Top Japanese Backpacks Brands 2023

Backpacks come in handy either for school, hikes, traveling, or just for making a fashion statement and Japanese backpack brands have some of the loveliest, exceptionally well-made backpack gears that meet these needs. They are strong, durable, and efficient for all-purpose.

Backpacks or Randoseru in Japan have become a culture and necessity for students. Though there are other amazing backpack brands across countries, Japan has been known to produce some of the best backpacks in history.

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Here’s a list of the top 10 Japanese backpack brands we compiled for you.

1. Makavelic trucks

Makavelic Exclusive Rolltop backpack

Makavelic trucks backpack brand is one of the most popular top Japanese backpack brands. They are known for their innovative style in backpack production. With people’s taste in mind, they produce lightweight gears using 100% polyester.

If you are looking for a great backpack that is lightweight for your hiking or mountain climbing journey then Makavelic trucks backpacks are a good go-to option. One of their gears is the Makavelic trucks rucksack 3106-10118.

This bag is more than an ordinary backpack; it is also a known fashion statement. Not only is it durable and waterproof, but it is also spacious. You do not need to worry about your bag being heavy because it is lightweight.

When empty, it weighs just 0.96kilograms. It also has a double belt zone. Makavelic truck rucksack comes in varying colors and is fancy. It has all the space you need, with pockets for your convenience. You can rock it on any casual outfit.

2. Master-piece 

This backpack brand began way back in 1994, making high-quality backpacks. You would think that they may have toned down on their product and quality, but this household name seems to be keeping to their word.

They are iconic and respected worldwide for producing handbags and backpacks with quality designs fit for your daily use. Their products made with aesthetic and creative designs are of great quality and good for college.

The Master-piece various rucksack 24215 is a good backpack. You can use it for college or casual outings. This product is made with unique designs, easy to use, and lightweight.

What’s more, it has good capacity and comes with cushion open pockets. It is durable and lasts long. The material used in production is top-notch, the straps are broad for comfort. Looking for something nice and comfy? Master-piece backpack got you covered.

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3. And Wander

This brand is known to produce adventure-friendly backpacks that are a great fit for hiking and mountain climbing. So if you are looking for a more product-specific brand then And Wander backpack is for you.

Notwithstanding, their products still pass for all-purpose. This brand was born in the summer of 2011. Since summer is the period for picnics, mountain climbing, and tourism, their backpacks soon gained ground.

From the compartments in their backpacks, it is obvious their designers draw inspiration from nature, particularly mountains. Their products are of high quality, durable and rough for outdoor use.

And Wander brand is also known for developing materials and wears for mountain climbing lovers. The and wander x-Pac 30l backpack is cozy, comfy, and long-lasting. It is durable for outdoor use, particularly for mountain climbs and hikes.

4. Tsuchiya Kaban


The Tsuchiya Kaban brand is a popular Japanese backpack brand, known for producing leather backpacks. They came into business only a decade ago and have made a name for themselves. They are known to make long-lasting, quality leather bags for school children.

Their backpacks also serve for both casual outings and school settings. If you are looking to get a dual-purpose backpack, suitable for both formal and casual settings, then Tsuchiya Kaben got you covered.

The leather material used for production makes it soft and comfortable on your back. You can carry your essentials in this bag like laptops, bottles and other stuff. An example is the Vainno Round Backpack. 

It carries a stylish leisure look, fashioned with contemporary design. It is a high-quality backpack that comes in both brown and black. What’s more, it has a zipper that allows you to have easy access to your laptop from the outside.

5. Hobo

Hobo is another amazing Japanese backpack brand. This brand is perfect for you if you need something elegant and comfortable. The leather used to make this brand of backpacks is imported and made with polyester lining.

The Hobo women’s blaze is one unique product that is spacious, soft, and tender. It can fit in a lot of your essentials. Though it may look small outwardly, it is large enough to house what you need, maintaining its elegance and style.

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This hobo product comes with a tassel attached to the zipper. It feels soft on the shoulder and is comfortable to carry around.

6. F/CE 

F/CE is another top Japanese backpack brand known in the fashion industry for making bags for people in all fields. Apart from offering great products, this brand is known for using modern characters, ideas, and techniques to create excellent and outdoor-worthy bags.

When you wear your F/CE backpack product, it gives you a sassy and classy look. Not to mention that it is a great feat for a casual and formal setting. You can carry both your essentials as well as electronic gadgets in your backpack.

The F/CE 950 travel BP in grey Cordura has a padded interior with two stretchable pockets. They also provided a small leather handle just in case you fancy holding your bag in hand. The straps are adjustable, the structure is excellent.

This backpack is comfortable, stylish, and classy. It is one product I would recommend.

7. Narifuri Hatena

The Narifuri brand is famous for the bags they produce. Their products are stylish and functional with a blend of high quality and amazing structures. Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities like camping, tours, college and what have you.

The materials used in producing these bags are light. Just for clarity, they are made with 100% polyester that makes the bags resistant to tear and wrinkle-free. What’s more, they are water-resistant. An example is the Hatena backpack, Benjamin.

This bag is durable, can stand the test of time. Also, it allows you to pack your essentials in a way that will be easy to access. With several compartments, pockets, this bag is perfect during the rain. So even if you got drenched, your valuables are safe in your backpack

8. Porter

Porter backpack brand produces high-quality hiking featured backpacks. Being a renowned name in the Japanese backpack industry, Porter prides on its Japanese heritage. They produce bags of quality and class.

This brand was established in 1962 and has remained a popular brand till now. Backpacks are made with clean and simple designs with practical features. Their products are long-lasting and durable.

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The Porter paramount backpack series is great for rainy days. The outer material is made with 500 denier Cordura nylon. With this, the bag is resistant to wear and tear. It is waterproof and has a 4-layer urethane coating.

Looking at this bag, it gives off a soldier-like backpack feel. It is great for rough outdoor usage. You should check it out.

9. Southfield industries

If you are looking to try a less dramatic everyday-carry-around type of backpack, then this product is for you. Southfield industries are known for their timeless, functional handcrafted packs, beautiful and well-made.

Located in the Saitama region of Japan, this brand was founded in 2008. They produce all kinds’ bags, including wallets. What makes this brand unique is that every product is designed with high standards to ensure longevity.

When you purchase any of their backpacks, you would attest to their durable and long-lasting nature. This brand uses full-grain vegetable-tanned leather to produce its bags. An example of a southern industries rucksack. It is an ultimate carry-all type of bag where you can store essentials.

10. PaaGo Works

PaaGo Works Rush 28

Though recently introduced to the Japanese market in 2011, it has since gained ground. It is a Japanese outdoor backpack brand prominent with the theme “pack and go”. What makes this brand unique, is its ability to stand out.

Their designs are unique and they are known to not follow the existing standards of backpack designs. One thing this brand promotes is the human connection with nature and they do not fail to produce bags to suit this philosophy.

Their designs often come in series and you would love to own one when you have a look at them. One of their products is the PaaGo Works rush 28. It is designed to give the best level of comfort and functionality, highly stable, fit, and lightweight.


Other great brands include Dolly roll backpack and Beams x arc’teryx backpack. You can try out any of these top Japanese backpack brands. They are all durable and can stand the test of time. Japanese backpacks are great products to own. For casual outings, I would recommend the Makavelic backpack.

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