, this brand was founded in 2008. They are unique for the high-quality designed shoes they produce that are of timeless elegance. This brand aims to create classically styled shoes that owners can use for many years.

6. Asics Japan

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If you are looking for the best collection of sports shoes, then Asics Japan meets this criterion. They are one of the top performance Japanese footwear brands that are known and tested for their quality.

They produce the latest sports shoe designs that are breathtakingly beautiful. When your eyes get fixed on one of these products, you can’t help but want to have one in your collection. Not just because of their popularity, but what the brand stands for as well.

You should know that professional athletes and runners also use this brand. Asics produces high-quality running shoes with some of the finest materials with designs that are simply excellent and eye-catching.

These shoes range from colorful, to classic, simple, and plain, all unique in their rights. The innovative styles they create, make them stand out from all other sports sneakers brands for difference and style. Asics sports shoes are amazing and definitely worth trying.

7. Miyagi Kogyo

Looking to purchase custom-made shoes? Look no more because Miyagi Kogyo got your back. Being in the business of making shoes since 1941, this brand has significantly made progress, manufacturing some of the finest shoes used by Japanese locals.

In 1977, they produced their first female low heel footwear and since then, have been keeping up with global trends. They have a line-up of more than 60 models in different colors and styles.

One thing this brand is known for is producing shoes for your feet. Their shoes are not only easy to wear but are comfortable as well giving you a run for your money. They offer a range of sizes and classically styled designs for you to pick from.

What’s more, their shoes are produced using a goodyear welting process making them durable and repairable. Their shoes are quite pricey but they give value for money.

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8. TYE shoemaker


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This is another custom shoe brand popular for producing custom-made shoes for people with foot problems. Their uniquely designed shoes often take about 8 months to be ready as opposed to the ready-to-wear products from other shoe brands.

TYE Shoemaker was established in 2011 and has made high-quality products that can stand the test of time. Their products are created with some of the finest materials in Japan. They are easy to wear and feel comfortable on your feet.

Of the many things to love about this brand, their eco-friendly rule is one of them. When they produce their shoes, they put the weather condition into consideration. It helps them determine the kind of material to be used in the creation process.

They produce leather shoes for both men and women. Bespoke shoes are made with great technique.

9. Mizuno

When it comes to sneakers, Mizuno is one of the most likable shoe brands in Japan. Popular among locals, this shoe brand has its reputation as the bestselling leader in sports equipment.

They create specially crafted shoes with high performance and innovative value. They are designed specifically as running wear. Most of their products, if not all, are designed with the finest of fabrics. They are quite comfortable and durable. You can use them either for a quick judge or a run.

10. Scotch Grain

As a Japanese footwear brand, Scotch Grain has been in existence since 1964. They are known worldwide for their top-notch leather quality. They produce their shoes using the Goodyear melting method.

Shoes produced by this brand are comfy and durable for everyday use. They support your feet and provide extra ease when worn. What’s more unique is the wooden mold used in producing these finely designed products. It makes them long-lasting and fashionable.


So when you visit Japan, these are some of the best shoe brands you can find in the country. With this list, you don’t need to worry about repeating old brands to enjoy maximum quality. Shoes from these brands are long-lasting and durable. Though they might be expensive to purchase, they are worth every penny.


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