Best 10 Japanese Sunglasses Brands 2023

When it comes to chic sunglasses, Japan has been known to produce some of the best fashion-forward eyewear popular around the world. These products, usually handcrafted, are made with close attention to the needs of consumers, with finesse and charm.

You may think this country is new to this business but they have been here for well over 200 years, manufacturing prescription lenses and frames. In the 20th century, Japanese sunglasses brands began producing some of the spectacular sunglasses you use today.

These bespoke high-end glasses will be much to your liking. I personally love it when I wear a nice sunglasses as it add’s up to my overall look.

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Looking for the best Japanese sunglasses brands to buy from? Here are the top 10 that would suit your taste.

Top 10 Japanese Sunglasses Brands

1. Masahiro Maruyama

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With the Masahiro Maruyama brand, you are sure to get twisted-looking glasses. This top Japanese brand produces some of the most distinct glasses with eccentric designs you can ever find.

Most people love this brand for the different styles and designs they use to manufacture their products. The craftsmen use special techniques to make their eyewear not only fashionable but unique, using hand-twisting methods.

Materials used include Mazzucchelli acetate and pure titanium. Each sunglass produced carries a certain personality that’s attractive. This brand prides itself in incomplete art in that the frames produced are “unfinished”

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that’ll make you stand out, Masahiro Maruyama has got you covered. They produce comfy sunglasses that are durable. Their collections range from twisted, and broken to straight, collaged, and erase. My favorite is the MM-0027 No 2 Black.

2. Eyevan

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If you are looking for a design with a little bit of Japanese culture to make a fashion statement, then Eyevan is the brand to look out for. Their products are made with good quality materials and unique designs.

The self-acclaimed first fashion eyewear brand produces some of the most beautiful frames you can find. To this brand, sunglasses are not just a necessity, they are a fashion statement. One of their most popular collections is the Eyevan capsule collection.

This collection is known for its classic frames that never go out of style. It is sturdy and has a great feel. Like other products, it explores modern designs made from premium materials that are durable, chic, and long-lasting.

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Paragon is one product you should try. It has two base lenses with original colors, an ornament part, and a gentle-curve bridge. The design is inspired by the Italian vintage frame of the ’70s.

3. David Kind

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David kind is another popular brand that is known for exceptional craftsmanship. Their designs are exclusive and custom-made. Craftsmen employ the traditional technique of handmade frames, with modern designs.

Their products are made with premium materials like pure titanium and acetate. Original rivets are used to complete the structures. The lenses are anti-reflective and provide good visibility. In all. It is comfy and fashionable.

If you are looking for something less sophisticated and more casual, you can go for David Kind. These polarized handmade glasses for men and women are made with perfection. You can check Otto-Dusk. It is a great sunglasses high definition prescription lens that is Anti-reflective.

4. Boston Club

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Boston club is another top Japanese sunglasses brand. It was founded in 1984 and is one of the trusted brands in japan. Designs from this brand carried a classic feel from the 80s. This brand has made its name producing loose styles with engraved classic metal frames.

Their frames made from acetate and alloy are reliable. Craftsmen of the Boston club pay attention to detail to deliver the best and most precise products you see. Their eyewear production centers on designs using molds and drawings.

These molds have been stored by the company for about 30 years. Boston club has several collections like cox, noel, Dover, Steve, and Joe. You can check out their collection.

5. Matsuda

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Matsuda brand is another top brand that produces some of the finely made sunglasses popular across Japan. They are known for combining handcrafted elements with the innovative technology in their production process.

For this brand, every sunglass is a piece of art and should be treated as such. They are often popularly known as the masters of metal since their materials are top-notch. Matsuda’s brand has been true to its original style of constructing eyewear with modern designs.

The Matsuda brand was established in 1960. Their craftsmanship and brilliant designs have kept them relevant to this day. One thing this brand is notable for is its round-shaped sunglasses that are quite sturdy, and long-lasting.

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Their blend of original and modern styles makes their products stand out. A pair of Matsuda glasses will not only suit your personality but will also make you look outstanding. I recommend you check out the Matsuda 2903H-Rose Gold, a limited edition.

6. Masunaga

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Founded in 1905, Masunaga produces some of the finest Japanese eyewear you can find. Being one of the oldest brands on the block, they have created most of the notable and remarkable sunglasses that embodies absolute craftsmanship.

When you see a Masunaga glass, you will be taken by its sheer timeless simplicity that is profound at the same time. The shapes of their products are classic with clear lines and are produced with premium materials.

Masunaga is not only popular in Japan, it is revered around the world. Their products carry unconventional, simple designs that explore their old heritage in the modern-day collection. The quality itself is unparalleled. It is fashionable, reliable, and durable.

My favorite of their many collections is Chord G (K 18). The frames come in varying colors. It is made with titanium and 18k gold.

7. Globe Specs

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Globe specs founded by the Japanese eyewear icon Tetsuya Okada, has been in existence since 2006, producing finely crafted sunglasses. As a brand, they are concerned with ensuring top-notch service.

Their products are original and meet their vision. If you’re looking for unique, fashionable, and fun sunglasses, the globe specs should be your go-to. Their product embodies the traditional sense of eyewear designs and styles, with a sprinkle of modern fashion.

With classic vintage designs that will meet your taste, their frames have unique styles and are custom-made. Their collections range from Luna classic, the spectacle to globe specs the dusty, all uniquely crafted. Check out the Reggie C3. It is made with metal and plastic acetate.

8. Dita Kohn

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Dita Kohn has been known to adopt the new definition of luxury. They make bold characters to create timeless shapes using innovative technology. Kohn sunglasses are Dita’s greatest strength. Their styles are fabulous, making them quite popular around the world.

The craftsmen of this brand pay attention to detail and it is evident in the finely produced glass frames. Their frames are made with high-quality materials that are flexible, sturdy, and durable. Materials like beta-titanium and acetate frames are used.

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You can check out Dita Grand-Evo Two. It has a bridgeless frame that captures a refined 1930 design with lightweight materials and high-end finishing. Key features include; Dita unique hex screw hinges and Acetate lens rims.

9. Nackymade

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Nackymade should be your go-to if you’re looking for something funky and cool. Founded in 2004, Nackymade uses the traditional Japanese method to make its frames. Their frames are made from plastic acetate. Their designs are unique and of superb quality.

Their distinct designs have made the brand quite famous in Japan and beyond. Like other popular brands, Nackymade produces custom-made glasses. Nackymade gives you that chic look and will most definitely make a fashion statement.

With original creative designs, made to fit perfectly, this brand gives your personality essence. One product you should try is the Mark Sunglasses- Marron Gradation. This model has an intriguing marron gradation with armory tie ends and gold hinges. The lenses are rounded with comfy keyholes.

10. Seiko

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Looking for classy sports glasses, the Seiko brand produces some of the best. Seiko brand has been known to produce quality eyewear. It is one of the top Japanese sunglasses brands. Their glasses are durable and reliable. Their frame collections include S2, Seiko Titanium, and Starvation.

Their products are made to fit the wearer perfectly. They are individually styled and highly functional. One popular product from this brand is the Seiko Exchanger. It is a combination of 8 colors; blue, black, white, and silver.

The lens is a single vision, progressive or without prescription. The mirrors are green, blue, red, and silver so you can pick which color suits you best. What’s more, it has an inbuilt ventilation system. Great for your personal sports vision for any weather.

What is the Most Popular Sunglasses Brand in Japan?

There are several Japanese sunglasses brands but the above-mentioned are the most popular brands that are used around the world.

These brands have sturdy, reliable, durable, and chic products that will not only make a fashion statement but will suit your taste and meet your needs. You can check out their products, they are pricey but worth your dime.

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