What to Order in Sushiro Japan | Sushiro Japan Menu

People continue to like Sushiro because of its high-quality, creative menu options that can be enjoyed by the whole family or just one individual. This time, we’ll discuss the Sushiro popular menu items that are often suggested (by side, dessert, and drink) and word of mouth.

Sushiro Japan Menu


  • Tuna78kcal
  • Lean Tuna84kcal
  • Albacore Tuna85kcal
  • Seared Bonito82kcal
  • Salmon95kcal
  • Onion Salmon124kcal
  • Broiled Fatty Salmon123kcal
  • Broiled Fatty Salmon Radish124kcal
  • Broiled Salmon w/Basil Sauce167kcal
  • Spicy Salmon & Fried Leek126kcal
  • Salmon Basil Mozzarella133kcal
  • Young Yellowtail111kcal
  • Pickled Yellowtail112kcal
  • Flounder Fin114kcal
  • Grilled Mackerel151kcal
  • Grilled Herring Sushi100kcal
  • Seabream93kcal
  • Boiled Shrimp73kcal
  • Shrimp w/Cheese107kcal
  • Shrimp w/Avocado119kcal
  • Fresh Shrimp69kcal
  • Sweet Shrimp68kcal
  • Abalone66kcal
  • Black Mirugai Clam75kcal
  • Extra Large Scallop62kcal
  • Squid67kcal
  • Cuttlefish70kcal
  • Squid Ume Plum & Shiso72kcal
  • Boiled Octopus71kcal※1
  • Grilled Eel103kcal
  • Cooked Conger Eel98kcal
  • Premium Grill Conger Eel66kcal
  • Japanese Egg Omelet117kcal
  • Kalbee Beef w/Salt152kcal
  • Seared Wagyu Beef98kcal
  • Prosciutto114kcal
  • Prosciutto Mozzarella Basil122kcal
  • Prosciutto & Avocadol128kcal
  • Imitation Crab Meat Tempura164kcal


  • Tuna w/Yam94kcal
  • Salmon Torotaku Roll102kcal
  • Salmon Roe89kcal
  • Salmon&Salmon Roe Battleship118kcal
  • Cod Roe88kcal
  • Herring Roe Spicy Marinade89kcal
  • Corn Mayo Salad126kcal
  • Tuna Mayo Salad150kcal
  • Pancetta & Broccoli Roll133kcal
  • Meat Ball141kcal
  • Anglerfish Liver Braised160kcal
  • Cod Milt83kcal
  • Tuna160kcal
  • Tuna & Pickled Radish178kcal
  • Ume Plum & Cucumber143kcal
  • Fried Shrimp & Avocado183kcal※1・※2

Side dish

  • Shoyu Ramen w/Fried Tuna329kcal※2
  • Ramen Noodle Seabream Soup236kcal※2
  • Ramen Shrimp Miso342kcal
  • Wakame Udon Noodles199kcal
  • Noodle (plain)199kcal※3
  • Fried Cartilage382kcal※1
  • Fried Octopus294kcal※1
  • French Fries189kcal※1
  • Japanese Egg Omelet95kcal

Desserts / drink

  • Strawberry Milk Parfait279kcal
  • Mille Crepe Melba206kcal
  • Ice Cake Catalana Brulee201kcal
  • Warabi&Candied Sweet Potato197kcal
  • Japanese Sweet Potato156kcal
  • Bracken Mochi108kcal
  • Ice Cream Vanilla60kcal
  • Draft Beer (mug)47kcal/100g
  • Namachozo-shu Sake88kcal/100g
  • Whisky & Soda45kcal/100g
  • Iced Coffee(unsweetened)0kcal
  • Iced Café Latte(unsweetened)0kcal
  • Coffee(unsweetened)0kcal
  • Café Latte(unsweetened)0kcal

Sushiro’s Recommended Menu

French Fries

French fries from Sushiro with a crispy texture.

It is salt-seasoned to perfection and finely sliced.

Both single people and families like ordering it from the side menu.

Deep-Fried Octopus

Sushiro’s deep-fried octopus with crispy batter and crispy octopus.

The more you chew, the more umami and sweetness spread in your mouth.

It can be eaten deliciously by children and adults alike, and is recommended as a snack to accompany alcoholic beverages.

Miso Soup with Clams

The clam broth and miso match perfectly, is a luxurious bowl of clams with a rich flavor.

It goes well with sushi and has a relaxing taste. Your body will also warm up.

Deep-Friend Chicken Thigh

Hot and juicy, Sushiro’s deep-fried chicken thigh.

The crunchy batter and juicy chicken thighs are delicious and popular with families.

The taste is not too strong, so it is easy for small children to eat, and it is also recommended as a snack with alcohol.

Red Clam Soup

The clams’ red soup stock, which has a rich clam broth, goes well with sushi, and is also recommended for resting chopsticks.

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The taste that warms your heart and body is popular for its comforting taste.

Deep-Fried Nankotsu

Nankotsu fried chicken with crispy batter and crunchy texture is addictive, and is a popular side menu that goes well with sushi.

It is also recommended as a snack with alcohol, and it goes well with Sushiro’s beer or highball.

Kake Udon

Sushiro’s Kake Udon with a light and simple taste.

Even though it’s a cheap price of 130 yen, it’s filling and has a rich flavor thanks to fried eggs, green onions, and kamaboko (fish paste) on top.

Kake udon with a delicious soup stock.

Miso Soup with Seaweed

Miso Soup with Seaweed that whets the appetite of everyone.

On the other hand, it smells good and you can feel the happiness of the sea.

Rich Umami Tuna Soy Sauce Ramen

The rich umami tuna soy sauce ramen, which has a rich soup stock, is a hearty bowl of thick noodles with a rich seafood soup.

The rich soy sauce soup, which cannot be tasted at other restaurants, is delicious once you try it.

You can enjoy a full-fledged taste that you wouldn’t expect from a sushi restaurant’s ramen.

Rich Shrimp Miso Wontanmen

Sushiro’s rich shrimp miso wontanmen with a rich shrimp broth.

The flavor of the shrimp is pleasant, and the texture of the wonton is delicious and addictive.

The slippery noodles and soup are often entwined, making it a filling dish.


Speaking of tuna sushi ingredients, it is a classic tuna, but Sushiro’s tuna uses a valuable part called “tenmi” of bigeye and yellowfin tuna, which has few sinews.

They offer tuna that is different from the other.

The secret to its popularity is its mellow texture and umami-filled deliciousness.

Red Shrimp

That looks beautiful and has a delicious plump texture.

At 100 yen per piece, you can fully enjoy the umami and sweetness of the shrimp.

It has a better texture than raw shrimp or amaebi, and is very satisfying to eat.

Grilled Toro Salmon

Grilled Toro Salmon with delicious fat and fragrant aroma.

The smooth texture is delicious, and you can also feel the sweetness of the salmon.

It is recommended for those who want to eat sushi with a rich and rich flavor.

Snow Crab Gunkan

This snow crab gunkan is a great combinationof snow crab and crab miso sauce.

The unique texture and rich flavor of this dish is irresistible for crab lovers.

It goes very well with seaweed, and you can enjoy the rich flavor of crab miso.

Hand-Rolled Natto

Sushiro’s hand-rolled natto, which is very popular with children, has a cute package with Sushiro’s original characters.

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You can enjoy both the fun of rolling yourself and the deliciousness.

The crispy seaweed is delicious, and adults can enjoy eating it, so it is recommended.


The crunchy texture of the tsubu-gai is addictive.

It has a light taste, so you won’t get tired of eating it, and it’s a topping that can be enjoyed on any number of plates.

It goes well with the spicy wasabi.

Broiled Salmon Basil Cheese

Grilled salmon basil cheese with a delicious taste that you will be addicted to once you try it.

The rich cheese and salmon are a perfect match, and the addition of basil creates a fragrant and fragrant taste.

Recommended when you want to eat rich ingredients.

Catalana Ice Brulee

You can enjoy the sweet and sweet taste of this Catalana ice brulee.

A popular dessert with plenty of vanilla beans and a good aroma, with many repeat customers.

Frozen Mango

Sushiro’s frozen mango where you can taste the rich sweetness of mango.

If you put a cold mango in your mouth, the condensed sweetness of mango will fill your mouth.

Fresh cream is served on the side, and if you eat it together, you can enjoy an even richer taste.

It’s a dessert worth more than 100 yen.

Hokkaido Milk Crepe

Sushiro milk crepe with a moist texture and just the right amount of sweetness.

The smooth dough that is folded over and over and the cream that melts in your mouth are a perfect match.

It’s not too sweet, so it’s a dessert that you’ll be able to eat even after a meal.

Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait Condensed

Milk strawberry parfait with a delicious combination of frozen strawberries and sweet condensed milk.

In addition, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, mousse and sponge are added to create a gorgeous parfait.

It looks cute and will whet your appetite.

It’s a luxurious dessert that is irresistible for strawberry lovers.

Nostalgic Melon Sherbet Many

Adults will miss this melon sherbet.

In the past, many people may have saved the container.

Because of its appearance, it is still very popular among children today, and the refreshing melon-flavored sherbet has a good flavor and is loved by everyone.

At Chocolat Cake

In Sushiro, you can eat delicious chocolate cake for 100 yen.

It is a dessert with a unique texture and smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth.

The fluffy sponge is delicious and recommended for dessert after meals.

New York Cheesecake

New York cheesecake with a moist texture with strawberry sauce and a rich cheese taste. 

Add a strawberry sauce that goes well with it, and you can enjoy the sweet and sour flavor.

It is popular for its moderate sweetness, which is recommended for palate cleansing after meals.

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Hakkaido Vanilla Ice Cream

Sushiro’s Hokkaido vanilla ice cream with a rich vanilla flavor.

You can feel the vanilla flavor firmly, and the sweetness spreads throughout your mouth.

It’s a small size, so it’s just the right size for children and after meals.

Chocolate Mousse Banana Parfait

The classic combination of chocolate and banana is irresistible.

With the addition of chocolate ice cream and mousse, you can enjoy a luxurious parfait at a low price of 280 yen.

It is a popular parfait regardless of age, from children to adults.


Sushiro’s daigaku-imo, which is crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

The exquisite coldness makes it even more delicious.

You can taste the rich sweetness and it will fill your stomach.

Draft Beer

The combination of beer and sushi is a blissful moment for beer lovers.

The sushi topped with Sushiro’s fresh ingredients and the beer that you can enjoy with a wide variety of side dishes are exceptional.

You can choose from two types: mug and glass.

Apple Juice

Sushiro’s apple juice is 100% domestically produced juice, and you can enjoy the rich taste of apples.

The balance of sourness and sweetness is exquisite, and it is a satisfying taste for children and adults.

The aftertaste is also good, so it is also recommended as a palate refresher.

Kaku Highball

Sushiro offers Kaku Highball, which is popular because of its fragrant taste and refreshing aftertaste that goes well with sushi and side dishes.

The refreshing throat and rich taste will blow away your fatigue.


Daiginjo which has a clear taste without any miscellaneous flavors, goes well with Sushiro’s sushi and a wide variety of side menus.

It seems that you can enjoy it slowly and spend a luxurious time.

Lemon Sour

Sushiro’s lemon sour, with irresistible fizzy carbonation and refreshing lemon scent and taste is a highly recommended drink.

Its refreshing taste is one of the popular drinks that goes well with sushi and deep-fried food.

It has a refreshing aftertaste and is recommended for hot weather.

Which is the Best Food to Order in Sushiro

I bet you’re already hankering for some Sushiro cuisine and beverages now that we’ve talked about the best dishes you can get there. Why not plan a date with some friends to go out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Sushiro? To get the most out of your time to Sushiro, don’t forget to include any of these dishes!

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