Top 10 Japanese Perfume Brands

Japanese perfume brands have been crafting luxury and exciting fragrances for decades. Starting from aromas that give us confidence and attitude to the ones that often spark our minds when we think about them.

We all know that Japan is a country with great love for beauty and delicacy, producing scented perfumes that give you a naturally fresh feeling. If you consider getting a Japanese perfume, here are the top ten Japanese perfume brands to look out for.

1. Shiseido.

Shiseido Zen Eau de Parfum

Shiseido is one Japanese luxury brand that has reached global rankings for its cosmetic products. Surprisingly, it is one of the strongest Asian cosmetic brands that have made it to the international beauty, fashion, and cosmetic scene.

Among the number of high-quality luxury products this brand produces, perfumes are one of their outstanding products. Shiseido was established in 1872 as a western-style pharmacy. It later developed into Japan’s fashion hub.

As a top brand, Shiseido embodies a commitment to providing leading beauty innovations. It launched its first perfume in 1918 and has since then penetrated the Japanese market and the global cosmetic and beauty market.

Interestingly, Shiseido sells its products in over 130 countries. One significant thing that stands out for this brand is its ability to infuse science and art to create unique beauty products. One of their bestsellers perfume creations is the Shiseido Ever Bloom for women.

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2. Kenzo 

Kenzo Amour Eau de Parfum

Kenzo brand is one of the top leading Japanese brands in perfumery and luxury products. This brand was established in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, a Parisian designer and founder of the Kenzo fashion house.

Kenzo Parfum is a subsidiary of this brand with a mission to make the world a beautiful place. It was launched in 1994 and has since grown exponentially. With 20+ years of experience in perfumery, Kenzo parfum has created amazing fragrances available and distributed through their many retail outlets worldwide.

Their perfumes cut across both men and women. They are mild, smooth, and unique, bringing a bit of magic to the world of fragrances.

They are known for producing some of the most popular Kenzo fragrances. One of their best creations and bestsellers is Flower by Kenzo.

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3. Issey Miyake.

The brand launched its first fragrance in 1992 through a collaboration between Miyake design studio and BPI. This fragrance was named L’EAU D’ISSEY. The basic philosophy of this brand is to create new innovative products through imagination, bringing new fragrances that fit into contemporary life.

Issey Miyake has several distributors as well as retail outlets worldwide where they sell their products. As a perfume brand, they have produced some of the best-selling perfumes in the perfumery market. One of their best creations is the 1992 L’EAU D’ISSEY, designed for women.

This creation has a fresh and feminine scent that is great for daily wear. This perfume’s inspiration was drawn from the vitality and purity of water.

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4. Miya Shinma.

Miya Shinma Parfumeur – Japanese luxury perfume

Established in 1927 by Masami Shinma and Kiyoshi Kuroki, Miya Shinma is known for its scented floral perfumes. This brand perfumery ranges from musky scents to mild floral nuances that evoke the feeling of bliss.

They aim to provide the best quality ingredients possible to make their perfumes. They are also known to produce affordable fragrances that do not cost so much. Interestingly, these perfumes are designed and manufactured in the Miya Shinma lab using the finest raw materials.

Their ingredients give a fresh, natural, and transparent note of sparkly sea breeze. A bestseller perfume from this brand is the Sakura (cherry blossom).

This romantic floral perfume is famous for its floral notes of cherry flowers. It has a certain modern feel to it, and you can experience its freshness. Though the fragrances are rare, they have selected scents that mature and are refined into perfume.

5. Zoologist.

Zoologist is another leading Japanese perfume brand. Known for its smooth essence, it is excellent for daily use and can help boost your confidence. Perfumes from this brand blend both natural and modern feel.

Established in 2010 as an award-winning brand, Zoologist Perfumes is famous for creating fragrances for famous Japanese celebrities like Kazumasa Oda. Their perfumes are uniquely designed with a modern feel and natural scent.

Apart from drawing inspiration from the animal scent, this brand names its products after animals like the Musk deer, Panda, and Bee. One of their best creations and bestsellers is Nightingale. It is a fruity perfume for both women and men, launched in 2016. It received an award for Best Perfumes of 2016 (Editors’ Choice) by

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This plum blossom chypre gives you a taste of modern vintage essence that will boost your confidence when you wear it. It has this deep, warm aromas of AUD, moss, and patchouli, amongst others. Its complex scent will melt your heart.

6. Monocle.

Comme des Garcons x Monocle Scent One: Hinoki

The Monocle brand produces one of the most popular perfumes. It is considered one of the most iconic perfume lines in the world. Apart from perfumes, the brand boasts amazing products from other subsidiary brands.

As a luxury brand, they have made fashion statements with their designs, producing fashionable clothing, bags, and beauty products.

However, Monocle started as a magazine in 2007. In collaboration with Comme des Garcons, the Monocle perfume brand produced one of their top featured products known as Scent One: Hinoki. 

It is the most sought-after product of this brand and displays a sense of nature and spring. It is a blend of floral and citrus scents that draws together your memory of mosses and trees. It is simply refreshing. Monocle has several retail and shipping outlets around the world.

7. Parfum Satori.

Hana Hiraku Parfum Satori for women and men

Parfum Satori is famous for its fragrances. It is also a top leading fragrance brand produced by the Japanese perfumer, Satori Osawa. This brand began in 2000 in a Tokyo atelier where Satori Osawa began expressing her perfume line. She designs amazing products for her brand as well as designs for other corporate products.

As a brand, this perfumery is concerned with creating fragrances that nestle close to your memory. Parfum Satori currently has about 20 perfume collections. Like most perfumery, Parfum Satori focuses on fresh floral, trees, fruits, and water fragrances that give nature a feel.

One of their most popular and best-selling products is the Hana Hiraku. This perfume begins with a fruity top note, with a floral scent in the middle and a woody/iris scent at the end. This fragrance replays a level of nostalgia for Japanese people. Other notable perfumes include wasanbon, iris Homme and parfum satori sakura.

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8. Di Ser

Adameku DI SER for women and men

As a fragrance and cologne brand, Di Ser was established in 1999, specializing in producing drugs and luxury fragrances for both men and women. Di Ser brand, among other things, produces natural cosmetics and herbs.

Their products are sold in different countries around the world. One product this perfume brand is known for is the Kyara launched in 2000. Kyara perfume is made from Agarwood. It represents the traditional culture of Japan.

9. Keiko Mecheri 

As a perfume brand, Keiko Mecheri was founded by a Japanese perfumer Keiko Mecheri and her husband, Kamel Mecheri. She created her first design in 1979. Though she is based in America, some of her perfumes carry the feel and essence of her native Japanese Riviera.

Keiko Mecheri, as a brand, has about 20 collections designed for both men and women. Their products have a strict adherence to natural ingredients that give off a smooth and calming feel. Her ingredients range from floral to woody and airy.

Bestsellers from this brand include Savage beauty for women and Tomboy for men.

10. Kanebo

Kanebo is famous for its cosmetic and fragrance brand. It was established in 1887 as a cotton trading company but has grown exponentially and has over 17 subsidiary brands.

Kanebo is currently one of the top leading brands when it comes to perfumes. Interestingly, they have over 50 offices around the world, with headquarters in Tokyo. Their products range from beauty to skincare. This brand devotes its time to innovation and perfection to create high-quality, original products for its customers.

Some of their most popular fragrances are Kyoto 1981 Eau De Parfum, Garance Parfum and Chypre. These perfume fragrances a beauty personified. Kyoto Eau de parfum is known for its chapre-smoky scent. It is suitable for daily use and springtime. Sadly, it is said to have discontinued production.


If you took time to read through, you would notice that these Japanese perfume brands are best known for the natural, smooth, flowery subtle scent their perfumes produce. They are subtle and airy; they give you exciting fragrances and are definitely worth the splurge.

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